Accel World 05-06

Getting down with some action and development.

Yo~ I finally have some time to review my shows. The Aniblog Tourney Highlights sure took a lot of time but I am happy with its results. Also, things have sped up in two episodes and without even reaching the midpoint; we have had lots of progress. I’ll try to be short and sweet so let’s get set go!

Jealousy can be blue too

The evident faceoff between Taku and Haru has been long time coming and I’m just glad they fought it out. Not playing the I-am-evil-just-because card but a proper explanation of why Taku went against Haru wins in my books. Jealousy is one of the oldest themes in romance but most guys are stupid in figuring out the fact that not everyone their girlfriend talks to or care about have special privileges like them. This one became more ‘complicated’ because they have been childhood friends and Chiyu has always gone far ahead in taking care of Haru (no wonder, he felt all pitied). Getting the full attention of the girl you like is any guy’s dream but however the circumstances, Taku shouldn’t have been such a douchebag about it.

After whatever transpired, I literally have to roll my eyes at the exaggerated way Taku’s character showed malice. I mean, in the end all they had to do is communicate properly and resolve. Of course, it’s Haru’s good moral fiber that didn’t let him abandon a friend, even when Taku had been a backstabbing douchebag. I definitely would like to see him grow to a better character rather than one of those, HAHAAA-fooled-ya-I’m-still-bad stupidity.

I believe I can fly

Haru’s Wings

I’m really not surprised here because the main character has to have a unique trait that is never before seen. The animation was beautiful and Haru’s return after almost losing it all was pretty awesome. Of course, seeing Hime (seriously, Kuroyukihime is too long to type!), had to trigger a reaction and no, it wasn’t any level up or special mojo. I’ve confirmed from the people who have read the original material that the wings were always part of his avatar, he just didn’t realize it. Like Hime described previously, duel avatar is made subconsciously by individual burst linkers so Haru’s avatar is everything that he wanted to be and his wish of soaring the sky activated that innate ability.

I’m here to encash my metal hugs, braah

Taku Vs Haru aka MECHBROS~

What’s an action series without some amazing shafting?! Cough. So, I present to you MechBROS. No seriously, they were so enraged that they had to show it repeatedly by firing their big bad weapons at each other… I literally had Evangelion déjà vu; who can forget Kaworu shafting Shinji, huh?! I would have liked the fight to last a bit longer but an underdog rising above difficulties and saving his friend valiantly in process was still pretty good. Also, mechbro hugs ftw~

Haru, “They are really pointy, you know… Did you get inspiration from Madonna?!”

Nega Nebulous

Somebody give me my bet monehhs because I was right about Hime not kicking the bucket. This is no Wolf’s Rain guys so getting main character killed at such an early stage would have been totally anticlimactic. Though, the recovery was too fast and her declaration of Nega Nebulous to rule over and challenge the remaining kings came faster than you could say steel knockers! Of course, the plot has to move and progress happen but I had a rather silly smile on my face seeing Haru princess-carry Hime across the Accel World arena, while she continued her declaration. Hime definitely knows what she’s doing and has already strategized to make the neutral zone her stronghold. I’m reminded of the Order of Black Knights here, fighting for justice, but are the populace suppressed in anyway? This is a game after all with the only plus point of acceleration. Is level 10 just an excuse to rule them all by Hime or she was honest about meeting the maker? I guess we’ll find out.


I-it’s not like I love you or anything!

In the first episode, Hime seemed one of the most distant characters out of the whole mix but she has definitely grown on me now. After confession, she seems to be cuter, taking care of what hairstyle Haru would like and going an extra mile in seeing the advantage for her man. Seriously, Haru is one lucky dude to have turned the ice queen Hime into a HNNNG moe girl, who blushes and fidgets. Her endearing factor was definitely fabulous max with that Bakemono Senjougahara hairstyle.


Taku’s connections

Just because Takahiro Sakurai is voicing the Blue Knight, Vanquish, I had Phi Brain déjà vu all over again (the seiyuu of Taku is the main character Kaito in that series). Though, why he went easy on Taku is still a mystery. I have a hunch that Taku might know Vanquish’s real identity? I can be wrong but the way he was submissive and everything sure raised a lot of hint flags. Also, one of the Blue Knight bodyguards, Cobal and/or Marga could be Taku’s kendo club captain if the subbers (I used Commie), got the gender right. Hime is definitely on to something with some usurping relating kendo club because they seemed to be linked to the Blue faction stronghold. Though, this time around, I don’t think Taku’s on the betrayal mode because he’s been honest in helping Haru level up.

Another addition to Haru’s harem, check.

Meeting the One

I definitely like the bodyguard of Accel World and she’s level one?! How can that anomaly be?! Yeah, I’m using Matrix references again but I can’t really help it. Even if her badger avatar was complete lulz, she seems to be totally badass and always-ready mode; except for her typical harem boob-grab introduction. Looking forward to the upcoming fight, which I’ve heard will be pretty awesome. I want to see this tag team in action.

Chiyu, “I won’t accept your relationship until you supply me doujins…”         Haru/Taku, “……..” 


In other words, keep it simple stupid! Most of my, where-is-the-connection-guyz query got distilled this episode because we finally saw the friendship angle in retrospect. Their kiddy slippers still prized by Haru and Chiyu are a sign that they still care, while Taku’s competitive nature made him forget the fact that the dude he was so jealous of actually considers him a very good friend. I sighed in relief, seeing them share junk food (bonding food!) and talking things out. Chiyu was annoying in a first few episodes but now even she has grown on me. Throwing books and what not was adorable. Also, for the guys out there, she provides the needed fanservice with shorty shorts and shower scenes. Yeah, I know why majority likes her but everyone has their own reason.

Overall, I’d say, this was the best episode so far (not Fate/Zero level, mind!), of this series because things are finally coming into perspective. As I said before, I wasn’t bothered with the pacing but the lack of character connections and how they could love/hate each other left, right and center. Iso from Nabe, highlighted to me on our IRC channel that it’s much better dealt with in novel/manga so if you had trouble like I did, rest assured things happened for a reason. The current episode specifically made a lot of things clear and I’m glad to see Taku out of the doghouse. Though, not in front of Hime because she’s pretty sure, he’s been up to no good. I hope the differences are dealt with soon as he has been helping out Haru by tag-fighting with him. If he was that bent on getting Haru out of the game, he could have just challenged him for a duel after Haru’s points went down to 8. On the other hand, our main hero definitely needs some lessons on perseverance because such mistakes can hurt him in the long run.

I’m still curious about why Chiyu is not a Burst Linker; though, there are chances she will become one soon. Also, I want to know more about all the kings and Vanquish’s deal with or without kendo. So, what are you looking forward to and any predictions? Do share your personal experience with this bumpy ride of an anime. Till next time, ja ne~


Hopefully, bodyguard megane-chan will help Haru out of his current fix.


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12 Responses to “Accel World 05-06”

  1. Justin says:

    I found myself so confused O.o Though I agree Ep 6 was better than the last few eps. I still question Kuroyukihime’s main goals though, and question which hairstyle was the best…:)

    • BlackBriar says:

      I don’t she’s telling the whole story. At the moment, it just sounds like she wants to reach the highest level and conquer everything. Hopefully, the next few episodes should shed more light on the subject.

    • Kyokai says:

      It’s like they are giving us bait with every added information. The info dump is still not done so the only thing we can do now is to keep watching to find out.

      Though, I do agree they went all over the place with plot. Do you think Hime is honest and what about our dude, Taku?

  2. BlackBriar says:

    This gets more fun the more I watch it and it’s the best so far. I’ve noticed the episodes all have titles that have “tion” at the end:
    And the next episode is titled “Restoration”. I wonder if they can keep that up since this is supposed to be a 24 episode long anime.

    Kuroyukihime is quickly becoming my favorite character and I love her black armor. Too bad she doesn’t have any hands to hold anything. She’s pretty ambitous and organized when it comes to the conquest of others. I’d normally see that kind of thing from villains. So I’d categorize her as somewhat of an anti-hero.

    Haru is developing nicely, whether it’s his fighting in Burst Link world with his awesome winged avatar that’s drawing a lot of attention or his communications between Kuroyukihime and his friends. What can hurt him severely is his hastiness. If he had waited a little longer and did a few more fights, he could’ve leveled up without fear of being deleted and permenantly shut out of the game. Let’s hope he really learns from his mistakes.

    I think Taku’s change of heart is being done too quickly. He’s trying too hard. I’d have understood if he slowly changed his ways after fighting Haru. After all, he was consumed by a lot of jealousy for a long period of time.

    Eating ice cream as a punishment for using someone as an instument in a personal feud? Sign me up! Chiyu is kind for letting those two off the hook so easily. What do you get if you suddenly caused anarchy in a school or city?

    I wasn’t convinced that megane girl could possibly become a bodyguard for high level players and seeing the previews, I’m even less convinced.

    • Kyokai says:

      You are on to something with the ‘tions’. With many more episodes to come, I’m sure we’ll be getting lots of progress and it’s easy to many tion-words so no worries!

      Chiyu and Hime have grown on me, specially in terms of Hime, even with most of the vibes saying that she doesn’t really seem all that innocent. Her power over Haru is one thing but she definitely looks at everything and strategizes accordingly. I’m sure, she has a big plan for Nega Nebulous.

      I like Haru’s development but like you am wary of Taku still. It would be too bad if he betrays Haru again but let’s see what happens with the deal with Vanquish.

      About the megane-girl, do not sell her so short, at least from the episodes seen till now, we know not everything is what it seems. I mean, imagine the pig avatar of Haru and how badass he turned out to be? I’ll advice to stick around to see what that badger turns into during duel. :3

  3. Tofu says:

    I doubt Taku has completely changed because of his interaction with Vanquish suggested otherwise. Why would Taku ask for “more time” and also asking him to not let him go? (Hadena subs) It makes no sense if he doesn’t he want out of Blue to join Kuroyukihime yet still bother to train Haruyuki. I’d say that he’s trying to win their trust but in the end Kuroyukihime found out his true motives OR she might be swayed by his ‘good nature’ in the next episode and not realize that Taku is actually plotting something?

    Then again I could be completely wrong ^^ It’s definitely getting much, much better ;D

    • Tofu says:

      In Hadena’s translation, Vanquish gave Taku a “stay of execution” which means that the decision to punish him has been postponed right? Oh gosh… I’m so confused right now…. OTL

    • Kyokai says:

      Usually the subbing groups do not make it easy for us to understand the finer points. I was kind of pissed off with them skipping the scene so quickly. I guess, it’s too early to guess the motives of Taku but he better turn out to be good because him betraying Haru again would be the end of their friendship. Let’s see what Hime does…

  4. Bob from Accounting says:

    So… are we going to hear Kuroyukihime’s name, then? I guess not. I wonder what we missed between those two between these episodes because Haru doesn’t seem to have changed what he calls her at all. Ah well, I’m having fun and it’s been a big improvement over episode 4’s ridiculous melodrama.

    • Kyokai says:

      Nope. Even the original novel skipped this and later it was revealed that her real name was something around Kuroyukihime as well.

      Haru seems on pins and needles faced with Hime but at least, it’s gotten better and I have somewhat accepted their relationship rather than calling a maneater. xD

  5. Foshizzel says:

    I know this series is on my “meh its anime” list and we did have that chat via Twitter, but they did present some interesting “mecha armored suits” this week with the knights look especially with the main looking boss character! I guess you could say they are a themed guild with those suits of armor.

    Other than that Haru is turning into an alright main character, even though I have my issues with him and no not the design I am getting over that…I guess I was annoyed at Haru and Taku saying sorry over and over again! Ah well I know Haru doesn’t want to loose his best friend so he is sticking to him.

    • Kyokai says:

      No wonder, Fosh, wherever there’s talk of mechs, your interest fine tunes in! :3 Well, overall Haru has kept on well but I can only hope that he doesn’t face more betrayal! ><

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