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 Well the first episode definitely left an impression on me with all the eye popping visuals, but at this point everyone already knows this series looks great; however what about the actual plot and story for this anime? Will it come close to reaching Durarara in terms of amazing storytelling? I guess you will find out soon and I am tagging along with the always fun boss lady Kyokai! So look out for our crazy take on episode two…

I promised I would keep on reviewing this series and here I am again to give out some K fun, even if it’s a bit late. This time around I am joined by Fosh and we are planning on having a lot of fun. After all, this series really has become fun as we would be making even more fun of it in this review. Bear with us~ :3

Mysterious Shiro // Who in the world is Shiro anyway? Is he some master criminal? A stupid troublemaker, has amnesia or is he suffering from a case of mistaken identity? There are probably a million questions about Shiro’s life and how it plays a role in the story. So when someone is accused of doing something wrong and claim they are innocent you would think they wouldn’t RUN AWAY because that tells me they have something to hide! Take in point with Shiro making up that random false story about having a little sister that depends on him?! While that little lie created a hilarious reaction for the audience to laugh at it only made me think that he is guilty of something, but who knows maybe he has a split personality that causes him to do bad things to people? With this set up I am going for an OH MA GOD I HAVE an evil twin brother who was born from PURE EVIL!

Samurai, Chef in disguise // From the moment Kuroh came on screen, I could literally hear the fangirls squee in delight looking at his long hair to his awesome long sword. Coughs. He has some cool powers to boot, a bonus of being the vassal of the previous seventh king surely. Even when his chase of Shiro was noble, it was funny how he was deluded by his cheap tricks and later on thwarted by Neko’s ~nyaa~ powers. Yep, fear for your life from that ~nyaa~ power. However serious we took this series, it has taken a light turn on all things and took itself too lightly. The same can be said about Kuroh, who turns out to be a softy, ending up cooking lunch for his first suspect and a suspicious naked girl. Even if I tried, I would never have suspected such a turn of events.

Catgirls just wanna have fun // Ah the catgirl character! They are found throughout most anime and usually they are usually quite dumb or random, but they can also rip you apart like Aisha Clanclan from Outlaw Star… So, what about our catgirl in K? This girl or Neko as she calls herself is quite a mystery and just like her counterpart Shiro we know absolutely nothing about her! Like where does she come from? Is she something supernatural? Is she a threat to the others or is she just the random comic relief? Then again every series with lots of random dudes needs a token fan service character and Neko fits that role quite well. Normally I don’t really too much care for catgirl themed anime character; however I think she is quite adorable even though I think she would rather go streaking down the street or play naked tag with Shiro than do anything for the story… So, what do you think she really is? I just want to know her true purpose instead of labeling her simply as the-dumb-fanservice-girl who does nothing but stand around naked.

Cat and Mouse game // Even when the episode was titled Kitten, the major part was just chasing around our protag-kun. Homra guys and Kuroh wanted him too bad, the most wanted criminal with a big bounty on his head. Apparently, anyone can get 10 million richer by handing Shiro to Homra. While Kuroh looked quite serious in his chase in the beginning but with the new found friendship with the protagonist and his neko later, I’m not sure how far he could go in finding the murderous colourless king. There is no concrete evidence that there’s an evil twin or Shiro having MPD. Not to mention, we really don’t know much about everyone and everything still. I hope eleven episodes are enough to explain whatever there is important and the staff doesn’t waste a whole episode on chase next time. Though, it seems as if the theme of chasing will continue somewhat as the preview shows the Blue King paying a visit.

Our FUN Corner~

Well, that certainly wasn’t the most thrilling episode of all time, but that really long chase scene was quite amusing to me! That said I sort of wished it only lasted like fifteen minutes instead of what the ENTIRE EPISODE? Even though most of the time was taken up by everyone running away it was still very hilarious to watch. I just want to know how Shiro managed to escape every time! Maybe he is some type of urban ninja?! That would explain a few things or hell I bet he is a skilled magician…if this was the world of Index, Shiro would fit in quite well and what about Neko? I think she is still the biggest mystery till now. I have no idea how I feel about supernatural creatures invading the world of K, but we still don’t know much about how their powers work. So anything is possible right now.

Speaking of Neko for a moment I think my ears and eyes melted from cuteness! OH MY GOD her voice…since she is voiced by Mikako Komatsu my mind kept flashing towards Marika from Moretsu Pirates, but she never exactly ran around naked now did she? I just really hope we figure out what she is really soon. However, I am not expecting anything mind blowing about her…unless she was like Shiro’s sister who died and was reincarnated as a catgirl? Just kidding I don’t need any random incest vibes flooding this series! One last thing to mention, why did Kuroh stop chasing them and turn around to cook their lunch? WHAT THE?! I guess he was hungry and didn’t want to wait on Shiro/Neko to get the job done.

Aah fun, fun, fun. Such bad fun. I am not new to disappointed land so after the first episode let down, my hopes meter wasn’t that high on K. However, like Fosh, I wasn’t expecting just the chase and NOTHING ELSE in the entire episode. All the good things came in the end, like a glimpse of the rest of the bishies. Not to mention, after seeing the power fight between the red and blue gang in the first episode, it’s almost hilarious to see Shiro tiptoe across them like a pro sleuth. I mean, Homra guys are like Dollars in terms of connection and the Blue guys have the authority and tech on their side. Combine both of them and you can find a needle in haystack so what is so special about Shiro that he still is at large and eating lunch at his own dorm room, supposedly the first place anyone would look to find him? Facepalming is just not enough and I’m seriously not bothering as well.

What I wanted to know is what’s the Kings’ deal and why the supposed faceoff between red and blue ended up with the good-looking Gammon Red King arrested? He looks pretty free in preview so I guess, Homra guys bailed him out or something but I really want to know the group mechanics and background of the world we have been thrown into. Some more intel on both the gangs would be welcome along with the frolicking neko, who seems to be powerful if not completely sane.

And, I’m afraid, we have another Guilty Crown contender in our midst, following all major checklist rules of awesome animation, bishies and bishoujos, distinct character designs, lots of action, sci-fi and/or supernatural blend, good music (BGM rocks and OST should be bitchin’), power struggle between groups and no sign of plot except for the ones above. Ahem. Though, even with all this, it still has its charm of being a beautiful looking time pass. Yep, that is what K is for me with it’s blue filter and all. I’m planning on having a lot of fun with it along with Fosh so hopefully, you would tune in weekly and we can make up some fun stories together. Let us know your views on the second episode and any theories. Till next time, ja ne~


BROHUGS for everyone. Come and get ’em~


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30 Responses to “「K」- 02”

  1. Amutofan123 says:

    I feel like I love this show more than I should. Because I really love K. Honestly, Kuroh running into walls entertains me more than the actual plot. Of course, we still have no clue what the plot is, but I don’t mind as long as it entertains. And it certainly entertains me at least. I think K will be a series that you just have to take and enjoy it for what it is.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh god when Kuroh ran into the wall I freaking died! Neko’s powers sure are something…its like a combination of Kuroko from Railgun and another power xDD

      Yeah people should enjoy K for what it is not what they WANT it to be even though I know I keep mentioning “durarara” with this series >.>

    • Kyokai says:

      I do still like this show. It just didn’t what I was expecting from it. Gonna stick with this till the end though. :3

  2. skylion says:

    Speaking of Neko for a moment I think my ears and eyes melted from cuteness! OH MY GOD her voice…since she is voiced by Mikako Komatsu my mind kept flashing towards Marika from Moretsu Pirates, but she never exactly ran around naked now did she?

    She just that bodacious, don’t you know? Hmm, many things could have happened on the Odette II. Perhaps an OVA is in the making?

    I went from luck-warm in episode one, to accepting and looking forward to more. Not edge of my seat, just “I’ll be having lunch tomorrow” looking forward. And I guess this could be a problem. We still have no hint of exposition. Just cool people being cool, or clumsy, or ~Nyaa~

    Wow, that took me several line breaks. Neko is an interesting character, and she drums up plenty of plot. But I don’t think I can let an entire series ride on her.


    • Foshizzel says:

      Hell ya! Neko is both bodacious and crazy! Lolol the unseen episodes of Moretsu eh Skylion? I can imagine…hotsprings and beach episodes for the win~


  3. Moni Chan says:

    On this episode on Durarara x D Gray Man … Naked Tag, it’s the shit

  4. Joojoobees says:

    I’ll admit that there just is no plot yet, but K somehow does not seem as stupid as Guilty Crown, which kept pretending that it had a plot.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah no plot at all in K right now and yes! I agree it doesn’t seem as stupid as Guilty Crown, but I have hopes for something to happen…

    • Kyokai says:

      I agree that K had less hype than Guilty Crown. Now that I’m no taking it seriously, I enjoyed the third episode more than previous ones. :3

  5. skylion says:

    Playing naked tag with Neko would not work out. I mean, we all saw how she cheats. Catgirls. All of the girl, and all of the cat….

    But, naked tag between Neko and Kuroneko (Oreimo), and Tsubasa (Monogatari series) would be choooooooice!

  6. skylion says:

    We interupt this program to bring you AMV HELL’s latest offering, now with Acchi Kocchi and Joshiraku!


    Oh, and K is not at all that bad.

  7. Gecko says:

    So confused by this show…
    I really do think this catgirl is a bit funky; she probably has something more serious to do but oh no, let’s have an all-episode chase. Neko runs around, Shiro chasing while dodging Kuroh, Kuroh follows diligently. Shiro is definitely not just a carefree guy though- I get the feeling he was the Colorless King and decided to wipe his memories and live as a high school student to avoid Kuroh while he’s mad about something. But maybe that’s just me, wanting a plot already.
    I’ll give this two more episodes to get me excited about it. So far this is just people running around, being cool, running into trouble, all in very nice animation with clashing music. I have to say, the music throws me off every other minute. Happy during fights, dramatic and put on repeat while we get a pan-over on the city… ugh.

    • Foshizzel says:

      No worries I think most of us are confused by the events in K! Like what is going on? Why are these clans fighting?! Lots of random questions…

      Yeah Neko is an interesting character so far I love her unique power <3 and I agree I want a decent plot to go with the amazing artwork T____T

      Hopefully things pick up really soon for you and everyone else.

  8. Namika says:

    I hate Uni. UUUUU. Have to study. UUUUU. Can’t watch anime. TT^TT
    Gonna watch this as soon as I get free 20 minutes. I don’t really mind K being focused on the eye and earcandy. If it’s such a great quality, I’m all for it! ^_^ for me, that’s enough to make up for the lack of a consistent and serious plot. Discovered this after loving Uraboku,no matter how terribly they failed at the plot development.

    • Kyokai says:

      I can tell you the nightmares I go through, while aniblogging after 12 hours of work… >>;
      Anyways, good luck with your studies! And I am still having fun with K, even if my expectations have gone down. You can’t always have anime with DEEP PLOT. Sometimes, it’s okay to just HAVE FUN! :3

  9. BlackBriar says:

    I’m enjoying so much that it would be irrelevant to me if it goes downhill a bit. Even with Guilty Crown, there was some fun to it.

    The color and visuals are still great eye candy and the music is nice. I imagine the plot will start next episode because I understand it’s only 13 episodes long.

    For someone so weak minded, Yashiro is surprisingly underhanded. I’ll go with the case of mistaken identity and has a double. He’s too much of a pacifist to pick up a gun, let alone kill someone in cold blood but he does look like he’s hiding something.

    The interesting one to me is Neko. The girl is totally reminiscent of Bakemonogatari’s Black Hanekawa. She’s obviously not human, so where does she fit in with this turf war? And it seems only machines and those with special abilities can see her roaming around in her birthday suit.

    • Kyokai says:

      You are right about Shiro. I don’t think he could go as far as killing someone on a whim. And Neko’s allegiance to Shiro and how she has been protecting him is another proof it. I too, want to know more about her because however frivolous she looks, she must have a goal and reason of existence.

  10. D-LaN says:

    I am freaking amused tht ppl declare this and R;N to be next GC.

    Well despite occasional/mostly sounding like an *ss in front of my parents while watching TVB drama, I watch anime/show for entertainment not analyzing DEEP PLOT lol.

  11. AllenAndArth says:

    my impression of this episode was… it’s a very strange anime…and katsura’s kid dosen’t make it less bizarre

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