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Join Homra, they have awesome bros and a loli~

fosh Hey it’s your favorite time of the week readers aka epic tag team of the latest episode of K! Last week left us thinking about Shiro’s true identity, but we didn’t really get anywhere with that because the main focus seemed to be about Yata and Fushimi’s amazing fight! So what are you thinking about Kyokai with this episode? I know we already had a long chat about K on episode twenty four of the Metaverse
kyo Indeed, Foshy, I had lots of fun in the latest episode of MetaVerse. So what if it seemed my voice was coming out of a cave?! *insert Kyo-cave joke here* Anyways, as I predicted staff has been dragging on Shiro’s true identity but things are progressing well now that we had some decent flashbacks and some more intel on Homra. I’m sure most of you liked the current episode than the first few.

“Your powers are not meant for destruction, they exist to protect.” – Tatara Totsuka

// Killer Flashback – Mikoto hasn’t done a whole lot lately being locked up in Scepter 4; however, he has been drugged by them to keep him calm, but he does suffer from a few flashbacks to his past, starting with that interesting quote from Tatara at the start of the episode this week. I just have one question what does it really mean for Mikoto and his unusual king power? I suppose it just simply means he needs to use his abilities for good and not for blowing things up or fighting? I did notice during that first flashback the area was completely destroyed leaving me to ask did he cause that to happen or was it like that before he arrived? One thing is certain the red king has serious issues controlling his rage, but every anime about super powered characters needs the angry fighter! Just take a look at Accelerator from Index or maybe a classic like Vegeta from DBZ?

After every flashback we get a peek at Mikoto’s background showing that he wasn’t always angry. After all he gained an important friendship with Tatara who inspired his awesome red fire skills for good. So why doesn’t the red king simply break out of jail? Doesn’t he have the power to do so? Yes he does but thanks to a short talk between Seri and Izumo we discover that Mikoto’s Weismann level is reaching its limit and he does not want his power to go crazy and end up destroying everything, which is why Mikoto allowed himself to get caught. So how do you stop a king with crazy powers? Easy answer you simply use another king and that is where Reisi Munakata comes into play. With him near Mikoto he feels safer knowing that even if he ever went berserk, he would be there top stop him.

// Kickass Homra Boys – If you have been following our reviews, you already know that I have a soft spot for Homra boys. More than the hoodlums that some people treat them as, they are a bunch of bros who hang out together and try to do the right thing unlike the very official Scepter 4, who seem to flaunt their power and authority everywhere they go. I loved the flashback in this episode and from not knowing much about the boys, at least I liked finding out about the very friendly Tatara, who was murdered in the first episode. I can finally relate to the whole fuss that Homra created in finding the killer because Tatara was that important to them. Like Izumo said, Tatara was like a wild animal trainer, even taming Mikoto who doesn’t seem to be close to anyone except for Izumo (even with him I have the doubt that he was the first one to talk to him, being the first to not get scared of his aura). Including the loli, you see everyone worshiping their leader who is mostly silent but seemingly easy to inflame (pun intended).

Tatara’s death came as a shock and that is the reason they literally banded together in search. Not getting involved in the actual operations, Tatara was loved by all because he knew them and must have been their confidante in many occasions. I really felt for Yata and Izumo, witnessing his untimely death. Though, the second blow of Mikoto voluntarily getting arrested was completely out of the blue. If it weren’t for Izumo, some of the less faithfuls would have been swayed to uncertainty and even disbandment afterwards. Until Yata-like loyalists are in the group though, no one should be able to sway their resolve. I’m also interested to know more about Seri and Izumo’s relationship; I have a feeling that all these coloured clans or at least the main cast used to go to the same school or something. I guess, with some info dump later, we will find out more.

// Tatara’s Kindness – Another new challenger! The mysterious Tatara Totsuka finally appeared this week in the form of a flashback only character because well he was kind of shot in the first episode; however, we still get a chance to learn all about him. When we first see Tatara I think you could say he looked about high school age and the same goes for Mikoto, but it felt like I was watching Durarara once again because this unusual trio has the whole Izaya, Shizuo and Shinra thing going on minus their evil personas. Aside from the first meeting in a hospital room I got the impression that Tatara could predict the future? Maybe that is a little extra power that he got from Mikoto? I know every king in this universe pretty much grants certain people abilities if they are “worthy” sort of like how Aladdin in Magi has to eventually choose a king that he feels deserves the title.

So what else? Oh right how could I not talk about his awesome carefree personality? Those types of characters are really refreshing after dealing with the angsty dudes every week! Yeah I know what you are probably thinking, but Fosh don’t we have Neko around for that and more? True, she does provide a lot of lighthearted moments and fan service. Looking back I just have to say that Tatara was just so cool to watch during every flashback and who knew Yuki Kaji was such an amazing singer? Damn that song was really great! I can tell that he was definitely the glue that held Homra together originally, but sadly after his tragic death I can understand why everyone wants to seek out revenge for Tatara even if Shiro is not the real killer. Especially Yata who was by his side at the end to witnessed his passing.

// Mysterious Colourless King – The plot thickens around Shiro and he’s literally clueless about his own existence. Remember, I was very bothered before how he paraded around in school just to remember if he was around during the Tatara murder time. Kukuri did remember him but now after whatever has transpired including the fact that she has completely forgotten him, all of this seems to be a scheme for either protecting Shiro or hiding his other personality of the Colourless King.

Another thematic allusion is of being actually colourless. Even when people talked about him, called him their friend or most regular customer, no one can find his trace (like no picture in the ramen shop that they regular). I have a feeling that you just can’t become a King with awesome powers, there’s always repercussion to the powers and if it’s unstoppable yet berserk powers of Mikoto, for the Colourless King, it’s either split personality that continuously opposes each other (something like Ryougi Shiki’s original form?), or memory displacement. Of course, his people could actually be protecting him from the sidelines, Neko for instance and someone on the upper level like the Golden or Silver King. Yes, we are nearing to his mystery, give or take another 2-3 episodes.

//Extra FUN Stuff

She was entranced by Mikoto’s high school bishie-level 

Neko: “Stop playing that stupid recorder!”         Kuroh: “…. But I can’t!”

(〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

Mikoto, you are so uncool…

*insert Suzaku and Claude reference here*

Amazing episode even though it was a series of flashbacks following how Tatara met Mikoto and hooking him up with his king powers and helped form Homura, but honestly I think the red king feels that his power is a curse rather than a blessing. After all he has the possibility of his power going crazy destroying Japan! I still thought it was interesting how he wants to be with Reisi Munakata because well he is the only guy that can stop him, but we still have Shiro kicking around as a possible colorless king. There was also that strange mix up with Neko who started to act really strange after having lunch with Shiro and Kuroh! What was her deal with cell phones and why is that suddenly an issue for her? Obviously she is hiding something or her whole cat thing is just an act? The idea if Neko as a possibly villain has already crossed my mind a few times, but that might be a bit extreme in this series to take a happy go lucky girl and turn her into an evil character…I suppose stranger things have happened in anime right? Anyway fun episode I loved the drama and story with Tatara and Mikoto; however I want them to focus on the living characters and DO SOMETHING great and one last thing to mention oh my god WHY ARE YOU SO ADORABLE ANNA? That is all.

Overall, this is one of the best episode of K, having the perfect pacing and information needed. Of course, it would have been better if this flashback had come just after episode two but still, better late than never. I know I’ve really been hard on this series since episode one but I feel I was paid-back even if a bit late of my sticking around. It’s hard to relate with characters when there are too many but even being a dead guy, Tatara just blazed through the screen with his brightness. I have been on a hate-mode with Yuki Kaji lately but this role reminded me again how good he can be in his variations; he’s back in my good-books if anyone was interested to know. Just getting to know Tatara with a few flashback scenes, I really felt for his sudden death and empathized with how Homra boys felt. A story really becomes riveting when you end up liking the characters and Tatara was literally one of those gems who left his mark.

I feel the same for Shiro now, who is really clueless about his identity. Way to go for pulling the empathy card, main character but I am there with the audience, going all AAAWWW over your loss/jumbled memories. Not knowing from where you come from and being called a murderer are really some huge things that anyone has to process. At least, you can say they are giving enough time to the main character building. I also liked how Kuroh accepted his version rather than previous, I dunno and such. However, you look at it, he’s a good guy even if he’s a nerd. In the end, connections and bonds is something that this series has played big on. Be it the bro love in Homra or the whole conservative hierarchy in Scepter 4. This is what will define all the relations and I am looking forward to how they end up. There’s definitely overlaps like Seri, Fushimi and I’m sure with other coloured gangs that we have to find out more about. Same goes for the Golden and Silver Kings whom we have just seen glimpses.


Wild streaking across the strange island of Ashinaka Gakuen High with lots of Blue action. 

Anyways, what are your theories, readers? How did you like this episode and any theories about developments?

PS: K OST Vol.1 is out and even more bonus material is available, so get your hands on them because they are glorious!


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11 Responses to “「K」- 06”

  1. Krono says:

    Hello this is my first time commenting after following the posts on this site for a while now.

    First of I want to say…I KNEW IT!! So with that out of the way I pretty much had the theory that Shiro’s memory was messed up since the first flashback when he saw his bloody shirt. Then when Yata asked that girl (I forget her name) if she knew Shiro and she honestly had no idea I knew people’s memories were being messed with.

    So my theory, which was pretty well proved in this episode, is like mentioned above that Shiro manipulates memories of people by being near them. That was why Neko freaked out when Kuroh wanted to call that girl and why Shiro’s picture was not in that restaurant. Once he is not around everyone forgets about him. As to why his memory is messed up…well he could have manipulated his own memories, I’m really not to sure.

    So that is my theory pick at it as you like.

    • Kyokai says:

      Hello there Krono! I’m glad you dropped by to share your thoughts! ^^

      A lot of people have been explaining away his memory issues to his frivolity but I won’t have such thing! So, I did a little woop to myself when at least that part was revealed about him. Sure, the mechanics are still on the foggy side but some info is better than none.

      You might be onto something there with memory manipulation. Though, for now even if he’s the one doing it, I don’t think he’s aware of it. I remember Akira from Eden of the East who did something similar but we shall see.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Once again, my theories around Shiro continue to get shot but this episode was a nice improvement. Pick your poison: The Matrix or Inception because now it’s looking like some crazy dream where you can’t make sense of things. Did he exist at all? It was already freaky enough that Fushimi couldn’t find a match in the school database or that Kukuri didn’t recognize the photo Yata showed her. The only thing I can think of right now is that someone is using their power to erase him or an undeveloped power of his own.

    Fushimi isn’t the only one playing with fire. Seri flirting with Izumo in the bar should be a scandal. First, a manhunt, now a hidden relationship. It brings up the question as to how long they’ve been hiding it. Both sides are enemies and she’s the right hand to the blue king and Scepter 4’s Lieutenant. She would have been unrecognizable if Izumo didn’t call her out because she wasn’t in uniform and her personality was slightly different.

    Between the two sides, I’m more accepting on Homra. Homra is a true brotherhood where they actually care about each other while Scepter 4 is an ambitious legal mafia type group with unstable members who seem to be waiting for a rise to power. It made sense why Yata is so determined to avenge Tatara.

    • Kyokai says:

      Mine too BB, though the memory manipulation finally did hit the bull’s-eye. I’m sure he exists but has a weird presence because of his Colourless powers. Of course without knowing the full extent of it, it’s hard for us to blindly speculate.

      About Seri, I think it’s more of an old acquaintance than flirting with the enemy. As Yata previously mentions and Seri corrects him, “There’s only one certain bartender who calls me the Ice Queen.” Let’s see if my theory of they were friends before or from the same school works or not.

      I’m definitely pro-red, I like these guys much more than the Blue traditionalists.

  3. AllenAndArth says:

    kind of obvious
    Totsura is quite good at singingi wonder if he knew some country?
    i was thinking about it…and i reached a theory… Loli’s are weak to music

    • Kyokai says:

      With the many Bonus CDs releasing, I’m sure we will be getting some varied music or even a dedicated album from Tatara (Yuki Kaji).

      Also, lolis are weak to a lot of things like bunnies, plushies, everything nice and cute that is. ^^

  4. elior1 says:

    @AllenAndArth i was post the next episode preview of sword art online look and post please what do you think

  5. Pluto says:

    This episode is a favorite of mine so far.I really loves all the flashbacks and the Homra brothers.I really like these guys much much more than the Blue ones.
    Shiro is really a mysterious character having no solid identity only being considered as a murderer or the Colorless King which too has not much of a solid proof.
    Though the first few episodes were not that interesting but this series definitely looks promising to me so I’m sticking to it till the end.
    Go Homra
    P.S. Kyokai I’m in the same city as you ;3

    • Kyokai says:

      *high five* As this was my favourite episode of K so far as well. ^^

      I’m on a Homra-support wagon myself; however unruly they are around the edges, they have more bonds and loyalty than the bureaucratic blue guys. For Shiro, I’m sure he was blamed without reason before but we definitely need to see how he’s connected with the Colourless King.

      And oh really? I actually changed my location again last year but still, good to know a fellow-Asian here. ^^

      • Pluto says:

        *high fives back*
        Oh So you’ve moved outside the country or to another city within the country?

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