Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma✫Illya 3rei – 9eunte

3rei 9-007

You can’t keep a good Illya down…

Well, I complained about expositional narration last episode…looks like I might have been a week to soon…? But that’s alright, let’s wrestle this thing…

And when the world is through with you…

3rei 9-002

Dammit, it’s Luthor’s real estate scheme again, isn’t it?

The long and the short of it is pretty simple: Miyu’s World is dying. That comes with a bunch of very badly phrased magical double-talk; it’s what happens when you trade fast and loose with Fate tropes. But despite that, I think it makes itself pretty clear, and despite me throwing shade at the narration, that narration does so in short order. This world is in danger and the sacrifice of the Miyu – this world’s Holy Grail wish making magic thingy – is the basket that the Ainsworths have put all their eggs in. In other words, even with all the double talk, it’s a fairly decent magical girl show dilemma.

3rei 9-005

This Gil brings dat bass..

Which leads us to Angelica using percussive persuasion for most of the rest of the episode. Illya wants to stop this, after all, and she has to learn about the balance. I found it quite interesting that she sought refuge in the Assassin Class Card, using it’s stealth powers to avoid Angelica’s very clearly OP diplomacy techniques. For one, Assassin has never came close to winning any damn Grail, as it’s non-committal. Using it’s power was a good dodge, unwittingly buying her time for Kuro to arrive on the scene and get down to business. Where it’s always been Kuro’s prerogative to act boldly and with clear distinction, it’s usually Illya’s business to waver. She has uncertainties, and insecurities, to be explored, as the world she comes from rather gives her that luxury. So I found her wavering here to be quite honest, even if it initially came off as out of character. But, who are we kidding, this is a magical girl show. We are reminded of tha when Kuro is happy to fight, learning from her “little sister” the value of fighting for the people you care about…

3rei 9-004

Miyu defends, even when she has no power…

Now, going back to the magical side of things. I really do appreciate how they continue to use the Grail as a storytelling device about stories. In so far as humankind’s stories go, we recycle material all the time and have done so for thousands upon thousands of years, that is the Big Meta-Fictional Deal of Nasu’s Grail, and I’ve always quite liked that. Granted, I don’t always like the execution or details of either Zero or UBW sometimes, but leaning into a mage doing business as the authorial intent for storytelling is brash and wonderful, and I’m happy to see Hiroyama and this show have a swing at it. We saw the contrast of Kiritsugu’s influence on both Illya and Kuro, and now we see that Darius (possible spoiler edited) is behaving like a bad-guy -and that knows he’s a bad guy; and in doing so, he’s saving the world…But this.is.a.magical.girl.show, dude…you’ve been warned…

…you’ve got each other’s arms…

3rei 9-span

The players are cast long and wide and..

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But, it is our heroine that bravely states the obvious. It’s not about taking one path or just the other, we got to do the heavy lifting of taking the third option. Of course, being Illya, she’s got little clue about how that is supposed to be done, but she states it anyway. Being a magical girl show, it’s going to have a heavy reliance on good allies to see that the day is saved, and 3rei has a boatload of powerful players on Illya’s side. Miyu can’t be counted out either, as she has just as much to contribute to her story as Illya does, and as Kuro does. Good job staying on the straight and narrow there Chloe, good job….

3rei 9-006

as the Princess gets to work….


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