Manga Hunting: Kaichou wa Maid-sama

PhotobucketYeah, maid-fetish is REALLY popular these days…

This is the first manga of Fujiwara Hiro and I must say that this is such a great start for her. The main heroine is very cute but I must say that she is very awesome. She kicks some a**. The main guy is cool and compliments the girl’s personality. The art is very very clean. I must say that this is an insanely crazy and funny manga and somewhat reminded me of Ouran. The maid cafe has its own motifs every time. Besides from Ouran, it also reminded me of SA, since there’s school competition between the two leads.

PhotobucketThe story is about a very strict (and violent) student council president Ayuzawa Miyaki. She studies on a co-ed school which was an all-boys school before. She is kinda bias to the students in the school since she is nice to the girls and hates the boys. That is because of her father, who ran out when she was little. Then there is a guy named Usui Takumi, who is cool and popular but dumps every girl who confess to him. Miyaki was annoyed with Takumi’s attitude towards girls…


Then the interesting part… Takumi finds out Miyaki’s deep dark secret-she’s working on a maid cafe! Its so funny because Miyaki is very opposite from her violent side as school pres. Takumi also learned that Miyaki works there to help her mom and her siblings. Much to Misaki’s dismay, Takumi kept on visiting her on the maid cafe. Takumi also became interested on Miyaki later on.

The manga mostly covers Takumi and Misaki’s hilarious antics from school activities to Miyaki’s maid double-life. The manga is well drawn and its not “scratchy”. Misaki is uber kawaii in maid outfits. I’m looking forward to reading more chapters of this manga.

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6 Responses to “Manga Hunting: Kaichou wa Maid-sama”

  1. Ashe says:

    I’m reading this manga too! I’m sooooo lovin it! Takumi is so hot! I also agree that the maid cafe is like the female counterpart of the “host club” in Ouran 🙂

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  4. rottara rottara says:

    usui is just playing with her. he is a stupid boy who got bored. don’t believe me? read chapter 25 on i hate him. i wish she would beat the crap out of him. sure he’s good looking but he’s a jerk.most guys are that or stupid.

  5. sherly says:

    i love this manga very much. like others, usui is very coooool. well, i think usui is serious toward misaki. what he said in chp. 25 in just a trick for Kanou-Kun. ’cause he didn’t want anyone realize his feelings toward misaki. isn’t that cool? haha.. ^^ well, that’s what i think.

  6. Asuka says:

    I’ll check it … I don’t have anything to read since I’m waiting to kuroshitsuji and karneval chapters !

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