Vampire Knight 04: Trigger of Conviction

Flashback episode….MEHH…

Kaname finds Yuuki after smelling her blood. Upon finding Yuuki bitten and bleeding, Kaname exchanges words with Zero, disgusted that Zero let his thirst overcome him. Being scared that Kaname will kill Zero, Yuuki gets on and intervenes them, however, she suddenly faints…

While having her wounds attended to, Yuuki learns of Zero’s transformation from a human into a vampire from the Chairman. Kaname asks the chairman to transfer Zero to the Night Class. Yuuki overhears the conversation and runs off. The next day Yuuki goes to the Moon Dorm to speak with Kaname but is greeted by Aidou. Aidou started flirting and freezing Yuuki but Kaname rescues her. And for the Nth time, Kaname slaps Aidou again(..poor him). Yuuki speaks to Kaname about the previous night’s events, and as Kaname tells her that all ex-human will eventually become Level-E’s, she runs off to look for Zero.

She finds Zero in his dorm where he holds his “Bloody Rose” gun to his head, intent on pulling the trigger. Yuuki straddles at Zero to stop him but instead she finds herself holding the gun as Zero directs her aim to his neck. Zero tells Yuuki to kill him before he loses all reason and becomes a Level- E. When she refuses, he takes his things and leaves. As Zero is leaving the academy, he is stopped by Yuuki who clutches him from behind with emotion filled eyes and tells him that she’ll support him. Kaname watches Zero and Yuuki from afar.


I think the anime is trying to add more atmosphere of sensuality in this episode after that neck-licking and biting scene last episode. . even if it counts Yuuki straddling Zero.. Anyways, at least there are some ZeroXYuuki moments here..since I’m a fan of their pairing..



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