Kimi to Boku – 13 [END]

“The slightest change causes great excitement.”~

~OH HEY LOOK, my first post of 2012, guys! I believe that subconsciously I wanted to deny the fact that Kimi to Boku would be ending by not even mentioning it in my last post. It didn’t even cross my mind until a few days ago *grabs tissue* But hey! It’ll be back in April! So there’s no need to cry, right? Right? *sobs anyway*

For Kimi to Boku’s grand finale (before coming back in April), the boys decide to work at their old Kindergarten for their workplace experience. Kaname quickly warns his three oldest friends to cut any talk about Kaori-sensei to keep Chizuru from finding out. Upon entering the Kindergarten, a boy in a tree throws a pebble at ‘trespasser’ Chizuru, then begins to terrorize both him and Kaname with an umbrella when they try to scold him. He stops however when Shun gets his hair caught in a tree branch and tries to free him from it. Distracted, Kaname and Chizuru grab hold of him, but Kaname quickly lets go upon seeing a still-young looking Kaori-sensei. They’re introduced to the kids, who quickly take a liking to them as they cling, play, and mess with the four boys.

During play-time, Yuki and Kaname play house with a girl; Yuki being the father while Kaname is appointed as first son. As Chizuhara enters as the troublesome second son, he notices the same boy from earlier, Ken, staring at them and asks if he wants to play house too. He refuses, but Chizuru brings him in anyway as the third son. The girl, Sono, however thinks it’s too many children, making Ken panic as he suggests that he can be the first son while Kaname becomes the dog. She doesn’t like the idea and Ken kicks the table over in anger.

The boys soon grow exhausted of the constant clinging and energy from the kids and hideout in the bathroom. After a few words from Shun, plus Kaori-sensei’s abrupt intrusion, has them going back just in time for snack time. Kaname is seated near Ken, who hasn’t eaten his cookies yet. He then nervously tries to give them to Sono, but a kid nearby buts in to say he probably stole them. The kids start calling him out, driving him to angrily jump on the table and eat everyone’s cookies. Ken tries to run, but Kaname stops him before getting near the door. One kick in a certain area and he escapes.

Remembering Shun’s words about Ken not being such a bad kid, Kaname follows him into the playground and surprisingly comforts him. He then leads him to a game the class is playing outside, where the person in the middle (which happens to be Sono) crouches in the middle of a circle everyone creates and tries to guess who’s behind her. Kaname puts him behind her, and she guesses him instantly, saying that he always seems to smell like sweets to her. Ken apologizes, both for the house game and the cookies, and finally gives her his cookies.

The day finally ends for the boys, who have last words with Kaori-sensei before leaving. Suddenly Ken appears and pushes Kaori-sensei into Kaname! Walking home after the incident, Shun accidentally lets it slips about Kaname’s young crush for her. Chizuru starts laughing, as predicted, while an angry Kaname starts inching his way to a frightened Shun with Yuta and Yuki making their usual comments in the background, concluding another seemingly ordinary day~.

One last Shun Spam before April (because this is my post and I can do what I want -SOB-)~

End Thoughts:Ugh, can I just say I loved everything about this episode and be done so I can sob quietly in my corner meant specifically for fandom-related depression? What show will bring out silly giggles from me now?! I’m sorry; I guess I shouldn’t be moping so much, since it’ll be back in April (Oh lord, imagine when it ends THEN? NON-STOP TEARS, GUYS). Anyway, the boys going back to their Kindergarten was classic. I had a feeling they’d somehow work back the Kindergarten memories into the last episode, but I didn’t think they’d physically go back to the Kindergarten for work experience. It was such a brilliant connection with episode 4, where a certain teacher, Azuma-sensei, had the same difficulty with Kaname as Kaname had with Ken, and on the same feelings of jealousy and shyness. Seeing Kaname actually show a bit of his soft, brotherly side was a nice change (and further proved just how tsundere he is). Overall I just liked that while it was another typical episode of the boys, it had this perfect sense of closure. I didn’t get that “Oh, just another regular episode” hanging feeling because of the connection I said earlier, and of course, Shun’s narration for this episode, which he had done also in the first episode. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine a better, more entertaining ending for this first season.

Kimi to Boku as a whole was just a overdose of simplicity, sweetness, and innocence, even with the occasional dirty jokes and silly antics. It was all those childhood flashbacks and first-love-focused episodes that had me swooning, giggling, and spazzing like the crazy fangirl hidden away in me. While each episode did have that nearly perfect blend of comedy, the sweetness and innocence still stuck out because of the themes, which were actually let out quite subtely through certain characters’ narrations/look into their inner thoughts. I honestly thought some of this show would be just plain cheesy, but the writing was brilliantly crafty enough to hide the straight-up cheese in the stories. The show unfortunately started off quite slow in the first episode and threw a lot of people off. I think if you were attracted to shows like it in the first place (like me), then you stuck to it from the beginning to see what would unfold. It was honestly slow and a bit uninteresting from the beginning, except for the cute tidbits of them as kids. When Chizuhara joined in though, the show definitely got much livelier. Sometimes I feel as if Kimi to Boku is seriously underrated because of that slow beginning, I mean, the storylines that may not have been the most original thing in the world, but there were some golden episodes (like Episode 12, 7, 10), and serious quality in the writing (as I mentioned earlier) and in the small details. Not to mention it does get quite entertaining because of the upped comedy that happens after Chizuhara joins in. This may be just my defensive nature against anything I like.  I, of course, know that this is not everyone’s cup of anime tea.

With a second season on its way and an ending that practically sums up the first season, I have so many questions as to how this will play out in April. Will it be just more episodes similar to that in the first season, or will we get some high school drama? I mean, Chizuhara’s crush on Masaki has yet to be noticed and Masaki’s crush on Shun has gone unnoticed by Shun himself. WILL THERE BE CONFESSIONS FINALLY? What if Chizuhara gets a little too jealous? Actually, I highly doubt there’d be any serious drama, but a little wouldn’t be that bad. The innocent, care-free image has to kept at least, but yes, there should be a little more spice! I have a feeling we will get something a tad bit more serious because of this ending, but who knows. Either way, I’m pretty sure I’ll fall for the second season as hard as I fell for this first one. (Another question: WILL THERE BE MORE CAT REFERENCES?)

With that folks, another series has come and been aniblogged, already being shelved for another plethera of new shows who need their chance to be analyzed and fangirled/fanboyed over as well. Unfortunately for me, this series seemed to go by really fast ani-blogging wise because of all the recap posts I was forced to make because of school. I wish I had more time to actually sit down, enjoy it, and let it all soak in, especially when writing about the episodes. Hopefully for it’s next season I’ll be able to do just that (and be able to comment more). Thank you all for reading and hoped you enjoyed the series as much as I had. Until next time then~!!


One last cat before we return in April~


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5 Responses to “Kimi to Boku – 13 [END]”

  1. Marvelous post, Hoshi! I completely agree with everything you’ve mentioned that I don’t think I have anything to elaborate on in this comment.
    That Shun picture compilation is absolute Hnnng ^^
    I’m curious to how Chizuru’s going to deliver his confession – whether it will be a sudden outburst because he can’t surpress much longer or will Masaki gradually start to like him and she confesses. GAH THE SUSPENSE. 4 months, 4 months.
    I actually want to see Shun fall in love with somebody, too. I would find it pretty sad if Kaname, Yuta, Yuki and Chizuru all have someone but Shun doesn’t. On the other hand I can’t imagine what kind of girl Shun would be interested in. His own personality is already like that of the cute and sensitive girl of any guy’s dreams..would he want a tomboy or…?

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Thanks, Star<3 ;~;

      I have a feeling maybe Chizuru would let out his confession accidentally, and Masaki just happens to hear, so she freaks out and tries to stay away from him (because we all know she's so tsundere herself). But then she does gradually start to like him and there's our possible happy ending xD

      I felt the same way about Shun not falling in love with someone this season too. I want him to, but then it's hard to imagine what kind of girl. OMG THOUGH, SHUN WITH A TOMBOY WOULD BE THE GREATEST THING EVER. I'm already fangirling just thinking about it.

    • jara says:

      will there be season 3?

  2. Kyokai says:

    Oh THIS. When will April START? I WANT IT RIGHT NAO!!! D:

    I loved everything about this series and the last episode was simply an icing on the cake. It had everything interesting about the boys and then some. Chizuru pouting was so cuuuuuute and Kanamecchie being all MANRY. Oh damn, where else will we get our cute bishie fix?! Maybe Daily lives of highschool boys would be some consolation this season. :3

    • Hoshi says:


      It’s always fun to see Kanamechhie acts so MANRY xD But yes, our regular bishie fix is no more ;A; I personally don’t think Daily Lives of Highschool Boys will be that fix for Winter season xD It looks too silly and crazy for that hahaha! (But who knows?)

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