Vampire Knight 11: Party All Night Long!

Wow, thanks to Shoku-dan’s fast subbing, I was able to blog this one early:)


I don’t think I could remember that sword fight-slash-bedroom scene earlier in this episode on the manga. Anyway, I think they really sexualize the part where Zero pinned Yuuki into the wall and I think they did a good job in it and it was really the same as in the manga. On another note, I think Kaname has no fashion sense at all looking at Yuuki’s dress XD.


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3 Responses to “Vampire Knight 11: Party All Night Long!”

  1. shiku says:

    Omg the blood-sucking scene is so hot but I think the manga is way better. They cut off the “Haa Haa”s, the moanings and the heavy breathings here in the anime.

    Anyway, I think they added some fanservice here. The scene of Yagari being stabbed by a falling katana and ShikixRima at the ball are not in the manga..

  2. blooom! says:

    the scene where Zero bit Yuuki on the back in the wall was so hot…

    …then Zero made Yuuki face him and bit her again made it more hotter!

  3. MeReDy says:
    Ruka needs a total professional stylist and make-up artist. She looks 500 vampire years older than what she looks in that.

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