Vampire Knight 12: Stomp*Stomp*Stomp

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Its the second to the final episode (of the first season) and there’s not any improvement on the crappy animation here. I think Maria Kurenai, Rima and Ichijou are the only ones here getting nice character design compared to the manga, everyone looks good there. Anyway to the story, oh… Shizuka died… She didn’t even get some more screentime showing off her evilness… I pity her (Nah actually). A lot actually happened in this episode from funny scenes like when Ichijou’s fangirls are quarreling over him and Rima stomping at Shiki’s feet when he stepped on her Prada XD… To serious scenes like Maria revealing to Yuki that she should kill Kaname in order to save Zero, Zero and Ichiru fighting and straddling (with Yuki watching all the action), and Kaname pulling the heart of Shizuka out… and oh, Zero didn’t actually touched Yuuki’s…you know… I just accidentally screencapped it XD…

On the idea of separating this show into two seasons is like hell, but I hope they should at least improve the animation of this series because their turning a very good manga into a shitty anime.

Just a little random question… Who do you think has the best character design here in Vampire Knight?

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7 Responses to “Vampire Knight 12: Stomp*Stomp*Stomp”

  1. voodoomage says:

    Having never read the manga, I love the way they look … I could care less what guys look like as long as the girls are sufficently cute.

  2. hashihime says:

    The only thing wrong with the character design is the inconsistency of the execution. It’s at least as good as the manga, for me. This is such a good show that it’s a shame anyone is distracted from the great story by their perception of the animation.

  3. lyc0r1s says:

    I agree with hashihime. I was never too impressed with the animation of the series, but I liked the character designs. But in this episode especially, they seem really “off” and somewhat hastily drawn. XD. Oh well. I just finished watching this episode, and I’m very satisfied with it, story-wise. I’m surprised this show hasn’t pulled any filler eps yet.

  4. pakouyang123 says:

    awesome pics!

  5. grmchild says:

    The best character design has to be maria. Her evilness is just way too awesome with this design.

  6. vivian says:

    kewl pictures!

    lol i love the bit where rima stomps all over shiki’s shoes 😀

    rima has awesum powers. manipulate electricity =)

    i havnt read the manga yet but i want to!!


  7. kanzeon says:

    @vivian: OMG I love that scene too! Rima and Shiki ftw! Yes, Rima has awesome powers. The manga is currently on a new arc than in the anime, so spoiler warnings when you read it 🙂 Glad you love Vampire Knight ^_^

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