「K」- 04

Katsura, Shinpachi and Kagura in weird cosplay identified but where is Gintoki? Don’t tell me he’s inside a cleaning robot?

fosh Welcome back for more fun with K on Metanorn! So did K pass the three episode mark for you or did you decide to drop it completely without looking back? Personally I am in for the visuals, super cool powers and the unique characters like Neko? While she is really nothing but fanservice wrapped around a cute package, I am still kind of waiting for her to do something, but I am totally fine if she wants to stand around doing random moe things because that works for me! Anyway how are you feeling about K so far Kyo?
kyo It’s been so far a bumpy ride, Fosh. We have been getting high and low episodes starting from the first one but K has passed my three episode test because I want to blog it. Sure, for some people eye-candy snazzy production, glimpses of plot and eargasmic seiyuu cast is not enough; I say fare thee well to those comrades, who fell off the wagon. Though, we are in no way doing so and would be chugging our review train on week after week~

// Kickass Festival Time – Ah yes it is time for some crazy festival stuffs in this anime, which makes me ask the question: what kind of themed event will Shiro’s class end up doing? I mean the normal choices are the usual Haunted houses, Maid Cafés or maybe something brand new? I think most of us have seen countless high school themed anime pull the normal boring booth stuff, but I remember last season had the random adventures with the girls of Upotte, those girls had a freaking camel ride inside a classroom filled with sand and they had tanks on campus! That was new and very hilarious or you could visit the bright and colorful world of Precure and watch the girls setup an amazing fashion complete with a free concert provided by the light music club. So what are your favorite festivals or booths in anime? I think Hyouka had a few unique ones as well, but I always shout at my computer DUDE COMBINE THEM BOTH! You can have a haunted maid café because well Halloween is around the corner and it gives the animation department an excuse to draw Neko dressed as a maid… Oh…yes…a catgirl maid is required to advance the plot and backstory of K.

// Seeking Alibi – Chase seems to be a  set theme for K with different characters going after different goals/targets. Though, this specific alibi hunt is as old as episode one since Kuroh came about Shiro. Though, at least this time around, we got a bonus of discovering some more supporting characters along with dynamics of their school, which is situated in an island. Kukuri even has photo evidence of Shiro 45 minutes after the murder (seemingly an impossible feat seeing the distance from school to main city), clearing Shiro from Kuroh’s suspicion at least. However innocent Shiro calls himself, these almost off-handed traits (forgetting to keep his PDA with him and aloofness), in his personality are suspicious. With Homra loli and Seri zeroing on the school with a match found with Shiro, he would be in deep shit very soon. Not to mention, Fushimi seems to be up to something and did he have a nemesis rivalry with Tatara (the guy who was killed by the Colourless King?), or he actually respected him and is now pissed off at his murder? Yep, definitely a lot of questions unanswered so the chase will continue.

Spices are srs bsns, nyaa~

// Katgirls are so Nyaa – Captain Neko of the moe-retsu pirates continues to charge up her cute power levels EVERY WEEK. However, at this point I think she is going to always be the random comical girl who provides fanservice here and there or will she? We still don’t have a grasp on her real role in K right now and honestly I am not expecting it to be mindbogglingly awesome unless they reveal her true powers. I had a little thought while watching this episode, what if Neko had the ability to change her shape to match other humans such as the mysterious guy in the murder video? I know that sounds really CRAZY, but think about it for a moment what if she had a split personality and this adorable cute side is just a front to throw everyone off? Of course I could be shooting random things in the dark with that little theory of mine and Neko hasn’t really set off any flags for having any “problems” towards Shiro or Kuroh, but she is a super protective type.

// Plot Thickens with MPD/Evil Twin – Just when you thought things are well with Shiro’s innocence proof by Kukuri, we get a whammy of a bloody uniform and his hazy memory. Seriously, dude, what a way to remember that out-of-focus and grainy memory as a recollection at a wrong time. There are times that Shiro seems to be the male version of Neko, frivolous and acting on spur of the moment things rather than functioning as a normal human. He forgets important things like his school PDA and lives off borrowed food. Though, he seems to be a good spirit and completely innocent, he doesn’t have his full memories. I mean, the supposed school festival prep was a few days before this chase and he had to go through the entire school trying to find someone who had seen him around? Why couldn’t he remember such a simple matter by himself? This gives light to my MPD (multiple personality disorder) theory on Shiro that the Colourless King is part of him, he is just not aware of it. Do we have another Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with us? Could be. Another theory could be of an evil twin, who’s sharing his memories with him due to an unexplained connection and even Fosh’s theory on Neko playing a part in all of this can work with a twist of her being his guardian and trying to save his positive side rather than negative. Right now we have nothing concrete but speculation; though, hopefully, we’ll keep you aware of happenings with our continued crazy theories.

//Extra FUN Stuff

Not the most exciting episode of all time but things are finally getting interesting as we get closer and closer to finding out the truth about the mystery killer; however, the final reveal of that character is taking a long time! That said if they told us now would any of us continue to watch? I know we have at least eight episodes to go and I assume they will reveal it before the final episode right? I hope they don’t cop out and wait till the final five minutes of the eleventh episode to say BOOM! The killer was THIS RANDOM DUDE! Hooray and thanks for playing THE END even though I can easily name a few series that have done such things in the past. Right now the moe adventures of Neko continue to draw me in every week just so I can see what silly thing she decides to do next! This week she was riding on robots like Maika Tsuchimikado from Index and I died while Neko started to mimic the robot as it talked? I swear those moments keep me interested a lot like the penguins in Mawaru Penguindrum.

Random note, every time Kukuri Yukizome speaks I swear I keep picturing Wendy from Fairy Tail or Eru Chitanda from Hyouka, which is not a bad thing because all three of those characters are interesting to watch and listen to. I guess my brain always associates certain voice actors with their popular characters and I just realized that K has a lot of actors from Fairy Tail. Well, only a few right now, so what did you think about this episode and are you staying until the end?

I won’t call this a strong episode as it again left a lot of questions rather than answering at least some of them. I know the staff has tried to build the story so that the reveal would be sweet or BTOOOM (pun intended), but I’ll be with Fosh on this one: don’t make us wait too long! Also, I want to accept Shiro as a complex character but I just can’t. Right now, he’s more of a blubbering idiot, who doesn’t even know where he kept his underwear because there’s something wrong with his memory. I do think however, that the form that we have been seeing from episode one is innocent because he’s been nothing but kind if not straight-forward to everyone he has encountered till now. Neko’s presence alongside him is also reassuring because even if she has the attention span of a cat (with good reason), she still is powerful and knows more than she lets on. I don’t know how Kuroh would react after knowing the truth but only upcoming episodes will tell us their deal.

If Neko is the point of amusement for Fosh, for me it’s the ninja robots and their voice-overs. As I reported previously, I have already identified Tomokazu Sugita, FukuJun and Nakamura Yuuchi ones but this episode, I recognized Mamoru Miyano doing the ‘hillbilly Samurai’ line. If you are a seiyuu-fag like me, this is the most amusing activity while getting distracted by the background tech. Speaking of tech, it’s pretty cool yo, from the PDA to the recognition system being run by the Blue suits. Though, I hope Homra has more of them rather than some marble-mumbo-jumbo shown by their loli. As I get more inclined towards theories on Homra, the Fushimi preview really interests me. I hope we divulge a bit more on his past with Homra and what was the cause of his betrayal for him to switch to the snobby Blue suits. 


Fushimi (Mamoru Miyano) uses his cool Hououin Kyouma voice… We’ll see you next time with more reveals. El Psy Congroo!


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25 Responses to “「K」- 04”

  1. Ying says:

    I mean, the supposed school festival prep was a few days before this chase and he had to go through the entire school trying to find someone who had seen him around? Why couldn’t he remember such a simple matter by himself?

    He could. Which is why we saw flashbacks of so many events. The only thing he needed help remembering was the hole in the gym. He was asking around so he could get an alibi for the time the murder took place since just telling Kuro it wasn’t him and he’s innocent didn’t work. Honestly with the exception of his always missing PDA I don’t think he forgets anything else, and this is the first time we see that there are any holes in his memory.

    Also the thing with MPD couldn’t be because of the way the flashback occurred in. Usually these things are shot in first person view if it’s there fault, but it instead looks like he was the guy who was filming the whole thing and got shot in the end hence the bloody uniform. This is why I’m leaning more towards the evil twin thing, because the Colorless King guy seemed to know him prior to shooting him, but they could have also done that to mess with us *shrugs*.

    • Kyokai says:

      I was just irked off with his less explanations and frivolous attitude. He’s definitely a good guy but there are times he does stupid stuff like making up that imouto story to run away from Kuroh when they first met when he could have just said, I’m the wrong guy, which he did later. This was not the first time he was making up stuff.

      Btw, the guy who was filming was Tatara (part of Homra), he did introduce himself politely and then was killed off without much reason. Maybe Shiro was with him for some reason? But then again it could be anything. Right now, we can only speculate.

  2. utsuriga says:

    Re: Shiro’s PDA, does he even have one? Kukuri assumes he’s always forgetting it, but she assumes that Kuro is forgetting *his*, and we know Kuro doesn’t have a PDA, not being a student. And seeing how easily Kuro and Neko were accepted as transfer students, it’s not unlikely that Shiro pretty much did the same: just blended in, pretending to be a student. The only crucial info we’re missing is how long he has been attending this school.

    • utsuriga says:

      Also worth noting: while everyone in this show has a silly name, Shiro is named after the Isana shrine (Isana jinja, a reading for the second kanji of “jinja” is “yashiro”) that was prominently featured on a poster in the gym store. Given that Shiro had been shown making up a name on spot using a flyer for inspiration…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah Shiro’s missing PDA seems to be strange and like you said the fact that Neko or Kuro do not have one either? What is up with that! Surely that school has some hardcore security right? You could be onto something! I wouldn’t be shocked if they revealed that Shiro was never apart of that school and was using it as cover.

      Plus you have that massive hole in the storage closet…hmmm…I hope Shiro is not an Alien or something ahahaha

    • Kyokai says:

      About Shiro, he has to be an official student because he was a dorm room. I’m sure however slack the security or whatever is, you can’t freeload a room without proper documentation and student registration. For Kuroh and Neko, well, they already are rooming in with Shiro but still someone should be noticing them at least.

      Plus from outside, the security seems tight (cue to preview scene where Yata and buddy are trying to enter the school but don’t have passes or whatever).

  3. BlackBriar says:

    “K” passed my test in a way. Like I said before, even if it gets a little ridiculous, I’ll still be inclined to keep watching. It was the same with Guilty Crown and that was a pleasant train wreck and shared obvious similarities to keep viewing (visuals, music, seiyuus).

    Typical school festival. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an anime surrounding school that doesn’t have one. They do look a lot more fun than schools in real life. I’d go for the manga booths and haunted house parts. What makes it fun to watch is that they’re all organized by students. Speaking of students, that teacher is really laid back for letting two “transfer students” who’ve suddenly appeared out of nowhere one day to take part in his class.

    Anyone up for a rousing game of “Get Cleared Or Die Trying”? Yashiro was pretty close to biting it had he not been so persistent about proving his innocence and going into Hyouka detective mode getting everyone’s story to do it. Kuroh was begging for an opportunity for him to slip up though I wouldn’t blame him after that “wife” remark. His fangirling over that recording is still creepy as hell.

    The alibi was solid enough but the bloody clothes now suggest otherwise. I’m going with split personality but it doesn’t explain how he can be responsible and he was proven innocent at the same time. The distance between the school and the crime scene is too big and it’s all inside an hour of time. My theory is if he does have another personality, then he also has powers and only the other one is currently aware of it. As if his personal discovery wasn’t bad enough giving him grief, every clan is closing in on him.

    I’m not settled on the evil twin theory because if you look at it, it’s a first person shot. Meaning Yashiro had to have been facing him while getting shot which doesn’t make sense because not only does that mean he would have been dead there, he’s still alive here and now and that the actual victim was a Homra member as to the reason why they’re chasing him.

    I mean, the supposed school festival prep was a few days before this chase and he had to go through the entire school trying to find someone who had seen him around? Why couldn’t he remember such a simple matter by himself?

    Maybe he couldn’t remember because he suffered some sort of trauma to the brain and needed something important to refresh his memory just like getting the flashback of the incident as soon as he touched the bloodstained uniform.

    • Kyokai says:

      Oh, I remember the Guilty Crown days when we would facepalm but still keep watching because it was so pwetty and mindnumbingly fun.

      For the school festival, I would have really like to have the trio participate in something because the cosplay sure looked awesome and edo-period-ish. Though, I did like the chase of alibi. I’m literally trying to ignore the shounen ai vibes for now… I swear >>;

      Another angle on the flashback could be the fact that the bloody uniform made him remember the video file a friend passed on to his mobile (or was it his PDA finally?). The scene looked same so it can be something like the staff is messing with our heads (as the flashback was not first person). But anyways, we’ll find out soon enough.

  4. JoeAnimated says:

    I’m sticking K out, but the flaws get more apparent each week. The character depth, as you’ve noticed, is seriously lacking. And the music and soundtrack bugs me each episode. The music does not fit the mood and flow of the show. Compare this to Shinsekai, and it’s almost like the K director has a deaf ear. The pretty visual and interesting world setting can only hold out so long before this just becomes another Guilty Crown.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Nice and yeah I agree there is little to no character depth at all and I have noticed the music in some scenes do not fit! That happened all the time in Horizon! You would have a awesome fighting scene with random slow music in the background? Kind of strange…

      Ahahah yeah interesting world and I don’t want another Guilty Crown T______T

      • D-LaN says:

        You don’t want a entertaining show?? I find GC to be my “WTF every week” show lol. Those twist can rival the one of PMMM IMO. I heard Lost Christmas is also better and have more naked chicks WTF factor.

    • Kyokai says:

      @ Joe, I agree on the music. Seriously, sometimes it’s disturbing how some peppy romantic music goes around at the time of climax. Shinsekai is just brilliant in using music.

      @ Fosh, even if this becomes another GC, we have one cour to deal with it! :3

      @ D-LaN, I’m definitely watching for the entertainment factor.

  5. Joojoobees says:

    Isn’t the gym storeroom ceiling collapsing a strange detail? I don’t believe they ever explained why it collapsed, just that it did, and that they discovered it half past midnight. I think that’s suspicious.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I know right? What is with the giant hole in the gym storeroom and everyone is perfectly fine with it…yeah…strange indeed!

    • Kyokai says:

      Hey, hey, here’s a wild theory. Maybe Shiro FLEW IN (a la superman) after that rooftop incident and doesn’t remember it because it was someone else driving his body?

      Lol, anyways, someone else have any roof collapsing theory?

      • Foshizzel says:

        Interesting idea there Kyo! I see we could combine our idea of Shiro is not of this world huh? It could explain the MASSIVE HOLE in the roof…

        I don’t really know any other ideas beside the alien theory or other worldly being! I do know that Shiro is probably the colorless king and can grant certain people powers I think, but Neko could be an alien as well! Fufufufu there are so many ideas to throw into the mix.

  6. lvlln says:

    I liked K turning into a murder mystery for this episode, with Shiro desperately looking for evidence to exonerate him. Having so many crazy stuff happening on that same night was nice, and I wonder if there’s even more to be revealed… At least, besides what the heck that body is doing in Shiro’s closet (and how come it didn’t smell?). I guess it’d be nice for the show to get back to what the Blue and Red Kings and their posse are up to, but seeing Shiro’s antics with Neko and Kuroh has me smiling.

    • Kyokai says:

      I really do wish they jump to Homra next episode, which seems to be the case (I guess they are going alternative with one episode on trio and the other on Homra/Coloured gangs). Neko is definitely growing on me and Kuroh is an exception with his stupid recorder (his nerdiness IS creepy!).

    • Foshizzel says:

      HOORAAY Murder mystery! Is there a butler around because I would so point to him as the killer, but wait! The team of Neko, Kuro and Shiro can solve this mystery in one day right?

      I agree Lvlln! I think if anyone could smell it quick it would be Neko? Then again she isn’t a dog but a cat I don’t know if a cat could smell things like that LOL

  7. plasmacannon says:

    i don’t even know mamoru miyano is fushimi’s voice actor
    all the more reason to watch K because of hououin kyouma voice, not that the animation is bad, it’s decent, looking high-tech and al

    • Kyokai says:

      Well, I’m glad you found out. Also, even with the blue filter on, the animation is pretty sharp and new agey.

  8. _akagami says:

    I came across this earlier… L fanservice pic! All they’re missing is them doing this!

  9. MikADo says:

    i seriously can not imagine where this show is going…
    i guess nowhere 😛 the only thing i hope to happen is that shiro actually being a psychopath and mass murder like a baws

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