Vampire Knight 10: Twinces…err, Princess of Darkness

Zero dreams when he is telling Ichiru to run away from Shizuka’s attack. In the morning, he and Yuki are on duty for the Night Class, but the evening is quiet due to upcoming exams. They saw Maria but Zero pulled Yuki away from her. Later that night, Zero was obliged to tutor Yuki on the exams. There is a cute Zeki moment here when Zero hugged Yuki, telling her the reason that he is alove because of her… Then, he leaves.

Meanwhile, Maria and Kaname converse. He knows she’s not Maria and accuses her of toying with everyone. Kaname gets nerve and tosses a queen piece of chess. Yuki realizes that Maria is why Zero’s acting funny and runs after him. Zero meets up with Maria but failed to kill her. She says he can’t kill his master, who made him a vampire. Maria and Zero fight. Alarmed, Yuki calls his name, but Kaname puts her asleep and erases her memories.. Zero faints from his injury, and Maria tells her masked servant to carry him away. The next day, Yuki spaces out during exams as she looks at Zero’s empty seat. Afterwards, she meets Kaname, and they talk about the ball and dancing.

Yagari is with Headmaster Cross, thinking how odd Kaname’s kindness to Yuki is. Cross says to Yagari that Kaname personally told him to admit Maria and that vampires handle their own affairs. Yagari asks if Zero is a vampire but Cross plays stupid. Meeting at twilight, Maria unlocks Yuki’s memories of last night and offers a deal. She’ll tell how to save Zero from becoming a level E if Yuki will do something for her.

Meanwhile, Zero dreams of Shizuka and Ichiru. Ichiru thinks that Shizuka is beautiful but Zero said to keep away from her because she’s a vampire. Ichiru says that Zero amazing and makes up for Ichiru’s mediocrity. That night, Ichiru slept on Zero’s bed and asks some questions on Vampire Hunting.. Then, Shizuka attacks the Kiryuus, revenge for killing “that person.” Zero sees Ichiru standing next to Shizuka, smiling. He then wakes up and sees the masked servant. He unveils his mask and Zero coldly greeted his twin brother, Ichiru.


I find it weird to watch Miyano Mamoru talking to Miyano Mamoru. The good thing is he changed his voice for Ichiru. Speaking of weird, I really find the “twincest” thing between Zero and Ichiru quite hot but still, weird (its like hugging, nuzzling and sleeping with yourself…) but I still can’t understand the reason in the end on why is Ichiru is smiling when Shizuka killed the Kiryuu’s. That will be explained later in the series. On a smaller note, I find Shizuka FUGLY. Did I mentioned that Zero x Ichiru twincest is hot?

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6 Responses to “Vampire Knight 10: Twinces…err, Princess of Darkness”

  1. fye says:


    OMG! This episode is hot.. Vampire Knight and Studio Deen never disappoints us! Twincest 4 life!!!

  2. paftz32 says:

    “hugging, nuzzling and sleeping with yourself…” – LOL XD

  3. teddyrock02 says:

    ^ LOL 2! 😛

  4. Ashe says:

    this episode made my fangirl dreams come true… miyano mamoru’s voice is so sexy~! Shizuka’s anime-version is really ugly compared to the manga

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