SA ~Special A~ 13: Magic/Friends


SA now comes with new OP (top row) and ED (bottom) sequences! Finally, my ears stopped bleeding on the new OP, which seems alright and catchy as well. About the ED, it’s tweeny and cutesy but I kinda prefer Hidamari no Gate…


As a part of experiencing normal school-life, the SA gets on their assigned classes and introduced themselves. Of course Ryuu has screaming fangirls but the opposite is happening to Megumi as they found her weird. Tadashi, Kei and Jun were assigned in the same class. Jun was all lonely-lonely because Ryuu was not his classmate but the fangirls found it cute as he introduced himself. On Hikari and Akira’s class, Akira founds a nostalgic face that brings back her dark childhood memories.


And the most LOL’est scene is this!!! I couldn’t stop laughing at poor Kei pretending to be all cool but he’s so busted on Hikari! Then it’s commercial time!


Commercial’s over… Well, that’s what friends are for. Hikari may be a “brickhead” when it comes to love but not when it comes to her friends. Also with Tadashi, who made Akira blush! I’m SO loving their pairing…



Why do I enjoy the episodes when it’s not KeixHikari-centric? I have taken a liking to all the side-characters on the series except for the two leads… Anyway, I don’t know why Yahiro was turned into an über mean-machine in the anime. In the manga, he was not all that villainous. I’m back on the SA track baby!


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  1. Llora-chan says:

    I really have to watch this episode. Especially after I saw what happens in the next episode between Akira and Tadashi. ^^ Kya~

  2. lala says:

    :kyaa: :kyaa:

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