Vampire Knight 03: Fangs of Repentance

Lick. Bite. Suck.

First, Yuuki and Zero were assigned to check the Day Class dorms as usual prefects do, and confiscating some memorabilia of the Night Class students.. After that, as they leave, Yuuki becomes suspicious of Zero on what he’s hiding in his pocket so she try to snatch it but she fell leaving Zero catching her ~*awkward moment*~…

Yuuki then continues to follow Zero in the town but she is distracted by her vampire hauntings. She then followed a boy who is struggling on getting his red balloon. Yuuki helped him but she is then chased and attacked by the boy who is an ex-human vampire and another former human vampire. Kaname appears and destroys the vampire and brings Yuuki back to the dorm.

Later, Yuuki searches for Zero and finds him on the stairway, appearing uncomfortable. She tries to talk to him, but he tells her to stay away. Cringing at his reaction, she complies and apologizes for bothering him and is about to turn back when Zero feels guilty and grabs her hand, about to say something when the gauze on Yuuki’s hand unravels and he smells the blood leaking from her cut. After that, he suddenly clutches her, unable to control himself, licks her neck and finally bites her. In shock, Yuuki manages to push him away and discovers that Zero is a vampire. Zero, realizing what he has done, apologizes to her, ashamed.

What I loved about this is that at the first half it was just like a normal school-shoujo anime then on the second half the aura turned very dark and tense. Plus the neck “licking and biting” scene of Yuki and Zero is kinda sensual in a way.. But I think in the manga, they did it more seductive and more sensual.


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