Vampire Knight 06: Their Choice

“Lets do something unforgivable…”


The episode started where Zero was shot in the shoulder by his master Yagari and there’s a flashback where Yagari lost an eye when he saves Zero from a nurse vampire. He also told Zero there that vampires are sorrowful creatures who can’t deny their natural instincts but they should still hunt them down since they’re vampire hunters.. Back now to the present time, Yuki told Yagari that she would not let him kill Zero when Yagari attempted to shot Zero again.

When she’sback to the dorm, Yuki is sleepless because of worrying about Zero. The next day, Zero is not attending classes which made her worry more about him and asked Yagari on his whereabouts. Yagari told her that Zero is confined then he head off to the Night Class, as a teacher. After the class, he was surprised to find Yuki waiting for him and Yagari told her that Zero is fine and he’s on the Cross Private Headquarters.

Yuki now went to Zero ut Zero at first doesn’t want her to get in but he failed so Yuki ended up entering his room.. Yuki took Zero to the bathroom and asked him to continue what they’re doing last night. Yuki then took off her uniform and leaned on to Zero’s chest and said to him that he should drink only her blood to stop his thirst. Yuki continues to encourage Zero to do the most “unforgivable act” and Zero’s fangs now sank in Yuki’s neck.

As Zero continues to “eat” her, Yuki realized that she is not afraid of Zero even if he’s feeding on her.. After the blood-sucking scene, Zero felt disgusted of himself but Yuki said that he should not say those sort of things..

Leaving the Private Quarters, Yuki saw Kaname coming so she panicked that Kaname might discover her secret. Kaname is wondering why Yuki is out late in the evening and he wondered why the ends of Yuki’s hair are wet. Yuki is terrified that Kaname might see Zero’s bite-mark on her neck and upon seeing her hesitation, Kaname just hugged her..

The next day Yuki still wonders why Zero is not attending classes. She figured out that something was wrong so she visited him and she encountered Yagari pointing his gun at Zero. When Zero saw Yuki, he stopped Yagari’s gun. Yagari left and told Zero that “that woman” is still alive, which shocked Zero…



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