Someday’s Dreamer ~Summer Sky~ 02

Sora is in the city!

Furayingu Torakku! [Flying Truck!]

Sora stops the truck before it hits Gouta and the old woman. Gouta then thanks her and asks her if that was magic. Sora then says so but she still has to go under studying. Gouta gets grumpy and says that she should not study anymore since she can do that kind of magic. Sora asked him how to go to the subway but he told her just to walk. Poor Sora…

Some random, useless scenes

It’s time for school…well, actually she’s LATE. Sora then tries to sneak but she failed, leaving the whole class to notice her. The scary teacher then made her introduce herself. I lol’d at her introduction, she’s like reading a slumbook or something (“Dog: blahblah, Motto: turayaru and error”). A classmate then immediately got along with her. Her name is Hiyori.

For their experiment, they were assigned to turn the water in the tank unto ice. Sora is meets Gouta but is pissed off because of his behavior so she becomes emotional, thus making the water into an ice stalagmite. Her classmates were impressed well, except for a bitch named Asagi. She made a large cube ice out of the water but their classmates were still impressed on Sora’s. Asagi then shows off by asking the teacher if magic can revive the dead. Good thing there’s Kuroda (guy with glasses) to cut off her bitching.

Iso-chanderieru! [Ice Chandelier]

Bitch gets jealous…


Sora is again amazed by the wonderful background animation of the city.

And Look! There’s a singing cameo!

After being going around and being captivated by the city life, Sora finally goes into the Hara-Mahou Office, where she meets Hara Seiichirou, her caretaker. He then hints her that there’s an another trainee there. After finding her room, she is shocked to see that Gouta Midorikawa is the one he’s talking about.


Holy cow this is an another interesting episode. With new characters appearing but I think they kinda differ from the manga. Gouta is supposed to be more harsh and “tsun” to Sora but in the anime, all I see is a boring personality.

I’m starting to love both the OP and ED themes of the series. And speaking of songs, I also love the insert song they put up there. The only thing that bothers me is the pooor animation quality of the characters, I always get the feeling of Beck or Paradise Kiss on seeing them especially when mixed with very detailed background.


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    I was going to drop this, but then I might as well watch this episode since I already downloaded it XD

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    It was rather surprising to me to watch the rather noutenki Sora stop the FURAIYINGU TORAKKU since the series seemed so laid back up till then.

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