「K」- 07

Neko desu~ Here to announce this week’s Fosh & Kyo commentary nyaa~

fosh Well damn it looks like K has finally started to get interesting; sadly it took a while to get to that point. So last week we had lots of backstory surrounding the origin of team Homra, but hopefully this time it follows Shiro, Kuroh and Neko! Anyway what do you think Kyo? Will this be a Homra free environment or nope?
kyo It seems as if this episode is going to be very Shiro-centric if preview was to be believed. This time around, I would actually welcome that because we have been tripping up on daisies about his identity for a while now. Things are finally picking up with this series and I hope we get another cool episode this week too.

Kuro-“I will defeat you and your water balloons!”            Seri-“Balloons?! Excuse me they are real, thank you very much!”

Reisi-“Only I can make fun of Seri’s boobs!”                  Kuro-“Ouch…I told you not in the face…bro.”

// Ka-Boom to the face – As promised this was basically a Scepter 4 only party with Kuroh, Shiro and Neko caught in the middle of everything and I think most of us saw the whole Kuroh staying back and pulling the self-sacrifice card in order to buy Shiro and Neko some time to escape. However, our heroic samurai was left with only one option to fight the blue king! Watching these two dudes fight made me think that maybe they had a past together? Are they rivals or were they possibly trained by Kuroh’s late master? After all Reisi knew the name of Kuroh’s sword, which shocked him. Then again maybe they just don’t see eye to eye on anything? Such as their view points on how to deal with Shiro? One thing is certain, samurai boy got his butt whooped! Wait maybe whooped isn’t the correct word here? It felt kind of like Reisi was just messing around and not seriously fighting, but damn that slap to the face was crazy!

Resisi has seen the light of his evil ways! Oh wait that is just Shiro’s magical white skin.

// The Blue King – Meet the S of Scepter 4, right here people, complete with a mobile tea-room supplied by fair people taxes. Reisi definitely put up a huge show for us this week with his sneaky moves and goading. However impressive Neko’s deception was, it disintegrated under the power of his Sword of Damocles (supposedly, the power source for Kings). He is a formidable warrior and however arrogant his attitude was, he definitely knows his stuff. More than the vassal of previous Colourless King, Mr. Ichigen of cool quotes. It showed us the real difference between a King and commoner with powers; they were definitely at different levels. It was sad to see Kuroh’s attempts failing but Shiro’s Shiny Power (I will keep calling it that until we have an actual name), at least distracted Reisi enough for a quick comeback. Along with the ass-whooping, my ears perked up with the information on Colourless King being neutral and how even being weak, he’s very important to the whole King-play. After this revelation, I want to confirm if Scepter 4 are just royal dogs of Gold King or they have their own ax to grind as well.  


Shiro-“Whoa…Neko…you need to cut back on the fish.”             Neko-“NEVER!”

 //Katastrophe for Neko– Adorable, hyper and amazing are three great words I could use to describe Neko any day, but this week she is basically running around scared and worried about Shiro’s safety thanks to Scepter 4! Also Reisi was able to completely break through her illusionary power with absolutely no trouble. Aside from Neko running around scared, we can finally put a few mysteries about her behind us because Kuroh and Shiro discovered some interesting facts about Neko’s other special abilities. Like altering memories which explains why no one remembered him after they left the school, but I assume she has to be really close to you in order to alter your memories and I can only guess that it has a select range of effect? I am also very thankful that they did not push for Neko being the true evil mastermind behind the murder of Tatara Totsuka. We can also put the whole mystery of Shiro’s past to rest thanks to Neko fixing everything in his head or did she really fix EVERYTHING? I have a sneaky feeling there are still some missing pieces somewhere, but I don’t think she knew him before he fell from the sky anyway.

Shiro-“YOU BASTAAAARRRDDDD!”                   Silver King- “You made fun of my shoes, not cool bro.”

// Knight in a Shiny Armour – It’s a bird, it’s a plane… No, it’s Superma– SHIRO! So, what if he can’t shoot lasers from his eyes? A white shiny sword lays buried in his chest, an inevitable sign of a Shiny Knight to rule over all darkness. Coughs. The plot has mushed up with some reveals (finally!) and we know for a fact that memory manipulation was Neko’s fault rather than something Shiro cooked up. Though, his identity is still dodgy because even if he’s not Isana Yashiro, he was still wearing the official Ashinaka High School uniform when he was kicked by the Silver King. But at least we got answers about how people behaved around him knowingly but then forgot about him because of Neko’s influence. I agree with Fosh on the degree of closeness or range of her power to take effect. Whatever the case maybe it seems, we will be learning more of Shiro’s memories even if they were played around by Neko’s power. Him showing his radiant power to fight Reisi is a sign that he hasn’t forgotten everything and it’s just laying dormant inside for a refresher course. Hopefully, we’ll get that in the upcoming episodes along with what’s the deal with Silver King and why he’s after him hook, line and sinker.

//Extra FUN Stuff

Reisi-“Ouch that really hurts so much, Seri.”                   Seri-“Shut your face before I smack you.”

Fushimi-“Where are all my fangirls? I guess I need more shower scenes.” =3=

Or maybe for those other special episodes…

Neko-“Nya-ahahah step two of my world take over complete! Time to direct some moe anime.”

James bond better watch out! Secret agent Neko is hunting you with Nyafall coming soon to theaters near you!

What a fantastic episode! We got some crazy fight scenes with Kuroh versus Reisi even though their actual fight was one sided thanks to the Blue King toying around with his samurai toy. Also their fight shows us how powerful Reisi really is compared to the normal characters. I kind of wish Mikoto was around to show off his power, but ah well he is resting with the blues right now and I don’t think he would ever help Shiro in a million years. Speaking of Shiro for a moment he finally revealed his colorless powers aka his giant floating bright sword thingy oh and who the hell was that guy that kicked Shiro out of that blimp? Is he the evil twin themed character? Then again he did not look anything like Shiro. Anyway, Neko was the selling point this week for me because we got to learn all about her powers of altering memories which fills in most of the plot holes around the mystery of Shiro’s past.

Well, it was the Silver King, Fosh. We have been glimpsing this dude since episode one but we saw his evil glint for the first time. I can only hope the masked girl he was dancing with before is not related to Shiro or we would have a big problem at our hand because some blackmailing could easily ensue. I’m happy to see Neko’s identity reveal and I wonder if there are more Strains like her in this techno-savvy world. Her power is really interesting but now I want to know, from where she got it; a separate source or a King perhaps? I think it’s the former because one of Kuroh’s info-dumps did talk about supernatural creatures with a different power source unlike Kings and their followers.

Most of the explanation is done but we still don’t know how Shiro became the Colourless King and was it his evil twin or himself being possessed by someone who killed Tatara? It looks like, next episode would be expanding on Scepter 4’s shenanigans but hopefully, Shiro and gang can kidnap a plane or chopper to get to the Silver blimp. An interesting fact about the writing Vater unser im Himmelreich, is that it’s German and translates to ‘Our Father in Heaven’, a famous hymn in Christianity. The usage here could relate to the superiority of Silver King as I theorized earlier about him inventing and pioneering the supernatural powers of Kings. Seemingly, he’s untouchable for now but let’s see how things play out and if Homra joins in later.


YO DAWG, I heard you like giant blimps~


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11 Responses to “「K」- 07”

  1. Anon says:

    Hey wasn’t the scene where Shiro used his powers just another illusion by Neko? Maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention but it seemed that way to me.

    • BlackBriar says:

      I agree. It seemed like another one of Neko’s illusions to help Kuroh get out after being easily overpowered. After all, it did disintegrate into petals when he left.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I think you are both correct!

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Awesome!! I’m glad that I’m still following [K]. The anime is continuing its trend of answering the few old questions and dumping a mass load of new ones. If everything we knew about Shiro from the beginning wasn’t real, then who exactly is he? He definitely isn’t normal because falling from a blimp from a certain height then crash landing through the roof of a gym doesn’t exactly give human vibes. Hitting the roof alone would’ve killed him on impact.

    If Neko was messing with everyone’s memories, how does Kuroh fit in and how is he sure Shiro is the candidate to become the next Colorless King? And “Shiro” might not actually be his real name because he answered Kukuri after Neko had already warped reality around him.

    The fight between Kuroh and the Blue King was short but badass, well animated and fluid. Turns out the Blue King is very sadistic beneath that calm and cool composure. Never trust the quiet ones!! Kuroh getting owned so easily was dumbfounding especially when he easily beat the Homra members that were chasing Shiro in the first episode. There must be a huge gap in power between the clans. I don’t think they know each other and I think Reisi takes pleasure in breaking anyone who gets in his way. That wasn’t whooped, he got his ass handed to him and the slap to the face could be interoperated as mocking to Kuroh for being so weak.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Very awesome indeed!

      Yeah I have no idea who this Shiro character is because they keep throwing us around with different things and I agree no normal person could survive from falling from a blimp and then falling through a roof?! WHAT? That is craaazzzy, but hopefully they explain that next week.

      I never really thought of that…Neko could easily mess with Kuro’s mind but she hasn’t or maybe is unable to do so? I wonder if his power blocks Neko from doing it? Yeah Shiro is probably destined to be the next colorless king but that dude on the blimp is like NOPE!

      Best fight next to the skateboard showdown of episode 5! I just want to see more red versus blue soon…yes…give us more kick ass action scenes and epic FIGHTTTINGGGG!

  3. Krono says:

    Well this was an awesome episode even if my theory before was blown to pieces. Still I would never have suspected Neko being behind everything memory manipulation. Ah well we still got a lot more questions in this episode to get answered.

    I agree the sword thing from Shiro was definitely one of Neko’s illusions. At least that is what I got from the Blue King saying “I fell for it hook line and sinker.” In any case it looks like this is going to be interesting going forward.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yeah this was an awesome episode! Ooooh that sucks! Yeah I kind of figured there was something super special about Neko’s strange powers and I agree finally we get some answers at last.

      Hmmmm true…you might be onto something~

  4. AllenAndArth says:

    neko is so moe…
    Reisi: BITCH-SLAP

  5. Error404UTC says:

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