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prisma ilya 07-kurosulk

Tsundere and Pudding

  The action of the Not Holy Not Grail Not Wars slows down as our band of LOLis enjoys some well earned SoL…Bake offs for the kiss! Mama-san sets the pecking order….


It’s Always Sunny in 冬木市

prisma ilya 07 kurozzzz

Wake up. See This.What do?! ILYA SMASHU!

What’s a mana-addicted grail-card girl supposed to do? Follow the time honoured traditions of many a brocon before!  Sneaky Snuggle-bunnies! But not before Ilya can get her say! At this point, before the next occurrence, our Ilya should invest in some packing tape. But that advice is too weak, too late, as nothing can stop Kuro at this point.  Well, we’ve reached the part of the show were they get all fuzzy and warm on us, in as much as these two can get warm and fuzzy.

The Holy Mixing Bowl War

prisma ilya 07-02

Ilya should summon Heroic Spirit Escoffier and his Noble Phantasmasauces

I have to hand it to Shirou, he doesn’t have the best harem attractor for nothing. He handled the Pound Cake crisis with a great deal of wisdom, and a fair amount of culinary skill and taste. Kuro plainly cheated and was called out on it fair and square. At least Ilya learned to improvise. Good lord, Tatsuko, you are like a wild spirit. I wonder if her get up is foreshadowing as a girl can only take so much abuse. But all in all, this competition kinda sets, at the least, a temporary level playing field of sorts, as well as underscoring both girl’s characterization. In coming from a Class Card, Kuro is direct and to the point. She’s Archer, straight as an arrow, wait for the opportunity to take the best shot.  But in being a magical girl and more than a touch uncertain about everything, Ilya shows here strength at improvisation, and raw nerve. Don’t Think. Imagine! But hey, did anyone even try to get any of Miyu’s cake, btw?

Full House

prisma ilya 07-01

Shirou. I know you complain. But in this universe, you may be below the maids, but you’re relatively safe…

Of course, Ilya has to marker Kuro/Chloe in as 6), but that was to be expected. I spoke a great deal about normality last week, and how when you don’t have any status quo to fall back on, you have to establish your own ground rules. That extends to this relationship as well. I don’t think either one will ever get the much-ballyhooed Older Sister title bestowed upon them. But how they interact tells a great deal. We know full well that Kuro is dependant on mana now, as she uses it, loses it, and needs it replenished, just to survive. And just by being alive, no Archer!Kuro action need necessarily apply for the drain to happen. For this, she needs Ilya, as this is most compatible way the magic works. (thou broconning might work!….Dolphins!). So this kinda puts Kuro in the little sister needs department.  I love how complex they make it. She was bold as brass when it came to stealing kisses from the other girls, and Taiga!, but for Ilya….that is such a cute crush. You can steal any kiss when it doesn’t mean as much. But for the reals. Blushing!

Measured Ingredients

Show ▼

I thought the show was going to take another personal nosedive when they went back to the school/daily life stuff. But they pulled this one off with some very fine polish. I saw some QUALITY! animation here and there, but they more than made up for it with some awesome SHAFT level facial expressions. All in all, this worked great as a breather SoL piece. I know I’ve been bashing the show for this a few weeks or more ago. And I will stand by that as most information wasn’t on repeat, and we got great character development, in as much as the format they choose allows. What did you folks think?

End Card

prisma ilya 07-encard

Beach before Bazett?


prisma ilya 07- preview

I swear, I should just let /a/ write this one….


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31 Responses to “Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma✫Illya 2wei! – 7ieben”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    Kuro why are to so freaking cute!? I would prefer her as the main character instead of illya who once again came off as annoying for me! Seriously just let Kuro be herself instead of trying to control the poor girl, but I will say that she does need to learn not to channel Momo from ToloveRu Darkness because it makes onii-chan’s life a living hell.

    Dad returns next week!? FK YES! THAT GOD even though I know he wont have much of an impact on things at the house especially with all those girls <3

    Good episode thou I am looking forward to next week!

    • skylion says:

      Daddy Kerry should be able to stabilize things, he’s the man.

      Well, Kuro did have her fair share of issues by episodes end.

    • thorgriim says:

      Papa-san! Shirou needs a man to show how to own that house!

    • Wanderer says:

      Dad returns next week!? FK YES! THAT GOD even though I know he wont have much of an impact on things at the house especially with all those girls <3

      I’m not sure where you got that from. There was no sign of Kiritsugu in the preview. We saw, in order: Illya, Bazette (plus background characters who were nobody of significance), Rin, Bazette, Luvia, Kuro and Illya, Bazette, and Auguste.

  2. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Shirou, LOLicon. From the Tohno school of Harems. Their motto: A Cat Is Fine Too.

    All you imoutocons out there wishing for an imouto to wake up with your hand between her legs…

    It looks like they are going to end on the Bazett arc and take it no further. Which I think is appropriate because 2wei’s ending is indeed a cliffhanger. Here’s to hoping for a 13 episode 3rei. The beach episode might be spun off into an extra OVA snuck in at the end.

  3. Soliloquy says:

    Ilya’s various expressions are absolutely gold. And Kuro’s just natural tsundere while I find Ilya’s attempt cute as hell. The cooking battle was a highlight all thanks to Tatsuko just being her natural self. The pecking order was hilarious too.

    • skylion says:

      I’m still at odds if she put actual nutmeg in…they did show a container of flavored salt and pepper…

    • thorgriim says:

      Expressions are win in this series that’s for sure, and yes Illya attempt to be a tsundere was totally cutesauce >.<

    • skylion says:

      …and please excuse me for not saying so earlier, but welcome to Metanorn, glad to have you on board. Hope to see you around more.

      • Soliloquy says:

        Thanks for warm welcome. Indeed I think I’m going to be around here lot more since anime you cover seems to be what I enjoy anyway.

        Hope this series cover the entire manga. I cannot resist Ilya and that voice.

        • skylion says:

          I’ll be happy to yack on and on…

          Mai Kadowaki has done a great job with Ilya over the years, and she really has come into the part even more with this franchise. It’s hard for me to imagine, but she’s also Sanya from Strike Witches, another of my favorite characters and shows…

          • Soliloquy says:

            Absolutely, I watched Strike Witches and it was pretty good. I just wished it gave more screen time to Sanya then that would have made the anime even better for me.

            Also, I know Mai Kadowaki is married and all, I’d more ecstatic if she takes more main roles but we will see. There are a lot of underused seiyuu on the other hand, her voice has a pretty good range that she can still voice the various types of heroine characters.

  4. thorgriim says:

    Let the holy cake wars begin! yes indeed after all we find our-self back to silly fun SoLness of the show, with 10 episodes it’s a given, and like you I also felt this is where the series starts to go downhill. But this episode had a bit of everything but no magical girl fight which was fine too. So looks like next week we get something more? can’t wait to see what that is all about.

    This episode was enjoyable, Some SoL, some Cake battoru, Some broconness, some Siblingness, and well LoLiness! All the things, no transformation or magical girl stuff though, But was enjoyable regardless for me.

    I like the cake wars and the very end with Chloe sharing her pudding with Illya, and the blushing about the kiss was cute! Mama-san is right though let the kids figure out what to do.. this doesn’t give her the mom of the season reward quite yet.. I still hold Sabagebu, Momoka’s mom as best of the season so far.

    And I dunno if Shirou lucky or not but he gets all the abuse for being a guy eh? hehe poor dude.. but those sights… Chloe stop trying to To-Love-Ru, though Momo would approve of your actions. Anyways fun fun episode with a little extra and then some!

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      Onee-san ruby with her eyes hidden by the black bar…

    • skylion says:

      Ladies will pick/fawn on the lone guy. It’s like hormones or something.

    • BlackBriar says:

      And I dunno if Shirou lucky or not but he gets all the abuse for being a guy eh?

      Lucky for having so many women under one roof. Yet at the same time, poor guy. Unjustly branded with the standard “pervert” label. And because the others are girls, they won’t believe it when he says otherwise. It’s like he’s cursed.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    Cutthroat Kitchen, anime style! We even have contestants sabotaging each side. Some sabotaging their own team, though. Tatsuko… What a hopeless carnivore.

    I admire Shiro’s straightforward honesty judging the cakes. He speaks his mind without putting down the one that doesn’t make the grade. No sugarcoating, no beating around the bush. Just perfect.

    I can see Shiro’s problem regarding the man to woman ratio in the house. With so many of the opposite sex under one roof, any authority he has is instantly crushed. Not to mention all the ladies tend to misunderstand things. Like the morning wake up calls with Kuro.

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