Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma✫Illya 3rei – 7iebte

3rei 7-006

What is seen, cannot be unseen…

This is the story of Bodysviel and Mindsviel – or Mind-oneechan? It gets over-exasperated, regardless of the the names.

Stuffed Toys and Chill

3rei 7-005

Don’t Think! Imasine!!! …your way into a solution!

Well this was the “comedy” episode, such as it is. I’m sure Mai Kadowaki gets payed per over-reaction, if all the escapades she got up to with our titular character gets totted up, that’s for sure.  But, I’ve overstating things. It was quite welcome to hear Illya take just about every opportunity to go sh!tballs. She’s been through a lot, she’s in the middle of a lot, and that train ain’t gonna stop any time soon; it’s just one more thing after another. But all in all this was a pretty clumsy episode that just barely saved by some stuffed toy antics, among other things…

3rei 7-011

Erika…you need some help, girl….

At the outset, Angelica’s trick to separate Illya’s mind and body just seems like on one more magical inspired plot point. But it does have a layer going on underneath it. She dismisses the Mind part as, “only the vessel is important”. Considering that she is pretty much a card vessel, and that Miyu’s fate as a magical-wish-granting-cup vessel is what Angelica, and more importantly her boss, sees what’s most important in the world, this is hardly surprising. Keeping that in mind, villains (or those that behave like them) are often hidebound like this, forgetting what really matters? It’s like they forget they’re in a magical girl show….

3rei 7-007

She danced the five-fingered fandango with her Julian…

Which just leaves us with Beako’s big surprise. At this point, I’m not going to get into Julian, he’s just the object of her very, very pointed affections, and it’s not important that those affections get there as they get stalled, for the reason they get stalled. This paints Beatrice as someone who’s desires aren’t met. But more on that as the series progresses.  Still it makes for some decent characterization. Beako is unlike Angelica in many respects. She doesn’t seem so much bound to duty as she does her own desires, and she looks to be on the outside of things in the Ainsworth manse. That it unless the removing of stuffed toy heads is more than just random comedy. But I can kinda see a bit of a feedback loop going on. Beako destroys, Erika gets upset, Angelica facilitates. Rin and Luvia get in the way a bit, same as they always do.

3rei 7-010

Oh, yeah, they came back…big shock, eh?

But the biggest gain goes to Mind-chan…er Stuffed Illya? Can I call her that?…Anyway! That good old ideology of “Don’t Think, Imagine!” still functions in this universe, and Illya is able to channel the hopes and dreams that are the hallmark of all Magical Girls into being a fully functional bear-thing, er Stuffed Illya. While Miyu is right and proper to be aghast when reviceing a “surprise visit” by her best friend, devoid of all personality, it’s good to see Illya moving and grooving behind the scenes in another form. That was a nice contrast without over-selling it. But for Illya? She may not understand all that’s going around her in such a confused state, but she’s no dummy, at least not when she gives herself a chance; which is all anyone really needs. So it’s good to see her excel! When it comes to this sort of magic, I guess it’s the mind that’s most important? All in all, the situation may not bet the crazed comfort of Ruby, but it’s nice to see Sapphire back in action…

3rei 7-012

This was a much better reveal…

Beako is for Great Justice…

3rei 7-009

I love the floaty animation they gave this bit…

Show ▼

3rei 7-013

With Butterfly Wings!!!!

This one felt really at odds with it’s own pacing. As I pointed out in a rather silly fashion, Mai Kadowaki has a nice gift for this particular manzai/comedy routine, and it felt like Hiroyama-san wrote a bunch of these scenes with her in mind. That’s probably not true, but I do feel that Silver Link might have dropped the ball on this one, at least a bit? Seems like they were more on form last year…They could have played to the sources real strengths. As far as what’s been in the manga, this is the part I skip to (for a reread) as it feels the freshest. Whereas most of the stuff before this you could have pulled from/put into any other adventure show and would have just needed to file off a few things, this arc feels like Primsa Illya, can’t get it from anywhere, can’t put it anywhere else, it’s the stuff, the real deal, and..they should have leaned into that a bit more. The surprises didn’t, the reveals weren’t…it was pretty much saved by a Illya’s exasperated straight-man routine along with Rei Takehashi’s private goofiness…So in review, good ideas, tepid execution…

3rei 7-014

Next Time: Child-bearing hips….I’ve told you before, I don’t do good jokes…


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4 Responses to “Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma✫Illya 3rei – 7iebte”

  1. Soliloquy says:

    Ow, I think this is my favourite episode of the 3rd season. I have no idea but I was laughing out throughout the whole episode. Oh well, I guess I’m a minority of audience that prefers slice of life fate/prisma than more action.

    Always liked Mai Kadowaki. She has quite a vocal range yet her roles only reduced to playing moe loli and Ilya unfortunately. Not that I dislike her moe loli roles, but I wish she had more damn roles. Don’t mind the rant, just my pet peeves about the anime industry.

    • skylion says:

      I’m in that minority with you (I admit this post makes it look like I’m not, but that’s just me being critical) in enjoying the SoL aspects. I mean, they set out to make a funny magical girl show that gave one of the franchises most set-upon and tragic characters a happy life and then they deliver on that! Yet so many are upset with it…

  2. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Illyasbear von Einzbearn.

    More later as perving on C90 ero is more important.

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