Someday’s Dreamer ~Summer Sky~ 03

As a mage under training, one of their tasks is to fulfill a client’s request by their magic. And Sora’s very first client happens to be Motohashi, an old woman who has an issue on a locked safe.

Is it just me or does Gouta looks a LOT better in this episode compared to the previous one? Maybe that’s because he’s not giving Sora a huge cold treatment this time. The other characters seem also interesting here from Hara, Fuune to Sora’s clasmates (Yeah, including that bitch). I hope they’ll get perhaps a background episode of their own.

Kuroda-kun kinda looks like Kyouya from Ouran

He’s now my favorite character here 😉 He always makes the tilty-headed bitch STFU.

In school, the scary teacher asks if somebody had already used magic in public before enrolling in the academy. Many people had raised their hands, including Sora. The teacher then asks her what happened then Sora explained the Furaiyinggu Torakku incident [in reference to episode 02 ^_^]… Everyone is relieved when the teacher said that there’s no punishment when they did that before since they don’t know about that rule yet.

Now on her client, she wants Sora to open a locked safe. They say that when she locks it, she hires a mage again to open it, since the lock is broken… Then she locks it again. Sora then calls out her magic to open it, seeing a picture album inside. Being emotionally affected by the situation of her client, she begs her to go outside for a while and then Sora explains that she should care for herself now, since that is all she got and it is impossible to go back to the past. Motohashi is then enlightened by her and shares a bit about the photo albums.

It will be about Gouta on the next episode, which I found as a boring character compared to the manga, where he’s got more personality. I also don’t like his voice, it is too undertoned and scary, but I think it’s actually fitting since I found Gouta’s character lonely inside. And again for the third time, I’m jawdropped by the background animation and I ignore the character animation.


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4 Responses to “Someday’s Dreamer ~Summer Sky~ 03”

  1. omisyth says:

    I always feel the foreground animation is good. Strange how nobody seems to agree…

  2. Naruto-Cokematic says:

    Great job on bloging this episode. Keep up the wonderful work. ^_^

  3. thenullset says:

    I hate that Tilty-Headed Bitch. I want to see Sora put her in her place but since Sora is so nice she’ll probably figure out why the bitch is acting like a bitch and help her out.

  4. Llora-chan says:

    Kyaa~ A blushing Sora is so kawaii~ >.<

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