Flip Flappers – 07 – 09

flip Flappers (3)

Papika enjoys her lunch~

winter15-foshWelcome back to more Flip Flappers! These three episodes were quite interesting because once again the tone changes with each passing episode, but personally I’m in favor of the off the rails silly themed episodes like episode eight! Which was an entire dedication to all things giant robot! That was the best! Then again the super serious episodes work just as well.


Extra Flip Flappers


The various Papika’s from episode seven! I like Papina <3

flip Flappers (7)

Devil Papika is da best!


Also hell? Wow Flip Flappers you scary!

flip Flappers (8)

Papika is pumped for the fanservice.

flip Flappers (9)

Kokona-“……….”           Papika-“Awww this doesn’t taste good.”

flip Flappers (10)

Keijo!!!!!! x Flip Flappers!

flip Flappers (1)

Giant freakin robots?! HELL YAAAAAAAAAAAA!

flip Flappers (2)

Is this Mimi or is that too easy?

flip Flappers (4)


flip Flappers (5)

No Papika! Yayaka is not food!

flip Flappers (6)

These two will become great friends one day! Maybe?

Bonus Artwork



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  1. skylion says:

    I’m really really really sorry that my end of the audio sounds like I’m yakking into vats of staticy gelatin; no more using my mobile phone!

    But I think Fosh did a really good job backing me up with the pics and captions, which was the gist of lots of the stuff I said…Thanks Fosh.

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