「K」- 05

Everybody is kung-fu fighting~

We are back with more adventures with Neko, Shiro, Kuro and the red/blue teams! So I have to ask is your mind still recovering from guessing what Shiro really is or are you still throwing ideas around in your head about his true identity. I still have no real idea what to really say about him so far, but I hope we find out something new this week… What about you master Kyokai? Do you have any new ideas?
kyo I certainly do. Though, I have already used some of them in the last review. Not sure if any of them actually hit the bull’s-eye but we will see as the mystery around Shiro still continues on. At least the preview promised some red and blue action so I’ve been looking forward to this episode.

// Kickflipping Investigation – In the world of K you would think sneaking into a school would prove to be quite difficult right? However that is not the case because Rikio and Yata who simply bypassed the security by stealing some PDAs off two students and flipped their IDs to guest mode and BOOOM they are granted full access to the school? Whoa! What the hell… was it seriously that easy? I get that they want to be all super-sneaky and all but I would think if two students left campus and then they decided to re-enter the next moment maybe it would spark a few questions on the school computers? Scepter 4 on the other hand requested access to the campus through proper channels, but it doesn’t take them long before they abuse their power, which felt like they were practically twisting the principal’s arm to drop info on their mysterious student aka murder suspect. There certainly was a lot of shady stuff from Scepter 4 this week, but I just could not stop grinning while Fushumi snuck out of the room and he was like “Alright screw doing this by the books, time to do it MY WAY.” Resulting in him knocking some student council representative and using her laptop to hack through the student database. Good job bro, you are a true pro at stealth missions or maybe he played lots of Metal Gear Solid and picked up a few pointers?

// Kingly Betrayal – For finding themes in K, betrayal and chases go hand in hand. Not that they left off the chase factor in the fifth episode even because the blue and red peeps are still looking for Shiro; though, with completely different tools of technology and pure brawn (more in Misaki and Rikio’s case). Like Fosh said, the school security sure sucks and I can even go with some of our commentors from last episode that Shiro’s presence in that school is all a setup or an elaborate hide and seek game. Though, what interested me more from the whole faceoff between red and blue is Fushimi’s accumulated power. He literally flaunted his red and blue powers without any shame. Rather he was almost rubbing salt in MIISAAAKIIII’s wounds with quick Homra intel that would lead even a cool-headed Izumo into fits of rage. Misaki has a short fuse but Fushimi did go overboard in insulting the Homra way. It was more of an official announcement of his betrayal and showing off his red and blue powers; either he really is a power-hungry dog or an inside man doing too much of a job well done.

// Mortal Kombat! – While Fushumi played hacker, he manages to hear Yata who was SCREAMING at a few random students while asking questions. I think team Homra failed this sneaking mission I mean did they really have to be so loud, but I didn’t expect them to find Shiro because NO one can catch him if Neko is by his side at all times. I laughed when Fushumi waltzed out with no care in the world and started to taunt Yata to fighting him after Rikio tried his best to talk his skater friend out of the battle. Honestly I think Yata has a very short fuse on him when it comes to backing out of a fight or is he just always angry? As I have seen a lot of fighting themed anime, I have to say the battle between these two was FANTASTIC even though it was what only five minutes? I don’t really have much to compare it to outside of something like Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tail and maybe a few recent episodes of Hunter x Hunter and Jojo’s bizarre adventure? I just loved how the animation team worked on Yata’s skateboard into the actual fight even though I kind of figured his board was always an extension of his body. Was anyone else blown away when Fushumi threw those RED daggers at Yata like that, but I sort of figured he would have a combination of red and blue fire because of the whole team jumping? That sort of gave me an idea of WHY he decided to switch sides to maybe obtain more power or he just loves the color blue instead of red? So, what other shows have you seen that had impressive fighting scenes?

// Unbeknownst to Everyone – What a time to take a stroll outside school and watch the amazing scenery (reused animation to boot!), via some amazingly positioned exits without being detected. Seriously. Let’s start a betting circle everyone, to a countdown for Shiro’s real deal reveal because man, it’s been five episodes already and we still don’t know if Shiro is the Colourless King or not. Actually, I should just rephrase this. He is the Colourless King, how we can save him from not turning all evil-like forever is the real question. He’s definitely powerful in his own way (points to Neko and escaping techniques). He’s forgetful and seemingly air-headed but still manages to steer clear of trouble and capture till now. His lost PDA is still a mystery and now I’m even dubious about his registration in school, further solidified by Fushimi’s student search (though, he could be lying as well). Look at how Homra guys just moseyed by to check the whereabouts of a suspicious white-haired kid without anyone noticing. Not to mention, Kukuri’s response of her not knowing Shiro seemed too automatic. Sure, she’s his friend and lied to save him but is it just it? Her hair ornament is somewhat similar to what the Gold King was wearing in episode one. Is there a family or even golden clan connection with her? Maybe it’s an elaborate plan to keep Shiro all safe until his powers are fully awakened? Another scary thought, what would happen if you combine Yuishiki system (used by Blue suits) with Sibyl system (from Psycho;Pass)? Ah, let me leave my musing here for you to ponder on. :3

//Extra FUN Stuff

Everyone does ヾ(*´ー`)ノ

Run it’s Pedobear!

Yata: Your zipper is open, dumbass!

They look so soft… -shot-

SFX BOING Yes, ma’am! *salutes*

What a fantastic episode this week! From laughable sneaking missions from both teams and one amazing fight between Yata and Fushumi, but the rest of it was kind of random and I FREAKING knew that Shiro, Neko and Kuro would simply sneak right out of the school WAY Before the reds or blues tried to find them! Ah well at least the mystery of Shiro is getting interesting even though I was really disappointed that they did not reveal anything new about him, but at least we now know he is not “registered” at the school and it explains why none of the students really know him…so what else? Ah right Yata’s real name is Misaki and he hates it? WHAT that doesn’t even make any sense to me, but I assume we will get some type flashback that explains why he hates that name? Random funny thought from me if Mikoto Suoh and Yata Misaki fused together they would make Mikoto Misaki and yeah I know that spelling is one letter off from Misaka Mikoto but hey I can dream! I did laugh my ass off when Yata got all nervous around the girls and then Seri showed up like “Yo boys stop fighting now.” I swear she has a deadly weapon to use against the skater boy her sexy smile! I was like DAAAAMN girl you just disarmed him with just one look? I swear I just couldn’t stop laughing after that moment. Overall this was a very entertaining episode even though nothing major happened to the main characters, but we should find out soon…I hope.

At least this time I knew what was coming. More of Red vs Blue, which is usually entertaining with eye-candy fights. I’m sure lvlln would tell you more on how Misaki did on his skateboard with reality checks but it was a good touch of sword against skateboard. From the whole fight, Misaki came out as more loyal, who used his extension as a weapon rather than some cheap tricks like Fushimi did with his red knives and blue sword. It was pretty unfair overall but I liked how Misaki stuck to his guns until almost threatened by Seri to move off. I wish there’s more depth to Seri’s character rather than always flaunting “I am the boss”. Sure, that message is important but all the time? Gurl~ get your act straight. It would be interesting if there’s something going on between Izumo and Seri (was that really her in the preview with her hair down?). That would definitely give me Durarara!! vibes again with Celty/Shizuo friendship; but I’m not counting too much on it. Though, things do look pretty tight for Red vs Blue and Mikoto being in jail isn’t helping things much. I’d like to know why he did this voluntarily.

Mamoru Miyano did some good taunting but damn, he did take Kyouma voice to another level of annoyance. The reviews of his continued U MAD would definitely be mixed on this one. I was happy to hear Yuuichi Nakamura as Rikio and laughed so hard when Misaki blushed seeing girls. I mean, that was adorable how he’s such a punk but actually tries to be nice to the ladies. There wasn’t much O trio (Shiro, Kuroh and Neko) fun this time but hopefully, they can’t be on a stroll for another episode or…. never mind. I’m looking forward to finding out more about the Homra guys and the murdered dude (Tatara), who seemed to have been an artist.

Another interesting seiyuu titbit is that Komatsu Mikado (who voices Neko) has joined in the slew of cleaner robot voice-overs. So, what did you think of this episode peeps?


Let’s all save this red laser-beam shooting loli in the next episode. Ja ne~


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18 Responses to “「K」- 05”

  1. kitty says:

    To answer your question Fosh: I haven’t seen animated fighting that good since Soul Eater. The fluidness and tactics, the way Yata used his skate board as a shield. It takes a good production team to introduce stationary objects into a battle and not forget to utilize them. Favorite part of this entire episode!

    • Foshizzel says:

      I totally forgot about Death The Kid! He also uses a skateboard…damn I failed ahahah


  2. BlackBriar says:

    Some much need development has arrived but I end up with shot theories every time I watch an episode.

    Right now, my mind’s a blank slate on theories concerning Shiro’s situation. There are a few things that don’t fit: Shiro’s iron clad alibi thanks to Kukuri, his memories of the incident even though he shouldn’t have been able to be there, the bloodstained uniform and the fact Fushimi wasn’t able to find a match in the database even though Shiro should be registered while Scepter made a 91% comparison.

    I’m beginning to wonder if Shiro really is a student of the school. There isn’t any proof of that since he never has his PDA on him. If he did, his profile would have been registered in the school’s database, but it didn’t; which means that he hasn’t been using his PDA at all from the start itself.

    Master infiltrators Rikio and Yata are not. Had there been a security camera around, it would have been the end right there for them. How amusing it is that bold, brazen Yata is shy around the ladies. It continues to show the contrast of methods between Homra and Scepter 4 who’ve once again used their political connections to strut around like they own the place and blackmail people into submission. Is Fushimi an Assassin? His stealth abilities deserve notoriety.

    The highlight was the fight between Fushimi and Yata. The sharp visuals made it look awesome. I wish it could have been longer. Yata using his skateboard to fight should go to the list of odd weapons. Fushimi was surprising. I thought he was cool and composed all the time but it turns out he’s maniacal and has mood swings.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah K has a habit of doing that doesn’t it? They give us a line and we take the bait and fish up TONS of theories and new plot twists!

      Shiro’s alibi is nice but full of massive holes, but damn I should have guessed that he wasn’t even in the schools database unless as Hoshi mentioned at the bottom someone is protecting him? Maybe he does have a EVIL twin out there?

      Hahaha Rikio and Yata might suck at stealth and sneaking around but damn did they make me laugh! I couldn’t keep a straight face when Yata blushed around the girls…wow…a Jun Fuk character that is afraid of girls? WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TOO!?

      Yep Yata vs Fushimi was epic and amaaazing! Plus the addition of the skateboard as a weapon? Really nice, but as Kitty mentioned above us Death The Kid from Soul Eater also did the same with his board that also doubles as a hover board xD

      “M I S A K I.” < best line

  3. AllenAndArth says:

    k is geting better ever episode

  4. MikADo says:

    sigh i admit the scenary is great and all, but im really wondering if i should drop this series, im already watching 10 animes or more, and this show.. hmm… i will give it a 2 episodes or less than decide on its fate 😛

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I think two more episodes will be enough for you! Then again I think this is 11 episodes? I dunno…its alright

      • BlackBriar says:

        Close. The total is 13 episodes and it looks like the plot is finally taking place.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Ooooh? 13! I wonder if we will get a second half or another season? I suppose anything is possible…

  5. Hoshi says:

    ~Barely started watching K out of curiosity(or rather because I see it all over tumblr) and I have to say I’m really liking this. It’s become my guilty pleasure show of the season, heh. The only thing that bugs me about of this is that the pacing is sooooo slow for me, but I’m willing to put up with it just to figure out the whole deal with Shiro. I’m not sure what to even speculate anymore after this twist; though I have stronger feelings towards the theory that someone is protecting him. Then again, that sounds a little too easy…

    • Foshizzel says:

      hohohoho K is fun! I am glad you are watching it and YES the pacing is super freaking slowwwwww I can agree there and I would easily classify this as a “guilty pleasure” any day of the week!

      Shiro is still a mystery and I think you might be onto something Hoshi about the whole protection thingy maybe we should point fingers at Neko? She has been watching over him for quite some time xD

  6. Vyzass says:

    I drop this show after watching episode 3. Should I watch it again?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hmmmm if your looking for a awesome story then you might not enjoy K as much, but if you love the animation, fighting, characters and the hip hop style music then yes watch more episodes! That is about all I can really say about K…

      Story is weak

      Presentation is awesome

  7. […] the episode stalled early and often. After seeing the likes of Girls und Panzer and K in the same week, the quality of action here just won’t cut it. It might have impressed 10 […]

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