World Destruction – 01

ANIME ADAPTATION + (Mamoru Miyano + Maaya Sakamoto) x CUTE BEAR = TOTAL PROFIT!!!

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Episode started out explaining stuff on how beastmen are dominating humans in the world. Then a “wanted” sign is on post on a bar in search for the World Destruction Committee. A new waiter (with cat-ears) is staring at it instead of serving costumers so he gets yelled. He even served the wrong order to the most wrong person you could ever serve on…It’s Morte! She takes the waiter as hostage and the cat-ears fell, revealing that he’s not a beast at all. The World Preservation Committee then barges on with gunshots as the two flees.

Now heading on to the pink castle, the cat-king(?) is mad, and talking about having a sacrifice. As Morte and Kyrie lost the soldiers on the forest, they saw Rinan, the one who would be the sacrifice that they’re talking about. Rinan shows hospitality as she makes the duo rest and eat on her vilage. Morte then explains to the idiotic Kyrie about that ball, which can destroy the world in no time.

After that, they plan on making a fake “sacrifice” so that they could save Rinan and it ends up being Kyrie. LOL at the scene where Bonta-kun tries to rescue a girl but it turns out to be trap… After all is well, their adventure being the ‘World Destruction’ committee has just started.


What I primarily like about this series (besides that CUTE bear) is the power-house seiyuu listing. The episode started out like what any other adventure-anime would start: Boy meets girl, trouble starts, they get to know each other then the adventure and a slight hint of romance starts. Miyano Mamoru plays another idiot again in this anime this time it’s another blonde guy. Maaya Sakamoto will be reuniting with him again and I absolutely love their tandem. Well, I’m happy that the first episode didn’t disappoint me at all.


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3 Responses to “World Destruction – 01”

  1. blissmo says:

    I like the pictures 😀

  2. metatr0n says:

    @blissmo: Thanks! So, are you continuing to watch this one?

  3. issa-sa says:

    So yea, we’re all watching this for Maaya, Mamoru, and the bear?
    Let’s hope episode 2 provides more of a reason to support it. At least I am.

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