Mechanorn – 11


Things are getting interesting!

 Time for the weekly MechaNORN with 2 and Gundam build fighters TRY, but ill be honest when it comes to Ange I really wish it was over and done with because it has been so boring lately for me, anyway I hope you enjoy the chat between me and Jrow.


Time stamps

Aldnoah.Zero2 00:25

Gundam Build Fighters TRY 18:41  

Cross Ange 28:53


Aldnoah (2)

Slaine loves magical girls in SPACE!!!

gundam build (3)


cross Ange (3)

Dragon tail is the new Snickers.

Bonus Fun

Aldnoah (1)

This is how Inaho became a godly mecha pilot.


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18 Responses to “Mechanorn – 11”

  1. skylion says:

    Ange: I think that Ange herself is very reticent about hitching her wagon to anyone or anything. Every time she’s been a part of something big, it all ends up going very very badly for her and all the folk around her. I think she’s earned some “Everyone shut up and let me think” time.

    But all in all this episode was just a bit to goofy for me; hey it’s anime, gotta check the boxes of stuff to show.

    • Highway says:

      I think Ange is well justified in telling everyone else to buzz off and give her some space. Basically, she’s been used every second of her life by someone else, and a lot of it in service of lies. Her father hid her Norma status to keep from scandal in the empire. Then she gets thrown in exile prison, and they try to make her fight as a rebel for some hifalutin purpose that she never signed on for. And now Salamandinay is saying that she should fight for yet another side.

      I think it’s obvious that Ange would like nothing more than to off Embryo and the whole world of mana that he’s created, if she has a chance to think about it. But nobody gives her that time, they’re all like “You have to fight with us! We’re on the side of Justice!” Or at least on the side of “HAHA F YOU!” But she wants to do it on her own terms. I think she’s entirely justified in not trusting others.

  2. skylion says:

    A/Z: Yeah, it took me a bit of time, but I’m looking to buy some tickets for the hate train. As you guys mention, thanks for making Saazebaum a complete idiot…

    • Irenesharda says:

      But why is he an idiot? I thought he had a pretty nice death scene. Sort of bittersweet, and yet apropos.

      • Di Gi Kazune says:

        Saucybum finally got his just desserts.

        Just according to keikaku. (T/L Note: Keikaku means plan)

      • BlackBriar says:

        I thought it was a nice scene as well. At least he accepted his fate and went out with dignity as opposed to others who would’ve carried on in an undignified manner. That deserved some respect. A true noble. Before he died, in his mind, he must have been bashing himself for being far too trusting.

  3. sherrislok says:

    I found a perfect girl for Inaho:

  4. belatkuro says:

    GBF Try: Not much seems to have changed in the BBG or now the Try Burning Gundam. The other two had major changes though. Star Winning seems to be more offense oriented rather than just supporting the two. It probably has one or two more tricks. Thought for sure Yuuma’s would be slower with a bulky backpack but for it to go toe to toe with a Trans-Am’ed Kyrios. It’s pretty well built.

    Speaking of the Kyrios, that was just overkill. Yes, they were in the top 8 last year but vaporizing the Kyrios along with the asteroid at damage level A is very much overkill. I feel sorry for the guy, especially when he showed a neat trick with the Trans-Am.

    Mirai is love, Mirai is life. Hard not to fall for her when she appeared there. Hope we can see more costumes from her later.

    Nationals off to a good start. This week’s episode was especially awesome but I’ll save that for next time since this post is reserved for last week’s episode.

  5. Irenesharda says:

    Nice review guys, though I just have to correct you on a couple of teenie-tiny things. 🙂

    Firstly, Asseylum’s blood IS the activator of the Aldnoah factor, they just state that it’s not that alone. They seem to address it as this sort of infection, that Inaho got infected by it while trying to resuscitate Asseylum and then the Aldnoah factor got activated by the Asseylum’s blood later on.

    And as for the whole prediction thing, I really don’t think you guys have to worry about it. As far as I can tell, both Inaho and Slaine’s prediction “powers” are purely technological, just in different ways. Inaho’s eye is basically a mini computer that works with his own brain to give him data and help him with calculations and can also calculate the best course of action to take. Slaine’s kat, Tharsis’ ability is being able to predict the path of projectiles from all around him and then also having rapid agility to be able to move out of the way of any danger. It’s nothing Slaine himself is doing, it’s the machine, powered by an Aldnoah drive.

    When he does talk about “seeing the future” or when he predicts what Inaho is going to do, it’s simply from the fact that Slaine is very intuitive, a very good strategist and knows Inaho’s ways by now. You forget that Slaine has actually observed at least 3 of Inaho’s battles and has a pretty good idea of how he fights and what tricks he can do. Unlike all of Inaho’s opponents thus far, Slaine doesn’t completely depend on his kat’s abilities to get him through the fight and actually thinks on his feet, and he’s also not so completely prideful like other knights which is usually their downfall. In a way, Slaine is more of a strategist, while Inaho is more of a tactician. Inaho thinks of how to defeat his enemies one at a time, but he has trouble with the big picture of the whole battle on when he’s trying to handle to large opponents at once. Slaine on the other hand, plans the battle out itself and beyond, what will happen after the battle is over. He might not take out every man on the field, but he knows how to move all the pieces to give him a favorable outcome in the end. Both times he’s fought, he’s actually gotten Inaho to do what he wanted. Last episode, his mission was to be a decoy to allow the ships to get though. He drew Inaho’s fire and attention and accomplished what he set out to do. This battle, he needed to draw out Inaho to that specific spot in order to engage Saazbaum, and again, he succeeded.

    Because of this, I don’t even know if I would even think of them as fully rivals. Inaho seems to consider and think about Slaine, more than the other does of Inaho. Slaine’s mind is full of the war and dealing with Saazbaum and the other counts and all the other pieces of his plan. Inaho’s a threat that he faces in battle, but that really seems to be it.

    And lastly, there was a good reason that Saazbaum said the weak spot in his barrier had been moved. Firstly, he was really talking to himself since Inaho couldn’t hear him anyway. 😛 And Inaho had already found the first weak spot the first time they fought, so of course Inaho would try their first. And honestly, Inaho would have never found the other one, or escaped if Inko hadn’t come to his aid.

    Well, that was just a few things, I wanted to say. Nice job, guys.

  6. Irenesharda says:

    Now, for my actual thoughts on this episode:

    Oh my gosh….I honestly didn’t see that coming…

    Slaine is now Saazbaum’s adopted son? Saazbaum is dead? And it was all part of Slaine’s plan?!

    Wow… I REALLY did not see that coming. Slaine is a strategic genius all his own. I had thought that that chess game in the beginning had been symbolic of Inaho’s abilities on the field, but really it was about Slaine, who has proven to be quite the Chessmaster, while using both Inaho (I’m thinking the “Queen” since he’s the most powerful player on the opposite side) and Saazbaum (the “King” that Slaine use Inaho to check and mate) as pieces. Swearing “fealty” to Saazbaum, tricking the master at his own game, all the while planning to backstab him at the most opportune moment. Using him for his rank, to become the first Terran count, and striving him closer towards his goal of helping the lower classes of Vers in his own way. Harklight is completely in on it with him, and he respects Slaine for being for the common man. Slaine is planning a revolution, and he doesn’t mind getting down and dirty while doing it. He’ll say what he has to say, destroy who he has to destroy and kill who he has to kill, to achieve his plan. I’ve already seen many begin to compare him to Lelouch (CG), Char (Gundam), and Reinhard (LOGH), and while I won’t put him at that level yet, I’d say that he’s got a good start. 😉

    As for Inaho, it was interesting seeing him really struggle this time. It’s really cool that in space all off the Martians seem to be actually in their element, and the Terrans are on the defensive. Also, they show that the Terrans aren’t stupid and having been doing experiments with Aldnoah, however, they discover that blood alone is not all that is needed. A person needs to have been given the factor (kissing/physical contact) and then have it activated by blood. They are aware that Inaho is needed to keep the Deucalion alive, but they allow him to go out into the field anyway. (Though the reasoning for that is pretty shaky, considering that if he dies, they drop out of the sky dooming the whole ship).

    There was character development for both the Martians and the Terrans, which is pretty amazing, space seems to be a really good rejuvenator for the series, and the battles are getting better and better.

    While I thought of Saazbaum as a vile but likable and even slightly sympathetic villain, and probably the most interesting one so far, I thought his death scene very nice. In the end he actually did kind of care for Slaine, and Slaine did acknowledge him as a sort of father-figure to him. And honest, everything that Slaine learned about being duplicitous and strategically taking out obstacles in his way all came from Saazbaum. Slaine had never been that way until he was taken in by the man, and Saazbaum inadvertently put him on the path he’s on now by telling him of what was really going on with Vers and that in order to truly stop this war and avoid future ones, Vers’ society needs a complete overhaul, and he’s willing to go down that road to get it done. In the end, I think Saazbaum was proud of Slaine and that in a way, the student had outdone the master.

    This by far is the best episode of this season so far, and it’s up there as one of the best episodes of the series in general. And it changes everything.

    I loved this episode. 10/10

  7. zztop says:

    Aldnoah: Well played, Slaine. Well played. (claps ominously from shadows)

    Gundam G: Everytime Bell ties his hair up, it makes him look even girlier.

    • Irenesharda says:

      I know they kind of dropped G-Reco, and yeah it is silly and confusing and ridiculous as all heck. But I have to say that this latest episode was actually the best one I’ve seen thus far as it’s the first one that I could totally understand the entire way through. 😛

      Perhaps they finally let somebody else write the script this time? 😀

  8. BlackBriar says:

    Cross Ange: The most out of the box episode the series has produced yet. The insane contest between Ange and Salamandiné had me nearly in tears while laughing. Even if what they’re using to with is well preserved, I’m baffled they have the knowledge to play those games. The favorite hands down goes to their hot Twister competition.

    Salamandiné’s agent gave an update of her mission in the Misurugi Empire. But with Ange stripped of her birthright and Julio out of the picture, I wonder who’s taking charge now.

  9. BlackBriar says:

    Aldnoah.Zero: The idea of Inaho obtaining the power of Aldnoah through blood contact is a rather solid one. Because even if it’s the tiniest bit, once two blood types come into contact, they start mixing right away and Asseylum’s blood must have been potent.

    Much respect to Slaine. So that was his plan from get-go. With this, the first episode of the season makes total sense and it was a clean and effective usurpation. He basically pulled a Nero by killing his “family” to take the throne. In the process, he got two birds with one stone: obtaining a high rank that renders his authority unquestionable and to assure that Asseylum doesn’t fall prey to another attempt on her life. If taken from a different point of view, it was Saazbaum’s arrogance that got him killed. When it came to the very person who was defending his target, he should’ve been suspicious and watched his back.

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