Brave 10 – 04


I’m just SO EXCITED for this week’s Brave10! Date Masamune, I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU NNNGGGHHHHH.

As if the anime knows what I’m thinking, episode four starts with Date being on his way to Izumo. NNNGGGHHH. Just like Ieyasu, he wants the Kushiimata aka Isanami’s hairpin, a fragment of the Deity that’s left in this world. In a hairpin. According to Date’s minion, “turning the tables” means that hee wants to bring “misfortune into this world.” And sadly, his minion is right. It’s the same in manga too.


Unlike the manga though, the anime skips the town part and goes into Izumo right away. After walking around Izumo’s rubbles and remembering all the happy moments when she was there, Isanami breaks down and starts crying. Saizou does a good job at cheering her, saying that humans can’t do anything about deaths; instead, it’s better to find out the reason why it happened. Unfortunately, his own words ended up stirring his own emotions. Saizou not only remembered his own past, he was startled for a while when Isanami said that the world would have been more peaceful if those reasons of death never existed. Saizou, who did you kill!?



Kakei disrupts their romance by shooting his gun just to tell them that he didn’t find anything. Leaning on the only temple gate that’s not burned, Saizou just noticed that it’s the only one that’s not burned. So observant of him. Anyways, he notices the deformed Yin Yang pattern on the ground. Miraculously, Isanami moves the stones around like a pro, making the perfect Yin Yang pattern. And viola! It opens up, showing underground stairs. Too bad the group still can’t find anything useful there, only some primitive writing in Izumo language that nobody can read.

Isanami is a genius!

…Or not

Suddenly the group is cornered by Hattori and that slutty snake woman. After realizing that they’re after her hairpin, Isanami goes into the state of shock, thinking that she “killed the Head Priest and the others.” Meanwhile, Hattori keeps Saizou busy and the same goes to Kakei and the Sengoku Medusa. Saizou is about to get his butt kicked when Yuri interrupts and messes everything with his wind. Thanks to Yuri’s backup, Saizou defeats Hattori, and Kakei kills Sengoku Medusa by shooting her through himself. How that can possibly happen, I have no idea. Apparently bullets can go through two persons without making the first person dead.

Good job at literally hiding in the dark

Saizou needs shoulder pads

I have to admit, he looks pretty badass here

Isanami tries to make herself useful by bandaging the injured after the battle. Unfortunately, she’s back to her Damsel in Distress Mode by being kidnapped by NNNNNGGGGHHHH Date Masamune.


Welcome to Izumo:

Saizou, you tsuntsun

Reminds me of Bible Black

“Yukimura-sama, please don’t stare at my sexy hips, there are kids watching this show. anaaga won’t be legal until April”


This is the limit for me. Isanami’s ineptness has been overshadowed by her cuteness, and this is probably the only reason why I haven’t been going all RAGE over her character. Let’s not forget the Newly Orphaned and Protected Environment badges too, so I’m being lenient here. And her hair is silver too. But enough is enough. This is a fact that I’ll finally say it out loud: ISANAMI IS USELESS. She probably breaks the record for being kidnapped/useless in four straight episodes. Episode one? Chained then exploded for no reason. Episode two? Fainted because of a snake. Episode three? Bungee jumping thanks to Yuri. Episode four? Became Date Masamune’s gurl. She needs to get her act together or I might hate her by the end of this series. Cute or not, fashionable or not, I prefer my characters useful, and Isanami is not doing a good job at that. The only redeeming factors she has right now are: 1) cute 2) adorable 3) Saizou’s anti-depressant, and 4) for solving the Yin Yang puzzle.

Oh, I’m not stopping. Other than Isanami, there are things I’m not quite satisfied with this episode. First, they skipped the town part. It’s just about Isanami dancing in the middle of the town, but what I want is not Isanami but two of Date’s minions that are supposed to be working together with Hattori. Poor characters, it seems that they have been wiped out from the entire series. They’re not important themselves, but they are rather important to show Masamune’s somehow twisted personality. The little talks Masamune had with the hired minions would’ve helped the audience to see more in Date Masamune rather than just a cocky ruler who wants to change the world. No, Date Masamune in Brave10 is more than that. The second part I want to complain about is how little screen time Kakei had with the Sengoku Medusa. During their fight, Kakei slightly developed Stockholm Syndrome due to the fact that his enemy was an exposed woman. They somehow had this momentary bond that ended when Kakei killed the Sengoku Medusa. It’s such a waste to leave that part out because it was actually pretty interesting. This is what happens when an anime is only twelve episodes long when they can make twenty-four episodes out of it. Should’ve made two cour for my bishies, *insert name of Studio that’s making Brave10*

Despite my complaints, I did enjoy this episode. The fighting was too dark for me to take screencaps of, so I’m still a little bit pissed at that. It was still fun since I got to see Hattori and half of his hairstyle. I was all RAGE when I saw Yuri, but then I changed my mind when he blushed at Saizou. HOMOLUST IN THE AIR. There’s finally some hints about Saizou’s past. He killed his lover or mother maybe? I suspect that he killed his ninja partner. Either way, we finally can get to know more about Saizou. This is a good progress for the story, but then Masamune’s appearance complicates things further. He works for Ieyasu, but it’s obvious that he has his own plan for Isanami. What is the plan? It seems that Masamune will be our villain for this series. Maybe, because my mind is a mess (in a good way) thanks to him.

I can’t think clearly right now because ASDFGHJKL DATE MASAMUNE FINALLY APPEARED. I was hard for me not to expect him saying “LET’S PARTY!!” when he’s not voiced by Nakai Kazuya (sadface), but he’s still so fabulous here!! I’m so glad Isanami got kidnapped by Masamune because I can get to see his castle and ASDFGHJKL Kojurou next week! Date’s appearance in this episode made this episode perfect. Complaints? What complaints? THIS EPISODE WAS SO FABULOUS!

Preview: So, Isanami is kidnapped, and Saizou is depressed without his anti-depressant. Expect some Sasuke x Saizou homolust next week. And what’s with that mustache, Kojurou?

Ho Yay


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8 Responses to “Brave 10 – 04”

  1. Liza says:

    I also agree that Isanami was completely useless(except for solving puzzles) but I was really expecting her to do the whole power to make everything dead thing again since she was having a mental breakdown.

    • anaaga says:

      I thought she was going to explode when she saw Saizou dying. Seems that the power is pretty picky.
      She’s actually much worse in the manga

  2. Kitty says:

    DATE MASAMUNE!!! LET’S [email protected]#$%!&@% PARTY!!!

  3. Snowley says:

    “Ho Yay” ?
    Youuuuuu. You read Tv Tropes?

    • anaaga says:

      Shit, I got caught. My internet reputation is doomed forever

      I don’t go through the community though. They make me feel like a genius to the point where it’s just saddening

      • Snowley says:

        I don’t know troppers community, although I love reading them to the point I sometimes use them while writing or talking. Confused masses ensured.

        • anaaga says:

          Yeah, I read the trivias only too. They have funny names *snort*
          Tropers community is just sad now. Just google Troper Tales.

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