Vampire Knight 13 [FINALE]: A Sweet Dream Has Not Ended Yet.

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Since I’m too busy to do a summary and I’ll be having a quiz tomorrow on Math, Trigonometry, Physics and Language, I just pasted this from wikipedia:

As Shizuka dies, Ichiru cries and they share flashbacks of their past. Ichiru has been in love with her since they first met. Shizuka ignored his feelings and refused to turn him into a vampire but freely gave him her blood. Even now, Ichiru offers his blood to save her, but she rejects him. Fond of Ichiru, Shizuka can’t curse him like that. Seeing Ichiru cry though, she tells him that they will always be together and pulls him towards her. Zero finds them as Ichiru is licking the remains of something from his lips. Shizuka’s corpse dissolves into the air. Meanwhile, the puddles of her blood everywhere have stimulated Zero’s level E impulses and he collapses. Ichiru taunts him and leaves. Then, Yuki and Kain arrive but only see the Headmaster in the room. He explains that Yagari took Zero safely away. The next night, Kain returns to Kaname with Aidou to report what he saw. Kaname says that even though he doesn’t think Zero would kill Shizuka, that’s how it will look to the Senior Council, to whom he must report the incident. Aidou thinks about Kaname being the murderer and about both Kaname’s and Shizuka’s motives. After departing, he relates to Kain that in the past, Shizuka fell in love with a human whom she turned into a vampire and escaped the prison she was being kept in. Even though the ex-human wasn’t a Level E yet, the Hunter Society put him on their extermination list and the Kiryuus killed him. Ever since her revenge, the Senior Council has hunted her and labeled her as “mad” because she went against their policy of peace with humans. Aidou then wonders why Shizuka risked coming to Cross Academy. He thinks about how both she and Kaname sought each others’ blood for power to defeat an unknown foe. That night, only Rima and Shiki attend class, and Shiki tells her he’s been feeling ill recently. Meanwhile, Yuki is patrolling and meets Kaname. She says she’s worried about Zero. Jealous, Kaname nevertheless leaves to visit Zero, who has been chained in a dungeon-like cell. Zero is losing to his Level E instincts. Yagari and Cross were visiting Zero before Kaname came but rushed away upon hearing a disturbance, suspecting that the Senior Council had come. For Yuki’s sake, Kaname gets Zero to drink his blood, saying that his pure blood will save Zero from madness. All the vampires are startled when they smell Kaname’s blood.


The ending was not that climatic but it ended at the right place where Zero bit Kaname since they can’t go too far than that IMO. I noticed that they kinda revised that scene from the manga and it was less dramatic. I found the scene of Yuuki’s discovery of Zero being a vampire on episode 3 more dramatic than that. Anyway, speaking of the overall first season of this show, I wasn’t really impressed with the animation but story-wise, its was good. Characters are gorgeous as what I always say but they just suffer from bad animation and the songs are fitting from the dramatic OP to the eerie ED. This show is a must-watch for those who are loving the manga and for those shoujo lovers who want to try something new besides from same-old school romance.

Vampire Knight Guilty

– That will be the title of the next season… Yeah, I don’t really have a clue why do they added “Guilty” in there. It will air this fall. Here are some teasers given on the final ED theme:


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10 Responses to “Vampire Knight 13 [FINALE]: A Sweet Dream Has Not Ended Yet.”

  1. blissmo says:


    Haha, i don’t even follow this show, I couldn’t stand the first 3 eps

  2. CinderBird says:

    Lol. A BL scene at their final episode…

  3. fye says:

    It finally ended… At least Shiki and Rima were given much screentime here on the anime…

    Can’t wait till fall!

  4. lyc0r1s says:

    Well, I’m glad to see the character designs are back up to par (Ep 12 had me clawing my eyes out) for the last episode of the season. I haven’t followed the manga much, so I can’t really compare the two, but I agree that the story is really interesting so far.
    I don’t get why so many people are Kaname haters… he may be a controlling, but he IS a pureblood after all. He’s used to being bowed down to. And I think he’s really sweet to Yuuki (abielt in a sort of creepy way). Everything he does is dictated by “will this make Yuuki happy?” The only thing he’s done that really irks me so far is accuse Zero of murdering Shizuka. Oh well, I guess I have a high tolerance for manipulative bishies XDD.
    Hehe, looks like I’ve rambled on XDD.
    Can’t wait till fall though. Very excited to see how the story plays out.

  5. metatr0n says:

    Me too, can’t wait till October XD…

  6. aznkeo says:

    Ahh I still haven’t gotten around to watching it xD Thanks for the review. I wonder how they’re going to really end the anime though o.o hehe~

  7. daniela says:

    That’s not fear……
    I would kill my self to wotch the next season of vampire knight now.
    Speaking of killing my self….i didn’t really like sean blood on the end, because i can’t wait to know what will hapenned after Zero will drink Kname’s blood. Ow….i have a question, i know that it’s not on this tittle, but…..why..why blood have to be red:-)???????
    I mean.. why can’t it be ….blue or green or even better blach, why red????????!!!!!!OK…Speaking of colour blood……I think the next season will be on october…but i don’t know witch day, i’m not sure if it will came first online or leater, because season 1 i woched online. what ever…..if some one knows on witch day it will cam……. pleas, pleas, pleas, tell me. By the way..i think that Kaname is the best and Zero has second place, and i dont think that Yuuki is that cute, i mean shi is nice, but i seen better, like example…!!!!!!!!
    BY BY

    • picaq says:

      I know this is a year late, but I also recently finished watching the 1st season of vampire knight. Blood is red because the pigment oxygen vector in blood cells, hemoglobin, is a red pigment, especially when it’s shape changes to bind to oxygen, when it becomes bright red. The heme group in the hemoglobin contains iron, whereas the kind in amphibians and reptiles contain copper (I forgot the name of it, though, and I think it’s a different color). Invertebrates and other backbone-lacking things typically have hemolymph instead of blood, and I think that’s a different color, too but I’m not sure. :red:

  8. kanzeon says:

    @daniela: Check out my Fall 2008 list and I’ll update when will Vampire Knight Guilty airs soon.

    PS: That’s a mind boggling question 🙂

  9. Susan Osby says:

    Dude, that was a good post. Lovin your blog like crazy.”

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