Mouretsu Pirates – 04

Misa bringing in the sexy this week! HELLO,NURSE!

Ahoy there, Mouretsu pirate fans! So are you still having fun with this series so far? I know I sure love watching it every week. We have finally reached the fourth episode and things are starting to slowly develop with Marika’s future as a pirate captain.

Plot this week follows Marika revealing her big secret about being a Pirate Captain to the members of the Space Yacht Club, and the crew of the Odette II prepares for their first real battle.

Jenny-“You two are not very sneaky…”                     Kane-“Tell me about it, no seriously tell me!”

This week, things start off with Kane helping out Jenny, the president of Space Yacht Club with a new problem. She scanned the area around the Odette II and found three ships nearby without active transponders. Maybe they are sleeping, Jenny? Ever think about that? Well, Kane tries to throw Jenny off and takes a look for the three mysterious ships. He figures out one of the ships is the Bentenmaru and Misa floats off to warn the Bentenmaru about the other ships in the area. I was really surprised no one actually heard them talking about the pirate ship, but I think Jenny figured out the truth behind Kane and Misa already.


Marika-“Sooooo when is the hot yuri scene?”                    Chiaki-“Not gonna happen…I am not that easy.”

Marika-“Just kidding! Wait, what are you doing with that gun, Chiaki-chan? And why are you loading it?”

Jenny leads the girls, who continue to plot a course for the inner planets of the Tau Ceti system, and join Marika and Chiaki after working together once again. The two girls start to wonder why they are always paired up? I think it might have something to do with their names at the top of the character list? Maybe Kane is hoping for some yuri action? Anyway, while the two of them work, Marika and Chiaki talk about transponders; basically transponders contain every bit of information you need about the ship and they are required by law to keep them on at all times.

Marika was having way too much fun, but I would have more fun smashing that button like her.

After that short history lesson, Marika decides to do a scan aka GIANT EXPLODING BALL OF LIGHT to detect the hidden ships. The scan pretty much requires Marika to smash the button, sending out a massive shock wave filling the area. The whole scanning for enemies scene was just like watching Marika PUNCH THAT BUTTON; man, was that the best ever. After abusing that button a few times, Marika managed to find something on radar, which was a very old Pleiades-class battleship called the Alcyon, a ship that went down over one hundred and twenty years ago! Leaving Marika and Chaiki thinking about finding a ghost ship. Oh are you watching the current One Piece arc, Marika? So the two girls decide to ask Kane for help, but he just thinks they are being paranoid and ignores them for now…

Kane-“Ghost ship you say? Was Johnny Depp on board?”       Marika-“….”    Chiaki-“Surrounded by idiots.”

I wonder if pirate space ghosts like cute girls? After Kane successfully dodges the girls’ questions, Marika decides to tell the crew about her secret of becoming a pirate captain. But it appears that Jenny and Lynn already figured that out long ago. However, Misa discovered that the captain and vice captain of the Space Yacht Club both have a few records of their own. Jenny is the daughter of a rich tycoon so she has the money for the club, Lynn was placed on probation for hacking and several other club members have their own set of special problems. Jenny then asks Marika to setup a battle plan and lead the girls. The episode ends with Lynn floating off to prepare for some electronic warfare on her own computer…I would leave that job to the pro hacker; sorry Marika, you need more practice.

Marika-“Just don’t make any eye contact and she will go away.”         Chiaki-“She can hear you by the way.”


Jenny-“So you drew these battle plans?”               Marika-“Yep! Do you like them? I worked hard on them…”

Jenny-“Did you draw them with crayons?”                        Marika-“Wait…no…maybe I DID… SO WHAT?!”

Lynn-“Good luck, suckers, I am going to play some Skyrim! See you in a few days…”

Extra pirate fun

Kane-“Hello ladies, how about we go somewhere quiet and do some treasure hunting?”

Chiaki- “FUUUUU– Now we can’t get any awesome space kuroneko cosplay photos…”

Space raves are insane! Just ask Marika.

Misa tries to distract us with DEM legs…


Well, that was certainly a very slow paced episode…all that dramatic build up to the first battle and then nothing! Thankfully I still remember this series has twenty-six episodes to work with. So, did anyone else out there feel the reveal of Marika’s pirate secret, to be somewhat weak? Of course I really don’t know what I wanted to expect, but I thought it was really cool to find out Jenny and Lynn both had interesting backgrounds and a few other girls. This leaves the door open for Jenny to become a captain of the Odette II, or not? Because the opening video shows Jenny and Lynn with Marika and the remaining crew of the Bentenmaru…

Another great moment this week involved Marika smashing that button to scan for the hidden ships. I thought it was really cool to see the technology in action. Yes, it was more like a modern submarine searching for enemies using sonar, but I could tell Marika was just having a good time smashing that button over and over again. Lately I have been seeing a few bloggers comment that Marika and Chiaki teaming up is like watching Captain Kirk and Spock on Star Trek. I can agree to that statement because I have seen episodes and some of their movies with my dad, but watching them together is always great just to see the character interaction between them.

Marika is cool and all but damn, Misa looked good in this episode and it did not require a single pantsu shot. The money is in that outfit of hers and of course lots of thigh high action…I think I said this before but she is rocking that Nia hairstyle from TTGL very well, blond with blue highlights? WONDERFUL! Speaking of thigh highs…Lynn, did you steal those from Merry Nightmare? And I learned Lynn is voiced by Hikasa Yoko! Maybe we will get a few dozen character songs from her. So, Tofu and other Yoko fans are you watching? I think so…anyway cute girls doing awesome stuff in space this week! Hopefully things get interesting with the Odette II entering battle.


Marika decides to rock twin tails next week! Maybe?

Marika and the Space Yacht Club prepare for battle! YARR YOU BETTER BE WATCHING…


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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15 Responses to “Mouretsu Pirates – 04”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Misa is the eye candy of this episode. Distracting us with dem legs. And Kane is such a clown: “Breakfast beats worrying”. Even if it is slow, I can feel the good parts awaiting in the future. Though mostly optimistic, Marika has the good traits of a leader. I’d love to compare her to Guilty Crown’s Shu.

    Ok, a ghost pirate ship on the ocean is one thing, but a ghost pirate space ship? What’s next? And how did the school president find out about Marika so quickly? As president and heir of a major space shipping conglomerate, she must have informants lurking around.

    I would assume as a school ship and former pirate ship, it doesn’t have any weapons because they’re left with electronic warfare. So the only chance they have is to make sure it doesn’t escalate into an armed conflict.

    Yoko Hikasa has a character in this show… I’ll definitely be waiting for the next episode!! Just when I thought it was good enough seeing her as Nobara in Inu x Boku SS and Rias Gremory in High School DxD. Heads up, guys, expect high chances of yuri anytime in this show because I learned Lynn is a lesbian. Nice!!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahaha yessss I know right? <3 Misa she is a fun character and sexy, lolol Kane he is also interesting to watch I like his leadership side. Right the good stuff will come to us sooner or later, hmmm Marika compared to Shu? I guess that can work for leadership progression.

      YES! Ghost pirate ships in spaceeeeee! Seems like a great title for a future anime? I can only guess the Jenny had Lynn do some checking on some people since Lynn is the "hacker" of the group.

      Yeah I don't think the Odette II has any active electronic warfare is their only choice, then again we have no idea what else Jenny is hiding from the crew!

      YES! Mio in space I expect to see some character CDs coming out of this anime! Lots of girls seems like idolmaster material right there. Yeah she is getting around this season, Lynn digs chicks? LOLOL Niceeee xD

    • BetaRho says:

      haha sorry but when is Misa not the eye candy of the episode? I mean dang 😉 Pirates sure are a lot sexier in the future

  2. HannoX says:

    Historically, privateers did have merchant backers. So I wonder if Jenny’s family may be partly or wholly backing the Bentenmaru financially. That could explain why Jenny knows about Marika’s job offer. Lynn could know because Jenny told her or she could have hacked that information. Just because she’s on probation doesn’t mean she’s stopped hacking! And if Jenny’s family isn’t backing the Bentenmaru Lynn could have told her what she found. I think there’s a lot about those two yet to be revealed.

    As for the other girls with their special circumstances and their high school owning an ex-pirate ship… Makes you wonder if the space yacht club is a secret training ground for future space pirates. Even if that’s not the intent behind the club, it sure seems to be turning out that way!

    • Foshizzel says:

      For sure! Jenny probably put some money towards her club and to get the Odette II up and running again, I still think that Jenny and Lynn and a few girls from the club will team up and become space pirates to. Right Jenny could jump sides and join Marika and the other Bentenmaru members…Lynn is great! Everyone needs a skilled hacker on their team.

      Agreed there are more secrets behind Lynn, Jenny and countless other girls like Misa discovered.

      Yep! I have a feeling the Space yacht Club is actually a front for Jenny to take over as a space pirate and bring the other girls along for the adventure.

  3. akagami says:

    Not sure where I saw this, but it perfectly summed up my response to this episode:

    “They’re going to shoot someone in the preview, my heart is not ready!”

    For a show I was expecting to be plot driven, it moves really slow. It’s like a sprinter who got a good start, then twisted their ankle 5 steps in and started limping along… And there’s not much else going for it (definitely not a character driven show, because the characters are pretty flat). Here’s hoping it improves (soon)!

    • Foshizzel says:


      Yeah good points the show has started out strong and has slowed down a lot, hopefully things speed up soon! I think next week will be more of a “action” story and possible arrival of the Bentenmaru? I sure hope so.

      There are a few dull characters, but there are plenty of characters around that keep it entertaining. I love watching Chiaki and Marika interacting with each other! And of course we have Misa <3 she is there for the guys to drool over, and Kane for a few out there to drool over as well xD

  4. anaaga says:

    I actually don’t mind with the slow pace of this series. I don’t like it when anime is rushed, it usually ruins the plot. Though I have to agree that this episode was anti-climatic even though the preview last week was giving the hint for some action.

    The revelation for Mari (that’s her name right?) as a candidate for a pirate captain was pretty…surprising? I expect the students to more shocked, but they took it better than I thought. Maybe it has something to do with all the students’ shady pasts. Not to mention they’re still students, so I guess the excitement beats the shock from the revelation.

    The technology was awesome in this episode. I really want to have that kind of ships now

    • Foshizzel says:

      Agreed! I wouldn’t really like something where Marika is like YES I WILL BE A PIRATE NOW! Like if that happened in episode two I don’t think it would be as exciting…Right! All the build up and then terrible ending…yeah I hope next week is full of action.

      Yeah Marika’s reveal to the others was like HOORAY! and not so much shocked at all…I guess Jenny and Lynn spoiled the reaction with their whole yeah we know your secrets Marika…I guess the word pirates means nothing serious to the other girls.

      YES! Same…same here xD

  5. Gecko says:

    I think it was good that they aren’t rushing everyone into battle. Honestly, we still haven’t seen much of Marika and Chiaki’s skills yet, so hopefully we’ll see more and then Marika will take Chiaki with her to the Bentenmaru. Or maybe the pros in the club could go help… After all, who knows what the pirates will be doing.
    I suppose a little action would have been nice, but it might be just that in reality, space doesn’t have that much action.
    I want that ship too, although I’d probably get sick before it even moved…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ohhh yes it would have been a disaster if Marika and Chiaki were like CHARGE!!! So hopefully Marika’s master plan actually works, but I still think something will mess up after all she isn’t a true leader yet.

      LOLOL yeah I have no idea how I would do in space…or even in a real ship to ship battle.

  6. Joojoobees says:

    I don’t think the point was a big reveal about Marika becoming a pirate, but rather that she took responsibility for what she was doing by explaining it herself to Jenny and the others.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahh true! Thinking back on it you are correct, it was more like we know who you are now tell us what you plan on doing next.

  7. Mushyrulez says:

    Nope, transponders should be active at all times, just like how even when you sleep, your computer can be turned on. Similarly, if you have an auto-vacation e-mail responder, even if you’re on vacation, you’ll still reply to e-mails automatically. Sleeping is no excuse for not activating a transponder.

    I like how this show manages to have miniskirts in space without resorting to pantyshots. Which is totally contradictory to the point of wearing miniskirts in space, because all of us know that there’s no practical purpose to doing that. Well, there is a practical purpose – if the spaceship blows, your legs are going to be the first to freeze. Wait, that’s not a purpose…

    tl;dr: ALL dramatic anime NEED giant buttons to be successful

  8. BetaRho says:

    Well it appears that this show just cannot cease to get better and better. And Kane sir, you are living a man’s dream -_-

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