Classroom ☆ Crisis – 08

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Every face tells a story…

Politics….why did it have to be politics? Again? Oh well, there was plenty of Iris x Mizuki x Nagisa action going on to unjade the heart…and that is what I’m going to focus on….

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So the episode starts with what has now become the typical reverse-power harassment that Nagisa must “suffer” being part of A-TEC’s class hierarchy. I love how they kid that he can have his revenge after the festival is over, so long as he comes to the after party, and it’s a great point in his character development that he misses that party. He’s very much invested in this group, and now it’s time to show that. He’s no pilot, or accountant, or PR man, nor is he any sort of engineer. But he is just the right hard-nosed bastard they need right now.

But for my money the relationship that works the best is formed by the Nagisa, Mizuki, and Iris trio. Now I know there are shippers out there working in furious manner on the scheduled routes and ports of call for that trio, but in all honesty, some very strong friendships are on display here. It’s Mizuki’s kindness that opened the door for Nagisa into A-TEC, and A-TEC into him; at least a little. I don’t see romantic overtones.

The same is true for Mizuki and Iris. Our “reckless” pilot is adrift. She’s bereft of a past, and is in need of a solid anchor. The Sera siblings provide just that. So yeah, let the yuri goggles loose this time. But there was that one moment in Iris’ convalescence that really underscored how far both she and Nagisa have to go yet.

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It’s pretty obvious that Nagisa is lying about his lack of knowledge as to what the Shirasaki name means. And that will have to be dealt with. But he does go one further. Whatever her past contains, it’s her own lack of knowledge about it that he is clearly envious of. And then he adds that bit about revenge being for fools.

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But the tail is moving. Chasing it is part of the game. It was pretty clear from the beginning of the series that A-TEC is being used as a pawn in a corporate loophole hullaballo. Now, both Angelina and Nagisa have discovered the finer connections in that. With Kiryuu’s very clear and very demonstrative attitude, it’s obvious that the political game has become very important, it’s become a raison d’tre for their next move. That game is, as always, very fluid. One party is up, and then they are down. Now, he needs that final piece. His older brother Kazuhisa’s connection. And who or what exactly was the Eldest Brother saving when he ordered that Angelina and Iris’ ship saved last episode?

In which I Politic

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Bottle Rocket

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But, in getting back to the parts I enjoyed. I loved how they shifted down a bit for the festival. Yeah, they were aiming for space, but for what they had to spend, a super version of a water powered rocket is just fine for this team. It wasn’t Saito’s most glorious moment, and it surely lead to Iris taking the fall for her past (with that weirdly translated bit from one scene to another about her temperature). But all in all, it was just like a ton of other school festivals. Lots of fuss and feathers for just a day of fun. It made this geek squad more or less grounded, just like tons of other students. I also loved how they presented the launch. Lovely music and that vignette style from start to finish…almost like a memory.

classcrisis 8-4

…cause I thought it was to cute not to include…

So, at the close of the episode, Nagisa misses his Five o’ Clock Rendezvous. We all know he was doing what needed to be done, and with his conversation with Angelina, he’s committed to saving A-TEC for the sake of it. I won’t count out him using it as a pawn in the game himself. But his game is getting the pawn promoted. But, just to sow some tension into the story, he might have to revert to form and be the the bastard he started off as; perhaps him missing both Mizuki and Iris being the first move towards that. Who knows? Perhaps this much drama will shake Iris’ back story loose. Let’s keep watching…


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15 Responses to “Classroom ☆ Crisis – 08”

  1. Samsura says:

    This is why, and I say this with an existing amount of sincerity, President Classy Golden Hair Rich McBig Mouth needs to become a reality. He is the president America deserves, but not the president America needs.

    This post has been sponsored by assholes for a better tomorrow.

    • skylion says:

      That’s a bad reality. I subvert the paradigm and insert my own.

      This post has been sponsored by an older asshole that owns the tomorrow you younger folk are trying to mortgage…and it ain’t cheap…

  2. IreneSharda says:

    A great episode, the whole relationship between Nagisa, Iris, and Mizuki.

    Sorry skylion, but since you refuse to see the very possible romantic signs between Nagisa and Mizuki, then I will point them out. 🙂
    The fact that he’s still mostly comfortable just around her, how he seriously answered that he doesn’t wasn’t the hurt her or make her sad? The way that they keep going back to showing scenes flashing back and forth from her to him? It just gets the wheels turning in my romantic brain.

    I just loved when Nagisa came over to see Iris when she became sick, already bringing medicine. His talk with her really shows how much he cares about her and how much he wants to protect her from what he’s trying to do. Also, considering what he said about the fact that he know what A-TEC was to her and how he’s probably been trying to protect her since she reentered his life in episode 1, it gives credence to my theory that he never intended to take down A-TEC, as it was her sanctuary, but also it’s one of the pawns of his brothers, and a clue to what they are doing.

    Speaking of what his brothers are up to, well, all the political stuff really just confuses and bores as that kind of stuff has never been my forte. Yet, I’m still interested in the whole conspiracy that the company and brothers have found themselves in.

    Yuji proves himself a pathetic bully once more, but he gives Nagisa the clue and the chance that he needs to take his elder half-siblings down. It sadly costs him his “date” with Mizuki and Iris. And he really seemed to be looking forward to it too. 🙁

    • Highway says:

      I see couples everywhere, but I’m not gonna get on the Nagisa x Mizuki ship. It’s just not gonna happen. There’s more chance of a clear confession from Raku in Nisekoi. Heck, for that matter, there’s more chance of Haru confessing to Raku in Nisekoi.

    • skylion says:

      Well, I guess shipping is possible. But I still see it as unlikely, and even unneeded. While I like a good ship as much as anyone, I feel that a very good friendship and camaraderie is all that is we’ll need.

      I don’t necessarily find the political angle all that confusing. Let’s just say I’m in a mood about all politics recently, and it has been rearing it’s head in my anime the past few weeks. But like I say, I’m also weary of how palpably simplistic is is, both in real life, and in my anime. They did not do as horrible job here, as they did in the straw man moments in other places.

      They’ve built Kiryuu’s character a bit uneven. I find his motivations hard to get behind, and his action are so comically. Oddly I find his abuse on Nagisa this episode somewhat believable. In their past it just felt tacked on, but here is does feel like the desperate act of a desperate man.

      • IreneSharda says:

        I don’t know if anything concrete will develop between them right now, but it definitely hints of things that make come later after all this is over. I mean,there are millions of romances out there about the girl who finds a way to peel back the steely exterior of a man and because of a horrid past, he doesn’t trust others and always puts up a facade, but he finds that she’s the only one that he can be truly himself with. It’s so not impossible or implausible for the two of them to eventually get together, especially since the only other people he completely trusts, both he treats more like sisters/best friends and one has lost her memory of him.

        As for the politics, it’s not my forte so it confuses me a little. I’m trying to see what the unions are up to and why is the ruling party getting so up in arms, and why Yuji is exactly so worried. Is the company’s assets completely tied into that political party or something? And the eldest brother didn’t look worried at all. Does he know something that the others don’t?

        • skylion says:

          Well, the company assets as you say are tied up enough. It looks like the majority party (as of now, before they call a new election, which looks to be a plot point later on) is engaging in their own shenanigans. There’s an old adage about this stuff; in politics your either innocent or indicted. So yeah, lots of PR stuff is going on as well, and then the corporate stocks issue from previous episodes.

          So everyone is screwing everyone, or at least trying. I think the writing is employing that to make anyone involved in A-TEC look like a rose by comparisson; them being very stand-offish towards politicians both times they’ve come in contact with them. Well, expect Saito, cause he’s an adult, and he has to have an arc that passes through the political mud.

        • Highway says:

          It’s not that the company assets are completely tied into the party, but that they’re doing it nefariously. That’s exactly what Nagisa found. His two older half-brothers are funneling money to the Seimin party. but they’re not doing it in a way that the stockholders or auditors would find out about. They’re basically diverting A-Tec’s budget to the Seimin party, while still charging it to A-Tec. So A-Tec will just look bad for spending billions of dollars, but not getting results.

          Perhaps they’ll make the union and the other party look as scandalous, but it seemed like they were setting up the union as more the ‘good’ guys vs the company and the ‘bad guys’.

          • skylion says:

            I still see the two parties as sides of the same coin. One is just more nefariously evil, and the other is a banal evil, as both could care less about the populace; other than being a predictable rubber stamp.

            But yeah, with unions you often have just as many scandals as you can with corporate regimes. After all, both are made of ambitious people.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Yes! Now I’m beginning to like Nagisa since he’s begun growing a caring side and aims to defend A-TEC. Especially when he’s supposed to be the very one shutting them down. It’s only when types like him mellow down that you can root for them. Right now, I’m anxious to see him crush his two bastard brothers. Normally the CEO is the final boss but seeing Yuuji broken would be the most satisfying comeuppance.

    • skylion says:

      I think Yuuji is already broken at this point. Nagisa is not going to play along this time, and the older brother’s intimidation simply will no longer work. That punch will come back and get him later, with interest.

  4. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Why is this show propping up the outside-japan streaming table with its friend Chaos Dragon? The latter I can understand. This… on the other hand…

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