SA ~Special A~ 07 – Sensitive/Thickheaded

I’ll never forget you” + sadistic laughter + psychotic AKIRA = OWNS.


Hikari starts to act very strange around Kei after Yahiro told her that Kei loves her. Meanwhile, the SA plans to have a trip. Because of too much debating, Kei suggests that they should have a contest where the winner should decide where will they go, and he said to Hikari that if he will win, she should tell him what Yahiro said to her on the party.


LOL. This episode is friggin awesome. Akira is such a psychotic-lesbo which is sooo funny! For me, the biggest highlight of this episode is where Akira detonated the cliff where Kei is, then she thought he was damn dead. She mourned and said “I will never forget you” then started laughing sadistically!!! I really could’nt stop laughing there. I learned that Akira is REALLY attempting to kill Kei…lol. What’s very nice about this episode is that they show more exposure to the other SA members and give them funny scenes too. I really like Tadashi’s side comments on Akira and the twins’ plan on Ryuu. I also find it weird that there is a forest, a mountain and a waterfall near their school! I also lol’d on Kei’s butterface(the last screencap here)!!! That proved how horrible he looks on the anime than in the manga.


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