Zero no Tsukaima F – 04

Louise shows some discretion, knowing that it’s not socially acceptable to use Explosion on someone in public.

Hard to believe that just 3 episodes in, and the first arc is already over, the first villains already vanquished. Is this really the same JC Staff that took 3 episodes just to get Shana and Yuuji/Snake of the Festival to meet in Shakugan no Shana Final? Will they make good on Rie Kugimiya’s reputation as the queen of tsunderes?

After saving Aqualies and preventing a war in the previous episode, Saito and the gang get some deserved praise and well-earned rest back home at Tristain. A breather as well for all of us watching, because this episode was all about the harem antics.

Up first is a party in honor of our heroes, during which Saito and Louise start talking again about getting a house together. They decide to go somewhere a little more private, but before things get hot and heavy, they’re (as usual) broken up, by Siesta this time, who had been hiding under the covers. With predictably explosive results.

Tifania gets hit on at the party.

Siesta convinces Louise that Tifania has her eyes on Saito as well, and convinces her that they need to buy a house quickly so that she could seal the deal, so to speak (has it occurred to her to be nice for once?). This is just a scheme on Siesta’s part, though, because she uses her position as Saito’s maid – apparently forcibly assigned by queen Henrietta in an earlier season – to tag along with them on house hunting. Clearly a formula for headaches for Louise and explosions for Saito.

Louise displays her frustration with a classic headdesk and weary eyes.

Meanwhile in Gallia, Tabitha is on some serious business. She receives some medicine from the same magician who had given Joseph those fire marbles, which brings her mother back from her coma. Apparently her family is royalty, and her awakened mother wants her to be queen of Gallia.

Back at Tristain, the house hunt isn’t going well, and the more Louise and Siesta dawdle, the more girls seem to gravitate toward Saito, thanks to the fame of his heroic exploits. Fortunately, Henrietta steps in and gives Saito some land and a mansion within as reward for his heroics (why didn’t she do this first, saving them the trouble?).

What they were hoping for; what they got.

Saito, Louise, and Siesta go to his newly acquired land and find the dilapidated mansion that Henrietta gifted him. Deciding to make the best of things, they stay the night there, with Siesta (of course) insisting that she sleep together with Saito. Just when it looks like Saito may be able to pull it off, Tabitha flies in from nowhere to snuggle up and sleep next to him. Apparently she delayed her coronation for that. The episode closes with Louise doing what she does best, blowing a hole in the wall of her new bedroom.

Siesta being Siesta
How many times did JC Staff draw Louise getting angry at Siesta hitting on Saito? Let’s count:

1. At the party

2. At the realtor’s.

3. In front of their new mansion.

4. In the bedroom of their new mansion.

4b. In the same bedroom again, except with Tabitha added as a bonus.

After 3 very eventful episodes, this is exactly what the doctor ordered. Return of the harem antics, the main reason I’m even watching this show despite having skipped the middle seasons. I don’t recall much about Siesta from season 1, but I fell in love with her right away this episode. She seems to relish her role as spoiler for our main couple, and I loved how she kept pushing Louise’s buttons with abandon. Kind of reminds me of another Yui Horie voiced 3rd wheel this season, down to the ability and willingness to get under the main girl’s skin. Honestly, her antics had me laughing pretty hard and consistently throughout the episode.

Not all fun and games though, and it looks like they’re setting up for the next arc to start quickly, with Tabitha suddenly fixing her mother and about to become queen. Surely this means we’ll see more of the Elemental Siblings who would be working under her in this situation. And that’s A-OK with me, because Doudou and Jeanette were a joy to watch when they were on screen. More insane acrobatics and roof jumps, please! And what about Damian? He seems to be featured prominently in the OP.

Tifania was oddly absent for most of the episode. I absolutely adored her ball outfit, with that feathery headpiece. Then again, I’m a big fan of girls dressing up fancy in general. Or just looking different from their standard in any anime (on that note, how come Saito still wears that same blue jacket everywhere? Hasn’t he adapted to this world’s clothing by now? Considering how much crap he’s been through, how is it not a piece of rag by now?). 4 episodes in, her problems seem completely static, and she’s still stuck on getting a familiar. Kind of boring. Thank god she’s got the looks and the voice, but she’s going to have to smother Saito again or something – especially with Siesta playing the same role much more aggressively and successfully – if I’m to stay interested in her story.


No matter how big a house you have, you can’t beat the queen’s huge tracts of land, Louise.


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5 Responses to “Zero no Tsukaima F – 04”

  1. skylion says:

    One. I amazed that I’m still watching this. Formula for 40 episodes is formula.

    Two. I am amazed that I’m just now catching on to how big a….well….there is no nice euphemism for what Siesta is being right now. Nearly everyone female from lemons to melons to cannonballs are chasing after Saito, and Siesta is fine with this….so long as she get’s him over Louise.

    Three. I am amazed at how seriously I am taking it.

    Four. By the middle of the second series the character types of Louise and Saito (with little miss tsundere the most guilty) had gone so far to Flanderization; all that is left is sadism. Two series later? What can be worse than Fladerization?

    Five. It has a pint sized pettanko princess with pink hair, so I’m in too the (thank goodness it’s nearly here) end.

    • lvlln says:

      Siesta is being a real something alright, and I’m loving it! Her selfish, manipulative meddling make the relationship between Louise and Saito that much more fun to watch!

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Yeah that arc was over in a flash! Seriously boss showed up owned in the next episode! I would have been mad if they dragged it on for six episodes…

    Full shot of Tifa in her dress DO WANT! They robbed us on some fan service…but Melon-chan ftw <3 Or Lemon-chan? LOLOL so much talk of fruit and Siesta's pineapples xD

    I think Louise was angry about 90% of this episode...all that stress! I was happy to see Saito actually pushing to progress their relationship, even thou every other girl in the series is in her way. I think it is safe to say at this point in the series all the girls have the hots for Saito even the princess...

    DRAMA next week! I don't think Louise will argue with the princess for kissing Saito, I mean seriously what can she say??

  3. Karakuri says:

    Your opening screenshot really made me realize how the quality has upped since the last seasons (or maybe it’s because I watched the other ones streamed). But it seriously looks so… clean. Seriously.

    Plot wise, I flipped some tables. They’ve been recycling the whole “Saito is with harem girl X, Louise gets mad”. For 3 seasons already. …Though next episode looks like it will make me rage even more. I don’t understand my reasons for watching this anymore, yet here I am week after week. xD

    • lvlln says:

      I don’t have an accurate frame of reference compared to the rest of the series, but I definitely think this show has been very pretty so far. As you said, it looks very clean, and the colors pop out. And though the action scenes haven’t been amazing or anything, the animation in them have been solid with few obvious deficiencies.

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