Mayo Chiki – 10

Subaru- “Ojou-sama, can I kill them now?”                    Kanade- “No, we still need our viewers.”

Welcome back, readers! I hope you are having a good week so far, this series is going along at a fun pace though I would rather have some explanations into the whole Jirou and Subaru paring! Anyway, I am still having a blast with this series. Other anime stuffs! I finished a new drawing this time I went with Akari from Yuru yuri, another funny summer anime and a video on youtube and Vimeo to go along with the drawing. Well enough of that, let’s get on with the review.

Plot this week follows the lovable yet hyperactive Kureha! I know most people would rather avoid any themed episodes with her, because she is part of the dreaded Hanazawa virus. Anyway this episode is dedicated to Kureha due to her sixteenth birthday. She gets gifts from Subaru, Kanade, Usami and Nakuru but she really wants a gift from her brother, who happened to forget her fifteenth birthday last year. So prepare yourself for a sibling bonding episode between Jirou and Kureha.

Jirou needs his beauty sleep! After all the abuse from the maids.

Things start out with Kureha getting really excited on her birthday after she tries to wake her brother, as she already has special plans with Usami and Nakuru. The two girls have prepared a birthday lunch for her and each girl has something to give Kureha. Nakuru gives her some glasses and puts on a BL themed play! Obviously she is using Jirou and Subaru as her “characters”, which ends up in a close kiss between Usami and Nakuru… Yuri filled kissing scenes in Mayo chiki? Sure, why not. And Usami gives Kureha a body pillow with Subaru’s picture on it. Boy, Kureha is going to be pissed when she learns the truth about Subaru.

That food looks amazing! That pizza and chicken, I could go for some right now.

Kureha-“I will never wash this pillowcase ever!”                   Usami-“That’s a bit too much info…”

Mouth to mouth! Don’t worry, Usami, Nakuru doesn’t bite much…

After the worst play ever, Nakuru has the last gift for Kureha: a trip to the maid café! Wait what kind of girl takes another girl to a maid café? I guess we know who really has the maid fetish around here, huh? Nakuru or maybe Kanade has one. Kureha gets an awesome birthday song by all the maids and she also gets her present from Kanade. She gets her very own fighting game with Kureha and Jirou as playable characters, which she got from the school’s gaming club using that famous tsundere line we all love and hate to hear. As happy as this day is for Kureha, she reveals some past birthdays with her brother always buying her a gift every year! So birthdays always stand out for Kureha because she remembers all of them.

Kanade- “Now my harem of maids is complete!”

Look at those amazing graphics! Watch out Marvel versus Capcom 3!

Subaru- “I need to borrow this game for…personal…research.”

After the café visit Kureha shares a few more stories about Jirou coming to her rescue, usually on her birthday he always cheered his sister up by being there when she was sad or depressed. Of course Kureha is extremely happy when she is wrestling her brother. Awwww the sibling love is just so cute and dangerous at the same time! Kureha reveals a sad story when she was turning fifteen, when Jirou completely forgot about her birthday. Trust me I have done that before so I feel your pain, bro. Anyway when Kureha arrives home at last, she wanders in a bit depressed wondering if he forgot again this year. However, Jirou hasn’t forgotten and surprises her with a large polar bear plushie. Kureha really loves the gift and proceeds to show her love in the only way she knows: breaking Jirou’s bones and turning him into a human pretzel.

Kanade secretly wants to be Jirou’s sister! She would make him a slave…

Kureha, why are you so cute? Guess that’s the power of birthdays!

Jirou- “Sweet! Now Kureha has a new victim to play with, which means I am free!!”

NOT! (Result of Kureha’s brotherly love)

Extra birthday fun

Kureha- “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!? Oh wait I rented this….”

Nakuru- “Pro tip: don’t forget your glasses! OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN.”


Usami- “What the hell! An escort mission?! I HATE THOSE!!”

End Thoughts:

This was a quick episode as it felt really short; I guess we are usually used to Jirou being the main focus of most episodes. I can’t really lie I did enjoy watching and listening to Kureha and it helps that she’s voiced by a very popular voice-actress, but it was strange to see her getting a special episode dedicated to her alone. I still managed to laugh and they even pushed a bit of fanservice into her episode, I know shocking, right? And we almost had a yuri scene too! I kind of knew Usami would throw Nakuru off like that, after all I think Usami would rather be with the real Jirou not a crazed catgirl with glasses.

Anyone else think the ghosts in Usami’s apartment a bit random? For Gintama fans we have seen this already with the recent episode as we get they love THE RING! That joke is old and busted now though, so please Japan let it go. As random as the ghosts were, I still laughed at Kureha’s reaction to hearing the stories, funny side note I just watched paranormal activity two! DAMN THAT MOVIE! So scary even though I know its hardcore fake; I watched it with my mom and sister, man can those two scream. Anyway, so we get to visit that maid café once again with this episode, maybe they are running out of ideas? I also find it funny Jirou still gets marked as the perverted character when he wasn’t even around! But I think we can figure out who has the real fetish for maids.

Birthday song! What was that? I guess we will get a character CD soon with all the girls singing and I noticed some anime posters! We had Kampfer and Hidan no Aria at the start when Kanade is bribing the gaming club and I think there was a Saber figure on the table? Well Kureha got her wish and Jirou saved the day! Good work man, because Kureha would have murdered you if you forgot her birthday again. That ending was so good! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SISTER! Ahahaha nice engrish for the ending. Also, I almost forgot Usami’s gift! She got a game from Kanade too, not sure why but of course that’s just her way of showing she loves you. I think we might have another pair to deal with: Usami and Kanade? Are they enemies or secretly best friends?


Now with more catty sound effects

Not sure what to say! I think we might have some more Yuri vibes? Subaru was talking about kissing and rubbing on Kanade….So expect something on that!


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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6 Responses to “Mayo Chiki – 10”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Kanade is such a demon girl who rules unopposed. She’s basically telling the game designers “Have the game ready by tomorrow or face my butler’s wrath”. She clearly made her point using the action figures as an example.

    That game was obviously another one of Kanade’s tricks to get under Jirou’s skin and make him look bad in front of everyone else. How low can she go? But give her props, she’s a pro at video games.

    Arrrgh!!! I was so cheated!! I was hoping Usami and Nakuru would kiss and it was pretty damn close, too!! Hopefully I’ll get my chance next week.

    The Sakamachi family has some strange reflexes. Jirou nosebleeds whenever a girl touches him and Kureha wrestles anything she gets her hands on even if it’s to show gratitude. She really looked cute as a kid. Like last week, I found another resemblance. There’s Kureha and there’s Sakura from Naruto. I’ve gotta pay more attention to these things.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yes! I liked that whole scene with her telling the game club what she wanted, of course Subaru being around helps things get done xD

      Yeah Kanade really likes messing with Jirou’s mind and making others think he’s up to something always! Or making him look like a siscon?

      Ahahaha yeahhhh we all were cheated this week Usami was like OHHH MY GOD NO! LOL

      LOL Nice Kureha is a bit like Sakura! Yep next week we get to learn more about their family at last! I am curious about how their dad and mom met xD

  2. Hime says:

    Kampfer poster in the background = epic

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes! And we had Hildan no Aria posters, I think someone told me there was a Yumekui Merry poster in a few episodes back either in Jirou’s room or somewhere else.

    • Dan-go says:

      what the. wow you’re sharp. i totally didnt notice

  3. Bluemist says:

    lolwut I just realized the posters

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