Kimi to Boku 07 – 08

“Shhh! Don’t mention any pairings! This show is supposed to be clean and ship-free!”

~Oh, I tried my hardest not to let my yaoi fangirl thoughts out while watching this show, but after episode 8, I just…I just can’t. There are just so many pairing combinations I can think of, it’s ridiculous. Basically everyone is shippable with everyone. Now I think it’s time to get to some serious, non-pairing business (if that’s possible).

One afternoon the boys go on a search for Yuta before walking home together and they end up stumbling upon him being confessed to by a girl in their year named Takahashi. With Yuta not mentioning it even once to the group the next day, the curious gang decides to follow the two when they go on an after-school date. Yuta quickly notices them but continues on with Takahashi suggesting they go to the bookstore. The two then go to a restaurant where she reveals her love for books and her shy nature.

On a flashback from Takahashi’s point of view, she’s shown in gym looking for someone to help her carry a mat when Yuta suddenly appears to help her. As she admits she hadn’t planned on confessing to him in the first place, Takahashi’s brought back to the present when her friends ask about her and Yuta. The next day as the two go to leave school together, Takahashi hears her friends from a distance in the locker room, saying they didn’t think she’d actually confess to him since they meant it as a joke and that they thought he’d turn her down. At first it seems it doesn’t affect her, but she begins to cry until the evening with Yuta waiting for her the whole time. She admits she knew they would say things like that behind her back, but she doesn’t want to abandon them. Yuki agrees, telling her that if she changed a little, maybe she can have more fun with them and even grow to like them. In the end, the two break up, but see each other once more when Takahashi goes to bring him back his CD.

Episode 8 concerns on manga-making when a member of the Manga Society, Ryunosuke, asks Yuki to submit a 5 page manga for the club to add to their anthology. Yuki summons the other four together to help create it since he doesn’t draw manga. They do relay format where one person draws one page and then combines them to create one story. Ideas are passed around until they decided to draw a story about a hero.

Yuta goes first and surprises everyone with his amazing art skills. Next is Yuki, who downgrades all the details from the first page, then Shun with a more shoujo-y art style. Ryunosuke comes by to ask if he has any questions, and Yuki notices that he has the work from the other members. He apologizes, but Ryunosuke says that it’s fine since he doesn’t act like an otaku, admitting that he thinks he’s cool. Seeing this, Chizuhara gets an idea for the next page, which is now turned into a school drama with a characters that look quite similar to him and Masaki. Kaname draws the final page which makes everyone burst into laughter at the bad art and cheesy ending. With the pages done, Chizuhara has Yuki make copies for everyone, but he accidentally puts it into a shredder. Luckily Chizuhara saves it while Kaname gives Yuki a punch.

The second half focuses on Ryunosuke, who decides to write his manga about Yuki, his hero. He first comes up with a Power Rangers-like scenario with the whole gang dressing up in the colorful tight suits. However Yuki suddenly is back in his school uniform and gets too tired to fight. In another scenario, Kaname appears as the bad guy, taking away Shun from Yuta as a payment for his debts. Samurai Yuki appears with Chizuhara in a baby carriage and takes out his sword only to use it to smack the carriage to Kaname. After bumping into the Yuki the next day, Ryunosuke comes up with something new; Yuki as a lone trouble maker who meets Shun one rainy day. A showdown in the middle of a field insues between him and Kaname, but a gang comes along with Yuta as their leader before anything happens. He tries grabbing Shun, but Yuki stops him. Shun tries to stop him from fighting, but he pushes him out of the way, going forward only to run off saying he needs to catch an anime.

At school, Ryunosuke ends up meeting him behind a building. Lost in thought, he doesn’t notice a ball heading towards him. Luckily Yuki pulls him away in time, and then attempts to give the ball back, only to have it go over the tree tops. Before Yuki leaves, he asks Ryunosuke to show him his manga when he’s done~.

Shun-is-Totally-Manly mini-spam:

Rocking the pink Power Ranger pose better than any girl you know.

My newest ship: YukixShun

And to welcome the newest adorable child, a Ryunosuke spam!:

End thoughts:  I’m going to go all out and say episode 8 was the best episode of Kimi to Boku EVER. First off, they decide to bring out Ryunosuke, who is SO ADORABLE (dare I say more adorable than Shun *gasp*) and so tiny! They give me Shun, and now this cute, little freshman as well? I can’t handle all this cuteness; it’s too much! Anyway, the best parts of the episode were definitely concerning the manga-making. The scenarios Ryunosuke thought of were so great; I couldn’t stop laughing, especially seeing that Shun was the chick for every one of them, HA. Power Rangers was classic, but the lonely bad-boy scenario was the cherry on top of that. Seeing the boys’ reaction to each others drawings in the manga relay was pretty hilarious as well. I busted up laughing when they got to Kaname because you could already see them getting ready to laugh, and that whole build up got to me as well. It was just fun to see everyone’s art, from Yuta’s surprisingly good style to Shun’s hysterical big shoujo eyes style to Kaname’s alien people style (I really should not be laughing though; I used to draw like that as well).

Of course, I’m not saying that episode 7 wasn’t enjoyable. It has become one of my favorite episodes of Kimi to Boku actually because of the innocent and sweet love story aspect. Takahashi and Yuta seemed so fit for each other, so I became quite sad when they didn’t stay together in the end. However, at the same time, I understood why they had to break up. I’d like to think they will be together in the future when they’re both grown. I feel like that’s what Yuta was referring to when he mentions how his CD ended up growing on him and that he began to like it, but can’t say he loves it yet; then there was that ‘love isn’t simple’ comment from Takahashi. I keep forgetting that amidst all the comedic moments and loveable, shippable characters, Kimi to Boku does have its good share of brilliant, meaningful stories. It’s all this sillyness that shines over it sometimes~.


Not only do I have no idea what this new episode is about, I also have no idea why its titled ‘naked king.’ We’ll just have to wait until next week then~!!


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4 Responses to “Kimi to Boku 07 – 08”

  1. TheVoid says:

    Shun is the best girl in this show.

    Ryunosuke needs to come up with more ideas involving them.

  2. Kyokai says:

    HNNNNGGGG. Why is Kimi to Boku SO GOOD?! I go all kira-kira over every episode. Shun can beat any shoujo girl and give her a run for her money because he’s just that good. Yuta and Yuki both has such interesting personalities, I want to just fangirl them. Also, don’t get me started on shipping at all! xD

  3. kluxorious says:

    episode 7 brought some unexpected tears to my eyes. It was so moving or maybe I was emotionally unstable at that time. As for episode 8… I wanna get marry to Yutan just based on his drawings <3

  4. Foshizzel says:

    Damn episode seven is by far the most emotional episode for me! Damn so many tears, but amazing job overall xD

    Episode eight hahaha that was so damn good! I was instantly thinking while watching going HOLY CRAP! This could be a Gintama skit so easily. But I loved how the manga story kept bouncing around, and LOL Drawing one character because the other two “Died” LOL WTF that was so funny hahaha

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