Vampire Knight 05: The Feast Under The Moon

Another Vampire Knight episode with licking…this time its the fingers…

Touga Yagari comes to the school, occupying the place of the new Ethics teacher. Yuuki and Zero goes to the town, fooling around until they got attacked by a Level E vampire, but they’re suddenly saved by Shiki and Ichijou who give them an invitation to the Moon Dorm. Yuuki and Zero attend Ichijou’s birthday party, and then suddenly, Kaname shows up and told Yuuki about the fierce battle between Vampires and Vampire Hunters. During the party, Zero later feels a strange atmosphere and suddenly leaves and Yuuki follows him. Yuuki finds Zero suffering because of the fact that his body won’t accept the blood tablets and he’s tempted to drink Yuuki’s blood. He almost manages to bite her but Yuuki pushes Zero and herself into the pool near them to shake him out of it. They come up and Zero is shot in the shoulder by his vampire hunter master, Touga Yagari.

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