Someday’s Dreamer ~Summer Sky~ 01

Sora Suzuki, a country girl from Biei, discovers that she has to go to Tokyo for a mage school from her mother. But before she embarks on a new journey unto the city, she has to help her friend Michiru to confess her feelings to her love with the help of her magic before he leaves Hokkaido.


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As what I’ve said before, Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto-or Someday’s Dreamer: Summer Sky IS the slice-of-life of the season for me because besides that I loved the manga, the unique style of animating the show really caught my attention. I really have no idea if it is done on CG, still frames or paintings… Whatever is the cause, it is really good but the thing is that lush and beautiful background is mixed with plain 2D art…

I actually love the slow nature of the show since these days, anime is mostly about fan-service, hack-and-slash and panty shots. I know that the slice-of-life genre of anime can get boring and I actually agree to that but they can still be touching in a way as I’ve seen in some anime like Honey and Clover. The thing that I hope that would not happen in this show is that it could be repetitive on the plot per episode (…Person with a problem-Sora helps with her magic-Rinse and repeat…) and it could really get boring. I also noticed the differences of the anime on the manga story-wise and character-wise.

…And about the title, I prefer calling it Someday’s Dreamer ~Summer Sky~ than Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto because I found the English one shorter and I always forget the Mahou Tsu…doodledoo title…


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3 Responses to “Someday’s Dreamer ~Summer Sky~ 01”

  1. Llora-chan says:

    I’m using the English version of title, too. ^^

    I hope this show keeps a good pace. And I really hope it doesn’t get repetitive.

  2. blissmo says:

    Man, I really wanna watch this too now 😀

  3. metatr0n says:

    Llora-chan: lol… beacuse the Japanese title is toooo long
    blissmo: This is a good watch so far so try it:)

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