SA ~Special A~ 06 – Invitation/Saiga Mansion

Hikari + Green wig = Shion from Higurashi(look at the 2nd shot)


Sui hands over an invitation to Hikari and ends up being Kei’s date for the birthday party of Yahiro Saiga. At the party, Hikari was shocked to hear that Kei is in love with her.


Okay, this is one ridiculous episode. The scene where Hikari holds a needle is so Higurashi-much lol!!! This is another episode where its Kei-Hikari centered but good thing they inserted the scene where Jun, Tadashi and Ryuu were entering the gates for comic relief and wtf with Jun getting jealous of the dogs saying “that’s my Ryuu!!!” (hearing screaming fangirls)… I really wonder why he and even Megumi are over-possessive of him.. Besides that, I wonder what Hikari will do after hearing from Yahiro that Kei likes her… Can’t wait for the next episode!!!


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