kurenai 09 – With You And Me…

Shinkurou gets beaten up…again.. Poor Murasaki…


I’m watching this show but I don’t blog it from the start… Since I have free time this time, I’m going to blog this episode.. Before I continue with the summary, I must admit that Kurenai is IMO, one of the best anime yet this year… It is neatly well done with an emotional roller coaster ride.

Benihana explains to Shinkurou the truth behind the Kuhoin family which had been breeding its brothers and sisters for generations. Shinkurou and Murasaki then gets back at home to at least say goodbye properly to friends and neighbors.. Meanwhile, Benika sneaks into the Kuhouin house to talk to Renjou, who explains that he can stop things anymore now that Ryuuji has gone out. Back at the apartment, Lin Chenshin and three men easily beat up Yayoi and make it to Shinkurou’s room. There, Ryuuji shows up and talks to Murasaki, who fearfully agrees to go back to the Kuhouin house. Shinkurou got beat up by Lin, taking Murasaki away from him..


I wonder why Shinkurou didn’t let the arm blade thingy out when he got beaten up. In that way, he could have protected themselves.. Anyways, I found the kiss scene very clean without maliciousness in it. It is very well done in a good way. I really hope that the final remaining episodes would be great… but too bad it will end soon!!!



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