「K」- 03

The plot finally says HI to everyone.

kyo How are you doing, readers?! We are back with the third installment of K and this time, I made sure you get our review quickly without any delays! (This meant for me to wake up at 7am, DL episode and watch it before going to office but I like you guys so much that I’m willing to do this after all). So, Fosh, how did you find this episode?
fosh Well Kyo, last week was all about Neko and Shiro running away from that random samurai! So what will we have to sit through this time? With the crazy world of K you never know what to expect really but that can make things quite interesting and fun! So it is time to kick things off with this episode review~

// The Hot Seat of Kings – Let’s start things with the seven official kings: Red, Blue, Green, Black, Gold, Silver and Colourless (still at large). Silver King is the first, and from what I could get out of Reishi’s lecutre to Mikoto, he (the silver-haired dude dancing with a masked and bodacious girl in this episode), is the pioneer and mastermind behind channeling the outwardly powers of Kings. I suspect this because his last name is Wiesmann and the power levels are gauged by Weismann level (quoted by Reishi). Now, is he the person who distributed these powers to the seven kings or it was some natural selection process after activation of Sword of Damocles is what we’ll find out as the story progresses. Along with the Golden King, whose power is overreaching, he is literally overlooking Japan from a very high place, monitoring the other five kings.

What I could gather from the conversation was somewhat forewarned by the Golden King (that white-haired oyaji in episode one), for the world nearing destruction. Izumo talked about there not being enough time and Mikoto’s voluntary arrest all points to an event flag soon to happen. This is not the first time that a story is using Sword of Damocles allusion, as Reishi warned that overusing the King powers could cause another crater due to the fall of Damocles; thus, with great power comes greater responsibility (I know, we have heard this phrase so many times before).

// Blue Team Up to No Good – This week jumps back to the events of the first episode with the leader of the blue clan aka Scepter 4 led by Reishi Munakata taking Mikoto Suoh into custody after he simply surrendered without putting up any kind of fight! One thing is certain the leaders of Scepter 4 do not care about what happens to Mikoto’s health because they plan on keeping him heavily sedated with tranquilizers. So what else does this crazy team do? Going into K, I originally thought they assisted the local cops; however that is not the case at all because they have various color themed “codes” that they can use to get special access to private information from the local cops or stop investigations? Like Prussian blue and royal blue!? I think the creators for K wanted to keep everything color themed…if so I wonder if the red clan has some type of red alert status for important missions or warnings?! Anyway Scepter 4 tends to abuse their power by going through all the red tape, which allows them to do whatever the hell they want if they please, but what do you think are they just doing that for the sake of the people or are they blinded by their power? I know they really don’t want Mikoto using his powers anymore because it could spell disaster for everyone but their ways of controlling everything doesn’t seem fair.

// THIS IS HOMRA, BITCHES – Finally, we had the continued discussion between Mikoto and Reisi. What I imagined to be a heated fight to the capture sequence became a voluntary, “please take care of me~” by Mikoto. I have a feeling there’s a big purpose behind getting captured because even if the Red King looks listless and even a bit bored of everything, he has a strong following and pride in whatever he does. The Homra gang to me are the most animated and even if violence is in their blood, they don’t do it purposelessly (like the goons who were harassing that manlady). About Reisi, he has the complete official air around him but is damn rude. He looks like a decent guy (check out that tea ceremony corner in his office), who will use others to his benefit and is a stickler for imposed rule. Is he a closet sadist too? We’ll find out soon enough.

Though, coming to steamy stuff, I love how the group members actually brands themselves in showing their tribal allegiance. That tattoo looks hot; though, not so hot on Fushimi who seemed to have changed parties midway. I have a big WHY for that. He can be a double agent but at least for now he seems to be really after the Homra guys, resolving to violence on his old pals. Along with Izumo and Misaki, he’s another character I really want to know more about like who is he really after? Coming to the Shizuo-lookalike, he doesn’t look like a burly fellow at all but his height makes up for manhandling Misaki and Rikio very well and hilariously so. His Kyoto accent is awesome and damn, give him more screen time, will you, GoHands?! I’m sure, everyone loves the gothic loli of two lines as well. Let’s hope to liven this party some more in next episode.

// Samurai is an Otaku Nerd – I thought Kuroh was always a full time serious badass samurai! What the hell happened to him? Last week he was chased after Neko and Shiro and then he cooked them lunch? I am starting to think that he doesn’t take his job seriously, but if I had to chase some troll kid and a naked catgirl around town that caused me to smack into a wall I would be kind of messed up too. Anyway maybe he is more of a light-hearted character with a few comedic qualities to him like his reaction to showing off that oddball tape recorder of his? I guess it is filled with lots of random prerecorded messages from a Master Ichigen who I can only assume is his old master seen on preview? (Kyo insert the dude is voiced by Show Hayami, who recently voiced Tohsaka Tokiomi in Fate/Zero). I died laughing with his facial reactions…wow…I don’t think I will ever be able to take Kuroh seriously now! I wonder what other nerdy secrets that he has kept from the world along with his secret cooking skills?!

//Extra COOL Stuff

Well that was sooooo much better than last week, even though this episode felt like it was bombing us with all this random information all over the place! Like the brief discussion between Kuroh and Shiro on the whole talk of color kings and colorless kings? I wonder if K was inspired by Durarara? I know my mind jumped straight to that after the mention of “colorless” but I am curious to learn about the other clans because Saruhiko Fushimi mentioned something about the Greens? Speaking of Saruhiko for a moment what is going on with that character, it looks like he used to belong to the red clan because of his tattoo but I guess he switched sides; however I loved that he is voiced by Mamoru Miyano. It is strange to hear him play an evil-ish character…I wanted him to say “it’s a pinch!” before he killed those random dudes! Damn why wasn’t Takuto the main villain of Star Driver? Just kidding! Oh and how could I forget my Reishi Munakata as Sugita Tomokazu?! He is voicing a serious role this time which is working quite well, but I admit I really miss his crazy Gintoki voice.

So, we still didn’t get any information on Neko, but I think Kuroh is onto something about her origin after he made that comment about her being a strain? I wonder if just being really close to Shiro for a long time grants people or other living things special powers? If so it kind of reminds me of Ichigo from Bleach who gave powers to Chad and Orihime just by being near them. Other than that the story seems to be picking up and I was happy to learn a bit more about the Blue Clan, but the whole color code thing kind of made me face-palm! Then again it actually works quite well, but I will just wait for the loli-girl on team red to yell something like code crimson or red alert!

FINALLY! An episode that I actually enjoyed. As I mentioned in the comments of previous episode, I’ve stopped taking this story seriously and that made me see all the good things like awesome background details to seiyuu cast pitching in for the cleaning robots voice-overs (Tomokazu Sugita, FukuJun and Yuuichi Nakamura identified) and the detailed presentation. The music does seem off at times but somehow gels well with the whole clansman/tribal feel during the group bonding and fight scenes. This time I can say, GoRA showed some of the plot, which was the hook I was waiting for. I know not every anime I watch can be filled with deep plots and meaning but some purpose is always good. Also, seeing the characters grow, you can finally identify who are the loyalists, betrayers and neutrals going with the flow. I know the writers don’t want to unload all information in one episode so the glimpse of promise was enough for me. So, the conversation between Mikoto and Reishi, the team effect of Blue and Red gang along with Kuroh’s detail on seven kings did help this time.

Leaving behind the shounen ai vibes between Shiro and Kuroh, let’s end things on our mysterious trio of delusional teenager, Samurai and Neko, who have bonded well under the spell of a well-cooked lunch. Hopefully, they’ll make headway in finding some clues about the video and who they respectively are. I was right about Kuroh being Katsura’s spawn, just look at the flashback video with heavy and almost reverent dependence on sensei; I’m sure everyone wants to know how he became a vassal. Also, there’s a hint with ‘Neko being Shiro’s and Shiro being Neko’s’ line; Neko is Shiro’s guardian familiar right now but there has to be more to this like her power coming from another source altogether? Let’s see what gets boiling next episode and yeah, please show some more Homra footage; I like this band of scruffy guys.


The crazy trio attends school and takes part in a school festival with action happening all around them.


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62 Responses to “「K」- 03”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    “K” has passed the 3 episode test for me thanks to the plot introduction which is good so the story can continue properly. Even better, it’s filled with amoral characters at every turn and potential backstabbing.

    Scepter 4 may act like the oh-so-righteous group but I can already see they have ulterior motives. I’d say they are a legalized form of mafia that wants to raise themselves above the law. To me, they’re worse because even though Homra is obviously violent, they’re pretty much easy to see through whereas Scepter 4 is using political connections and blackmail to reach their goals.

    As for Homra, Mikoto letting himself get captured is probably just one part of the plan. What better way to cause serious damage to an enemy than inside their base while your team distracts them from the outside? Out of their members, Yata is quickly becoming a favorite. Jun Fukuyama knows how to play a badass and the loli is gaining fans. The moe levels are too high. What I want to know most is Fushimi’s reason for his betrayal to his former clan and if he plans to do the same with Scepter 4.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Wooooo! Congratulations on making it through all three episodes – high five-

      Yeaaaahhh Scepter 4 is into some strange stuff and like you said they really are a type of mafia! Abusing their power to over step the law for their own goals…damn it makes me wonder why? Then again political power works just as good as any super power xD

      Right! I figured Mikoto allowed himself to get arrested on purpose for the red clan to have a party! Voice work is amazing so far and hahaha @ Jun’s character I swear he plays the best “crazy” dudes.

      Right! I want to know why Fushimi switched sides I assume money? power? Fame? Anything could work ;D

      • BlackBriar says:

        Political manipulation is most likely just one of their outlets for power in Scepter 4. Then again, that prime minister looked pretty weak minded and would probably succumb to anyone with a pulse. The second in command, Awashima is a cold person for suggesting to use tranquilizers on Mikoto but she’s beyond hot. With such a short skirt she’s wearing, how can she even fight when the time comes?

        If Scepter 4 represents organization, Homra with violence and the colorless clan with predictions of the future, I wonder what the other colors means. If you think about it, with so many colored clans in one city, it all sounds like like the colored kings and their legions in Accel World.

        What’s ridiculous is Yashiro’s apparent unawareness of Japan’s economical/political/social situation. He had everything explained to him by Kuroh, an outsider, when he’s a resident and should be up to speed on certain things or maybe it’s like that because the Gold King arranged it that way.

        Whatever Fushimi’s reasons may be, he looks like he’ll be a tough egg to crack.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Indeed! The political manipulation is really helping them achieve their goals which I assume is tied to Mikoto’s crazy power? I can only guess that they plan on using that power like how the GHQ used their space laser from Guilty Crown, but a lot can happen.

          Awashima is CRAZY and her plan is kind of smart even though it looks like Mikoto is going to have a rough time unless the other reds bust him out soon.

          Right! I was thinking the same thing

          Scepter 4: Mafia style leadership
          Homra: Crazy and unpredictable

          Ahhh yeah the color kings do remind me more of Accel World now that you mention it hahaha nice call!

          Kuro definitely has a good idea on everything it seems which is good for us because I HAVE NO IDEA…

          We will probably find out more about Fushimi’s choice later on through the magical of FLASHBACKS! Hooray!

  2. Zaphan says:

    You know i hate how some many people are saying they love this story so far and that it’s amazing. WHAT SHOW HAVE THEY BEEN WATCHING?! What they love is the visuals and that’s about it! I mean because there is NO story so far just a lot of story concepts that haven’t been explained fully. For instance where the hell are these guy’s getting their power from? Is it a common thing in this time period? For instance some people seem to disregard it as normal when that skater kid was shooting flames everywhere but that other chick(the one who like shiro with the brown hair) seems to be completely oblivious to things about the kings and even shiro himself seems to not know about kings. So far this anime is just about the visuals and barely has a competent story so far.

    And i know im not the only one who’s seeming all the gay undertones in this. Feels like im looking at “No.6” all over again.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Oh yeah, I sense it without a doubt but I try my best to ignore it and enjoy the anime. No. 6 was getting a little too much to watch over time. I’m entirely a yuri fan.

      I’m trying be neutral when I’m saying this to avoid getting stoned but I notice it’s a double standard among most anime fans. The moment we see two guys together, it instantly runs directly to BL/Shounen Ai and we’re tempted to drop it on the spot (me included) but when it’s two girls, especially when they’re really hot, it becomes yuri and we’re glued even more to the show. Just look at the explosion of yuri fan comments with Rinne no Lagrange and it had subtle undertones. It’s like “yuri good, yaoi bad”.

      What I notice most in anime is that those that love BL, the fans are the seemingly “quiet” types. They aren’t so open about it but are fans from afar.

      • Highway says:

        Well, to be honest, BL is something that is far less of a turn on than other pairings, to everyone. Not just guys, but women as well. So the audience for that is much much smaller than the audience for M-F or F-F pairings.

        I personally don’t have a problem with guys who want to be with other guys, but the sight of it does nothing at all to turn me on. Thinking about guys pairing up does nothing at all for me. So that’s why I don’t particularly care to watch shows that are heavily into that.

        • Highway says:

          Hmm, that first sentence isn’t phrased right. Try this one:

          BL is something that is far less likely to be a turn on.

          The people who like it like it. I’m just saying that the number of people who like it is a comparatively very small number.

      • Zaphan says:

        Just to let you know i hate Yuri just as much as BL. Yuri seems pointless story wise to me and it seems far too boring for my tastes. And i just don’t like BL since im a guy and i’d rather not watch two guys making out.

        • akagami says:

          Ahhhh hahaha (for the last comment). That reminds me of a time when I was at a gym and these two guys just started making out by the weights… totally awkward.

      • akagami says:

        Personally I don’t mind it when I see 2 people of the same sex together. It’s when there is anything more than being friends that it starts to detract from my viewing pleasure. No yuri or yaoi in my anime, please!

      • Foshizzel says:

        Oooh you just have to wait for Anaaga, OC and Kyokai to join in the BL party whenever things get intense xD

        • BlackBriar says:

          If Hime (especially Hime) and Miyu were there as well, we’d have to duck for cover. It would be an attempt for world domination.

        • anaaga says:

          Just add me when things get gayer. Though I’m tired of yaoi/neutral/yuri discussion already. One of these days go.

          And I’m still trying to take over the world with yaoi

    • Kyokai says:

      Just to reiterate what I said on the review, I don’t expect all my anime to be filled with DEEP PLOTS. Sometimes, I watch just for sheer entertainment. For the BL undertones, don’t confuse this with No.6, which actually had a canon BL pairing. Until, it’s confirmed, I won’t take KurohxShiro seriously because mostly it’s there for bromance (strictly platonic) and fujoshi-fodder added to most of the bishie-ridden shows.

      I’d suggest not to watch such shows if you don’t like it (for example, I don’t like Yuri so I don’t watch this genre shows).

      Special note to anaaga, I’ll tell you when it does. :3

  3. AllenAndArth says:

    i think ktsura’s kid is messed up in the head
    now we have the moe battle ready
    neko(a.k.a naked catgirl)vs. Loli with red with search and prediction and identification powers

  4. Gecko says:

    Now that we’ve got some sort of plot established (although it feels like we have two going on- the issues within the kings, and Shiro/Kuro/Neko trio test trials) I will keep watching. I can’t say I love the plot too much yet, since everything is still a bit vague, but it might turn out to be worthwhile.
    I just hope there’s more Fushimi in the rest of the show. Out of the countless bishies, I like him the best. (Although I’m going based on looks + seiyuu, so my favorite might change later…) And his back story seems to be interesting as well.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Right there isn’t much of a plot going on but there is something in the works, we just have to FIND it first! I guess that is part of the fun I suppose?

      Yeah! So far I like the stuff with the intro to all the color kings and all the Shiro/Neko/Kuro stuff is building up to the fun.

      There are lots of great seiyuu all over this series~

    • Kyokai says:

      I want to know about the gangs we haven’t seen yet: green, black and the deal with Silver and Gold kings.

      Fushimi became even more interesting because of his betrayal to Red. Interestingly, his power is blue now (shown from the window of the warehouse), so it seems that the powers to the followers of a certain gang is granted by the respective King and is even colour-coded.

      • Foshizzel says:


        • Gecko says:

          Is there a purple gang? Orange? Yellow? I think we’re missing parts of the rainbow here. I was expecting the primary and secondary colors to be 6 of the Kings, and then Colorless would be the 7th. But no, they throw out purple, orange, and yellow for Gold, Silver, and black. I can understand why Gold>Yellow (since they’re almost the same anyways), but Purple>>>Silver in my opinion.

          • Kyokai says:

            I at least wanted a yellow gang (a la Durarara!!) but oh welp, they emphasized more on weird numbers. Also, we might find out that Silver > Gold because Silver dude was the first one and the mastermind behind using special King powers. Need to know what’s the deal for sure.

            Oh btw, I like purple more than silver too. :3

  5. Amutofan123 says:

    Oh, glorious BL undertones! Shiro was so cute and blushy~ And Kuro is a cutie! Seriously, did you see him getting all excited about the voice recorder? That was cute as hell!

    Oh, yeah and plot and stuff.

    Ah, I guess you can see what I actually care about the most in this anime. orz

    But having some sort of plot is still nice. I’ll see where it goes. For now though, I’m still watching for the cute guys. Ugh, I feel like a terrible person.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahaha I was talking to my brother while watching this episode with him like “oh boy the girls are going to scream over these dudes.” and I died laughing with Kuro’s voice recorder because like I said I always viewed him as a serious guy, but wow…what? I guess he has a fangirl inside of him xDD


      No worries we all have to find something random to enjoy <3

      Ahahahahah that works! I am tuning in every week for the artwork, characters and waiting for the real story to pop up any moment.

    • Kyokai says:

      No worries, Amutofan! We all want our bishies fix~ :3

  6. MikADo says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm DAT ASS

  7. Kencana says:

    K : *watching K Project*

    Me, 15 mins into episode one:

    “This guy totally looks like Kanda from D. Gray. He’s gonna be a total hardass and arrogant.”

    By the end of episode two:

    “OMFG HE HAS PINK SHARPIE ALL OVER HIS FACE!!! ROFL, AND DID HE JUST CAVE AND MAKE THEM BREAKFAST?! You even have fanboy mode while worship your master? You are too cute!!!!”

    It’s nice that Kusanagi and Kuroh didn’t follow stereotype we’re used to that they have to be cool, arrogant, angsty characters.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep! I think just about every DGray man fan has thought the same thing about Kuro as Kanda and both have K names? Hmmm interesting.

      Epi two was hilarious! I loved when Kuro smacked his face into the fall thanks to Neko’s powers? Yeah good times!

      Agreed I like watching Kuro/Shiro/Neko for some great character interaction and THANK GOD no one is angsty right now! Well except for the red clan member who swapped sides >.>

    • Kyokai says:

      I’m glad about it too Kencana! I thought he would be that silent, brooding type but then comes out the nerdy-recorder and listen him fangirl squee. It was unexpected in a good way.

  8. akagami says:

    Yatogami Kuro and his obsession with his late master is hilarious. When he whipped out his device and start fangirling over it, omg, haha. I did initially think the device had recordings similar to the cleaning bots though.

    I re-watched episode 2 again, and just realized Neko was the cat beside him from episode 1, first she was in animal form on the bed, and then somehow changed to human form.

    and DAT ASS (and the tantalizing sneakpeek of DEM curves! @Zaphan, they need to get someone in Homura doing an ass-shot like that, like Misaki. AHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA… excuse me while I continue laughing in the corner, oh my sides hurt from the image.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep! I was surprised by his reaction to the recordings of his late master…wow…he let his fangirl side out of the cage! So much for him being the calm and collected samurai, just kidding I think its great to see a character shift from serious mode to WOOOOOO! SO CRAZY! just like Gintoki from Gintama <3

      Yep! Neko was indeed there from the start even though her cat form is SOOOOOOOO TINY, but I assume she is a kitten anyway? That and she is kind of dumber than a box of rocks which isn't a bad thing because it sort of adds more cute factors to her.

      DAT ASS! AHHH! Yeah I bet the girls are like meh chick with a tiny skirt...were are da dudes?! I have a feeling the girls will get what they want if K has a pool episode since Kuro is going to Shiro's school trololololol~

    • Kyokai says:

      Oh btw, Neko showed her true form in episode one, when Shiro was making his way to the rooftop after taking food from others. The cleaning robot even brandished her while she trapeze after him. :3

      Also, akagami, what the hell have you done? Now I can’t get off the image of Misaki with a DAT ASS shot from my mind. ><

      • akagami says:

        Was it something like this?

        I must have missed that from episode 1, or maybe I registered it but didn’t think anything of it. Because you know, catgirls running around nekkid are a common occurrence.

  9. Jrow says:

    I heard there was discussion of DAT ASS here. Nice work, Seri. (Another nice Sawashiro character for this season)

    K’s been fun so far, and this episode was a needed one to get the story actually rolling instead of running around chasing naked Neko.

    • skylion says:

      Speak for yourself Jrow, I am more than willing to have another two or three episodes of chasing naked Neko.

      • Jrow says:

        Well if that’s what you want, then just make more copies of episode 2 in a K folder and rename them ep 3/4/etc. for your enjoyment. Or the anime might do you the favor, which I’d rather it not.

    • Foshizzel says:


      Yeah K’s plot is weak but damn things look so fantastic! I think the story is hiding while we build up the world? Either that or it is going to be Neko all the time every day.

  10. skylion says:

    And so we get magnificent plot. Well, not entirely. DAT EXPOSITION. Pretty darn ham-fisted if you ask me, feeling like it was shoved in there as an after thought. I mean we know there are super-humans, and we know they have kings or some-such. This was the basics of the first episode. The only thing I got from the explanation was that kings give people power. Oh, and the Akira rip off.

    The rest was pretty standard. Still not a drop at this point, cause it looks interesting to discuss.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah not really…soon…maybe…

      Ahhh yeah if kings give out powers then that might explain the whole Neko thing? Like I said with her being near Shiro all the time maybe he granted her the power to change into a human?!

      Yep! Even though there isn’t much happening K is always fun to talk about.

    • Kyokai says:

      Skylion, there’s going to be a LOT of interesting discussion stemming from this series. :3

      • skylion says:

        Oh, it feels like early days from Guilty Crown. We should be very busy, indeed. We might even be exhausted with laughter come spring next year.

        • BlackBriar says:

          It certainly feels like the beginning of Guilty Crown but we won’t be laughing as long for this as we did with GC. It’s only 13 episodes long so if there’s a plot, then we’re getting right into it.

          • Highway says:

            Just to tease BB, maybe you guys will end up calling this one “Shinier Bread”.


            • BlackBriar says:

              Touché, sir! But please don’t torture me with that memory. Shining Hearts was a complete letdown and I doubt this anime, though flawed as it may be, will follow in that direction.

              Shining Hearts was bland, hardly anything likable about it (despite having the badass Hiroshi Kamiya voicing the lead), but this, like Guilty Crown, has good music and awesome visuals to appease some form of satisfaction if the plot crumbles.

            • Highway says:

              My short anime history means I don’t know from Guilty Crown, and given how much people complain about it, it’s unlikely I’ll ever watch it.

              And as for K, you guys still haven’t said anything that would reverse my initial opinion. I didn’t find the visuals compelling in the first episode, I doubt I would now.

            • BlackBriar says:

              @Highway: Well, there is the fact that the story is going to focus on each clan in the anime and what they represent and control. Scepter 4 presents itself as a legal mafia group using political influences while Homra resorts to intimidation and other street style methods to gain power.

              Yashiro plays a part because not only has he been framed but he is an heir to become the seventh King. And just as interesting, there’s a character, Fushimi who is apparently a traitor to his initial clan by going to Scepter 4 and even now, it looks like he has ulterior motives with them as well.

            • Foshizzel says:

              DAT BREAD < DAT ASS

            • Kyokai says:

              GUYS, this is better than Shiny Bread any day. Also, listen to what Fosh is sayin’~ :3

  11. D-LaN says:

    Haven’t saw this….but I’ve got to say, the manga prequel is good. More HOMRA=win. Not tht Shiro and co. is not entertaining.

    And Kuroh don’t just go moe moe kyun on me!! Its kinda creepy….

    And sigh… I’ve read some pretty scathing review on this show… Makes me want to slap some sense into them, but then I have to remind myself tht ppl have diff. opinion. Le sigh.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Wait there is a manga?! GAFJIAFHAIFHA I need this.

      Oh god I hope he doesn’t become the male version of Mio where he does all these odd moe moe moe things! Then again the girls might want such things xD

      Yeah I have to check out the other blogs and see what everyone else is saying…even though I know most fans out there bash it to hell, but every anime can’t please everyone sadly.

    • Kyokai says:

      D-LaN, you tell ’em bro! It’s funny how some people rage on this. Don’t take it too seriously because not all anime are meant to be anyway.

      Btw, Fosh, I linked to manga scan in our FI (specifically to the scene where Yata shows his Homra tattoo). :3

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