Chocolate Underground 02 – A chocolate shop that can’t sell chocolates…

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I wasted another 4 minutes of my life watching Chocolate Undeground (but I guess I can’t help it). The episode was pure blahblah’s and eventually it ended. Woah! that was interesting…not. But at the last part, it was revealed that there’s still hope for chocolate as the heroes search in a mine or something. Anyway, I’m still continuing to watch the series because enen if I honestly find it very weird, I still get interested in it, and I would like to tease these kids until they cry cause my fridge is full of chocolates now lol!

*munches TimTams*



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3 Responses to “Chocolate Underground 02 – A chocolate shop that can’t sell chocolates…”

  1. blissmo says:

    Haha, Tim Tams are deeeelicious. I’ve decided not to waste another minute watching this since I know that the anti-chocolate side won’t win in the end as much as I’m hoping they do ban chocolate for good.

  2. Rondnelly says:

    Oh, this anime is of the hook!
    It’s small but is very hood.
    I think that a live action version’ll be produced *-*
    Hohohoho *-*
    I can’t imagine if the chocolate trade’ll be prohibited.
    Will be a nightmare T_T

    ~ Bye =]

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