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Time for epic OTLs.

fosh Fufufu time for some wacky king on king fighting with K! So last week Homura invaded a school in search of Tatara Totsuka’s killer and of course Scepter 4 caught wind of that and decided to try their best to stop them from blowing up the school. Hopefully we get the answers to all our questions as we head towards the final episodes, but anyway what is on your mind this week Kyokai?
kyo The lack of answers had me a bit pissed off before, Fosh, but from the preview, I was ready for some awesomeness this episode. I’m glad to say, even if more questions were topped up into the mix, this was an overall good episode.

K10-00143K11- (18)K11- (17)


//Klash of the Reds and Blues! As I said in the intro last week Homura invaded the school while Scepter 4 waited outside, but Reishi and Makoto had a chance to get together for a nice chat that involved some heavy bromance-ish stuff for the girls to enjoy. However, Reisi wants Makoto to step down as the red king and give his power up before it eventually kills him, because his kings sword is starting to crack and fall apart, which I assume is tied to his life? Reisi also does not want Makoto’s power to destroy everything around them, but of course the red king is not one to take orders from some random blue dude. I was happy that we finally got to see a king on king showdown! I remember sitting thinking “Whoa! Finally we can see how these kings fight.” Then again it was very disappointing and in the end we did not see much of their actual battle. Even though it was cut kind of short, it was great to see all of the other side battles like Fushimi, Yata, Kuro and hell even Kukuri got some “action” in when she suddenly turned yandere mode and stabbed Shiro thanks to some ghost-ish mind control… I would have loved some more super power on super power combat like Resis’s short fight with Kuro because those moments always look sharp to me.

K11- (88)K11- (118)

Crazy versus tranquil

// Krazy-ass Joker Finally, I can say that the murderer has appeared! Of course, not with his real face on but at least a shadow of it. If you were not paying attention in the previous episodes, Reisi mentioned that every rebirth of Colourless King comes with a new power, which makes him unpredictable and akin to a Joker with trickery at his core. From whatever that has transpired, the Colourless King is behind all chaos. Seems like his power works on even Kings and normal humans are just easy bait; e.g., Kukuri, random Scepter 4 dude and previous male student who he used to goad Mikoto, while he was voluntarily in jail. From what we saw of Silver King in the flashback, compared to the present dead-body puppeteer dancing to creepy music is completely different.

Seems like the first victim of Colourless King was Silver King, then Shiro to murder Tatara, then back to Silver until he bombed the giant blimp and transferred to different body to continue his trail of blood. The dude definitely has a body of his own but most probably his remote access to others is wide and flexible enough. Even when the murderer is faceless, the identity reveal is welcome. This pretty much proves the point that Shiro had nothing to do with Tatara’s death and was simply tricked. But, him being chosen to be the vassal of Silver King is highly intriguing. What really does make a normal human special to be selected as a King? I’m sure certain characteristics are required. Anyways, readers, if you have stuck around with K, then I’m sure, you are looking forward to the next episode just like me.

//Extra FUN Stuff

k fun yo (1)

Yata-“I sure hope that giant pinata has lots of candies inside!”

k fun yo (2)

Moe moe mexican loli at your service~

k fun yo (3)

Don’t worry Neko has just been watching a lot of DBZ lately…

k fun yo (4)

I will hug her and never ever let go!

k fun yo (5)

Kukuri-“LOVE ME, SHIRO! DAMN IT!”                    Kuro-“BACK OFF WOMAN, SHIRO IS MINE!”

Well, that certainly was a surprise watching all the combat scenes between the members of Scepter 4 and Homra, but part of me wanted a lot more than just everyone kind of standing around? I would have loved to see an extended fight between Fushimi and Yata because their first real encounter looked fantastic. That said the main focus seemed to be more about Reisi’s eventual showdown with Mikoto. I think they were about to get serious; however, the giant beam of light from Shiro/Silver king interrupted them. Did anyone else gasp when Anna got shot? I was like EHHHHH YOU BETTER NOT KILL HER JERKS! Just kidding they wouldn’t dare kill off the cute Homra loli-girl, it would be like killing off Neko! Speaking of that adorable catgirl, I kept laughing at her reactions this week, but watching her panic over the possible death of Shiro was sad… Thankfully the Silver King power kicked in and saved his life in time.

Thing are moving in the right direction, if not in the pacing I want. There was a lot of play between the Red and Blue but damn it, I want more fights rather than just show-off moves from afar between the Kings. It was funny that even after knowing the reality (at least for a fact I am sure Reisi knows that it’s Colourless King pulling the strings of this operation), the Kings go for each other’s throats. Mikoto’s been pretty silent most of the time but will he be ruled over by simple rage or he’ll use his brain soon enough? I don’t want to see him die or cause another crater in the least. Someone put a leash on this guy!

Coming to the deceased Silver King possessing Shiro’s body (aagh that German!). Seeing the others Kings, it’s clear that they didn’t get a soul transplant rather a power transplant when they became King so why this transition to Weismann from Shiro happened? Was it to balance the chaos that was looming over their heads due to various clashes? From what I can understand, the Silver Kings has supreme power over all Kings, maybe like some kind of a limiter? After all, Weismann’s goal of using the power was for overall peace rather than more fighting. I would have dug something like Avatar transition (present avatar possesses the memories of previous generations), but we still have to see where the story will go with Shiro being  the Silver King permanently or temporarily.

Neko provided the much needed comic relief with her hissing this week, though she seems to fawn over the Silver King in the next episode for some reason. Is he an old acquaintance? Not to mention, if there’s a cat-fight between Neko and Seri, I’ll bet for Seri’s win. Reisi and Mikoto still are at it so hopefully we’ll get a balance of fight and plot next week as well. So, readers, what do you think of the current developments with Colourless King and any new theories to share?


K11- preview

Will Shiro grow luxurious hair like Silver King? Kidding! Let’s see more showdowns shall we?


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5 Responses to “「K」- 11”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    The shit has hit the fan. I’m definitely looking forward to the next episode. The war has begun and the villain is framing each side for his twisted amusement. That kind of sounds like that insane major from Hellsing. But honestly, swords against baseball bats? You can really tell which side is more organized.

    Mikoto vs Reisi, Yata vs Fushimi. I’m going to be anxious waiting for this battle royale. All of their badass levels are over 9000!!! And for Kuroh, it seems that once it’s a King, he gets his ass handed to him. Pretty much the same situation when he went against Reisi.

    @Kyokai: LOL. Put a leash on Mikoto? That will hardly do a thing. The guy is a beast. They tried to keep contained in a prison cell that he willingly went into and look at what that did for them.

    So Shiro is actually the Silver King. Nice mindfuck. As if things weren’t blurry enough already. Then who blew themselves up in that air ship and how did Shiro/Weissman lose his memories? My theory is the bad guy was part of Weissman and was later separated from him or he’s really the Colorless King as he announced himself when he killed Tatara Totsuka. Reisi said the Colorless King is supposed to maintain a neutral position among the Kings. Another theory, in my opinion, is that Neko could be a reincarnation of Weissman’s sister. They do look alike.

    As I thought before on the last [K] post, he doesn’t have a body of his own and so he possesses people like he did to Shiro and members of each of the clans. He tried Anna. In the anime world, killing a loli is a crime punishable by severe ass kicking. Possessed Kukuri’s rape face was creepy and disturbing as hell. Maybe she’s channeling Yuno Gasai.

  2. Krono says:

    Well things have definitely gotten interesting. I’m glad they actually revealed what was going on finally and we know that the Colorless king is some random fox-like spirit. Ah well, at least there was some good action and Shiro remembered who he really was.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Now the question is: Where will the story go before the anime ends since Shiro is actually the Silver King instead of the Colorless King? It’s proven to be very unpredictable.

  3. d-LaN says:

    I have been pretty lazy w/h anime recently but judging by your post… ITS THE 2ND COMING OF GC PLOT TWISTING FUN!! XD

    And I think I should really go back to finishing my assignment….

  4. anaaga says:

    FINALLY everything makes sense. Gosh, it took them only eleven episodes to make everything make sense, and it’s not even the whole explanation! No kidding -_- Well, better late than never, and I did enjoy all the tease while everything was a mystery.

    The only thing I have to complain is the lack of fighting scenes. Just like Kyo, I want to see bishies fight with each other for real. C’mon man, do some sexy fight!

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