Gentlemen Alliance Cross to end..

Source: Anime News Network
– Manga creator Arina Tanemura (Full Moon wo Sagashite) will end The Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross manga this July and start a new manga called Mistress Fortune in the same month on the same magazine. The announcement was made in the current monthly issue, which was released on May 1. The magazine says this is the first time that an artist has ended a series and started a new one in the same issue. Mistress Fortune will launch with a 52-page installment, including a color insert at the beginning. There will need to be at least 10 volumes to finish The Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross in Japanese, and Viz Media will publish the sixth volume in English next month. Viz Media has also published or licensed Tanemura’s I.O.N., Full Moon wo Sagashite, Short-Tempered Melancholy, and Time Stranger Kyoko, while CMX published Kamikaze Kaitō Jeanne.

Wow..its finally ending.. Well, I must say that this is my longest-read manga(next is Vampire Knight). It has a colorful and likable cast of characters and the turn of events were insanely dramatic that kept me hooked for a while. It has many genres..from romance, comedy, drama, to suspense, yuri, yaoi, school-life, dark sides…etc. Only missing is mecha… It will remain as one of my fave mangas of all time..

I will miss its characters..really! From the lead girl Haine, Takanari(the nice Shizumasa), Maguri and Maora, my fave Ushio, and the elders, even evil Shizumasa and even the side characters T.T… I really hope it gets a happy ending or else I’ll be emo for a week and just curl up on by bed in depression..XD


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