Sacred Seven – 02

Never take sky diving lessons from a butler.

Heya all! I’m still unsure about this anime since the first episode BUT I’m giving it a shot. Hoping that this episode gives us more information about the characters and this whole darkstone stuff. Also, I want some fighting! Anyways, let’s get this going…
Welcome back, Sacred Seven fans! I really hope you are enjoying this fun anime so far, I know it is very exciting for me. After the first episode came out I was interested to see what everyone else thought about it and it seems to be getting a few mixed reviews here and there. Most people really wanted Alma to be taught his powers rather than him knowing about them right away, I think that might have made things a bit more fun as well. Anyway, time for another fresh tag review of Sacred Seven with Ness! Enjoy. 

Plot this week picks up with Ruri upgrading the school to a more high class place. She does beg Alma to join her cause to defeat any new Darkstone monsters coming their way. Alma however takes a while to come around and eventually agrees to help her with a new enemy. This time a flying dragon type that has taken some military tech and formed a weapon out of them. So, time for Alma to take to the skies and overtake this new threat.

Looks great! I have the same glowing eyes right now…

Damn Ruri, you are loaded! She puts some serious money into the school and I guess this is her way to distract the students. While the others are busy, Alma decides to visit the club room to find a photo of Ruri with another girl assuming it’s a sister. Alma has a small encounter with the random hell brick aka Onigawara, that thing always reminds me of Nyanko sensei from Natsume! But sadly it is not the same voice. Fun fact! He does share voices with Ozaki from Shiki and I guess that’s cool for Shiki fans. Ruri and Makoto arrive soon after to have their own chat with Alma; mostly to recruit him to join Sacred Seven.

Alma- “Sweet time to steal some stuff….well if they had anything.”

Alma- “Look at this cheap special effect..”                  Onigawara- “If I had legs I would kick your ass!”

Quick, who can be more emo than the other? Find out.

Alma! How can you turn down freaking RANKA LEE?! You suck! Anyway, after Alma leaves Ruri, it gives him time to think her offer over, Makoto did tell Alma that the gem she used on him saved his live and it was special as it was from Ruri’s mother. I think that is more than enough reason to help her out buddy! In the meantime, our mystery bad guy is up to more evil tricks, letting one of his worms climb inside a plane with some special items. The worm begins to take over the plane and forms a giant red twister that absorbs a nearby ship. I guess the little guy is super hungry for army tech? After a quick investigation by Makoto, he shows Ruri the evidence of another Darkstone preparing an attack soon.

Beware the evil Kool-aid hurricane!

Now I feel like we’re playing some fancy RPG game; look at those stats!

Makoto then decides it’s time for his own chance to recruit Alma and brings him back to the mansion and let’s him see a secret. After walking into a random bedroom he shows a girl trapped in a crystal, who happens to be Ruri’s sister. Of course Ruri walks in and slaps Makoto; I guess she’s a bit of a siscon?! But this suddenly makes Alma agree to help and everyone boards Ruri’s jet and head off to take care of the new Darkstone dragon. Once in the air, Makoto tries to get Alma to go skydiving and freaks him out; before anyone can get a parachute on, the plane is attacked, sending Alma and Onigawara out of the plane without parachutes! Damn, should have stayed in your seats…

Makoto- “Welcome to Ruri’s crib! We have hot tubs, fast cars and girls trapped in diamonds.”

Ruri- “Maybe we should leave those two alone.”                            Alma- “Nooooo! I don’t wanna fly!”

Dragon- “Look, I just want to play tag! Is that so wrong?”

After Alma and Onigwara fall to their deaths, Ruri jumps out after them. Yes, so smart… put yourself in danger, good job. Alma catches her and Ruri helps him transform into his super cool suit, this time with a hover board and he rushes off to take out the Darkstone dragon. With a little help from Onigawara, who gets eaten by one of the dragons… nice work stone dude. Alma shoots the heart and turns the creature into stone sending it falling to the ocean, and a big ass explosion. After saving the day from evil, Ruri returns home to have some tea and has a sudden flashback of herself being saved by Alma, when they were kids. Imagine that! She knew him back in the day. The episode ends shortly after that big reveal.

Makoto-“Why doesn’t anyone want a parachute!?”                   Ruri- “It doesn’t match my outfit, DUHHH!”

Ruri- “Let’s make out while falling!”                                     Alma- “Uhhhh let’s save the world first.”

Ruri- “I found the dragons!”                                          Alma-“Gee thanks, I would be screwed without you.”

Dragon popcorn anyone?

Ruri- “Oh look at all the sparkles… so pretty…”

Extra super powers!

Alma- “Wait can I eat that?” Wakana- “This rock means we are married now.”

Makoto- “They see me rolling they hating! Trying to catch me riding dirty!”

Ruri- “There sure is a breeze today.”                                    Alma- “Uhh we are in the sky…”

Roughly translates to HELP ME DE GESO!

End Thoughts:

I actually enjoyed this episode somewhat. I’m glad that I got more information on the characters background and their reasons for doing what they do. I would not have expected that Arma isn’t really into collecting stones but is in search of his lost lightstone that was thrown into the river and caused his going berserk years ago. Yes, I’m just going to stick with calling him Arma. I’ve been seeing various ways to spell his name but meh. Anyways, wow! Seeing the whole school upgraded is so not surprising considering the new owner is filthy rich and of course goes with the classy tastes. But man, I wish that I went to a school with a cafeteria like that. Steak for lunch! Mmmmm.

Seeing Ruri’s whole reason to fight was not surprising. I figured it would be some tragic reason that would cause her to dedicate her life to going against darkstones with the extent of having her own covert ops team of maids and a butler. But seeing the pity factor to get Arma to fight with them was meh. But they had to show us somehow Ruri’s main reason. It was funny hearing Makoto graduated from Harvard and is back in high school because of Arma. Of course he has to be some really smart guy because he’s supposed to be just as cool as Sabastian. I wonder if there’s going to be some crappy love triangle going on or if Makoto just see’s Ruri as a little sister or master.

The fighting against the all ultimate red dragon hurricane was so shitty! Hellbrick did more then Arma in this fight by finding the weak point and sending out signals. Then all Arma had to do was get into flight mode and shoot at the target. Then BAM! GAME OVER! That fight was so lame and not much of a struggle. Oh poor Hellbrick, I knew he would be left behind. Seeing Ruri’s confidence in Arma protecting her was cute and the flashback of when they were children. Now I’m seeing how it all ties in and it’s somewhat typical but cute. Woo, the next episode introduces other humans who are effected by the darkstones and maybe some actual action this time. See ya then~

Two episodes in and I am really hooked so far. Sure the story is very generic as in monster appear and heroes rush in to save the day. However, things are somewhat different here; I mean Alma isn’t exactly excited at the idea of fighting the Darkstone monsters just yet, which is a good thing. I think it would get boring if Alma was super happy every time a new monster appeared. I still want to learn more about the mystery guy that helped the worm highjack that military plane. I mean it is clear he’s working with all the Darkstone creatures! After all he is somehow creating these monsters. Maybe he is looking for something or probably testing Alma’s abilities? Not even sure if he knows that Alma is the one defeating his monsters.

I am interested in Ruri’s sister! I wonder who did that to her and if there is a way to reverse it. I’m sure Ruri has kept her around for something, maybe Alma’s powers can release the girl from the crystal. I wasn’t sure if they said she was older or the same age as Ruri? I think they haven’t told us yet. We can tell she is quite protective of her sister though, she did slap Makoto which sounded more like a punch than a slap. Like I said maybe Ruri is a bit of a siscon LOL could be. So, which pairing does everyone like more? Wakana and Alma or Ruri and Alma? Most probably, Makoto and Alma together… Not sure who I like more as I would pick Wakana based on personality and of course voice.

I did like the cool design of the Darkstone dragons! Very nice looking and yes reminded me of Yugioh! Slifer the sky dragon of course. Alma’s hover board was awesome; yes I know the opening already revealed that special upgrade. I wonder what else his new suit has to show us? Of course, I want to see the other damn weapons! Sure the arm cannon is badass but I want to see something else. As it’s only the second episode so I will wait. I did enjoy watching Ruri blush while Alma carried her, D’awwww moment of the episode. That and Wakana’s first encounter with Alma was cute as well. We also got to see some great flashbacks for both Ruri and Alma’s past lives, I wonder what gem Alma lost in the river? Might have a connection to Ruri somehow.


Showdown! Alma versus the mysterious blue dude!

Next week, we finally see the fight between the blue armor guy and Alma! Also it appears there are more people just like Alma out there, but who’s team do they play for? We will have to find out soon.

Thanks for reading!


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23 Responses to “Sacred Seven – 02”

  1. Overcooled says:

    *first comment* Yeah, I’m starting off the summer season by lurking moar. lololol

    I liked the added backstory elements about Alma searching the river for his lightstone and Ruri’s sister, but I felt like the way they were introduced was forced. :/ It’s a decent show, I just can’t get with this weird pacing. I mean, just look at that battle. I have to agree with Ness that the oneshot victory against the dragon was just anticlimactic. >_<

    • Foshizzel says:

      High five OC! wooo!

      Yeah that was a nice setup for the story behind Alma and Ruri’s first time meeting up, a bit forced yeah I can see that too seems oh hey look we know each other lolol.

      Yeah one shot boss fight was really lame too and no explosion? Ahahah the most quiet boss battle ever.

      I hope next week is better! After all we have Alma fighting more human darkstones.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    First episode, good. Second one, better. This is shaping up to be really entertaining. I swear, Tandoji’s armor is a combination of Power Rangers and Megaman Starforce, especially with the blaster hand.

    Hellbrick’s name is well suited. Can’t have a single sentence without “hell” in it. LOL. Makoto is lucky he didn’t have to jump out of the plane. He wouldn’t be saying it so plainly if it was him instead.

    What was Ruri thinking jumping without a parachute? Once again, another character who thinks with her heart instead of her head. We’ve seen a lot of those, huh?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep first was decent, and second episode gives us some tiny back story on Alma and Ruri which is good enough for me. Yeah I noticed Alma’s suit looks like a cross from several things from Megaman to power rangers xD

      Hell ya Hellbrick is awesome! Sure he only provides laughs, but I think his role is obviously the audience commentary or something like that.

      Ruri is just crazy! I would have laughed it Alma was like sorry I don’t want to catch you, but she might just be testing him to see how much he trusts her? Not sure or shes in loveeeeee?

      • BlackBriar says:

        The Darkstone in this episode was impressive. Loved the crazy sky dragons. The fight really was anticlimactic. I wanted a lot more than that.

        I’m already seeing that Makoto wants nothing to do with Tandoji. He doesn’t even want Ruri to be involved with him. Just who is that guy in the black armor. He’s causing all kinds of hell.

        They should have a contest of power. Tandoji’s blaster against Misaka’s Railgun. That would be fun.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Yeah the Darkstone dragons were really awesome looking huh? And ya that fight was lame T___T Ah well! Next week should have some better fights.

          Yeah Makoto probably will get jealous at some point, he was watching the two of them returning to the plane. As for the black suit I have no idea! Maybe we will finally get to find out soon.

          Ahahah true that well maybe after this series wraps up I can do a versus xD

  3. Metalsnakezero says:

    Man, this really does feel like Code Geass season 2 of wacky moments and is able to get some story in to it.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I know right? It’s like Geass minus the geass and replace it with the darkstone monsters xD

  4. Moni Chan says:

    Onigawara is awesome. I love how he says that Alma doesn’t have balls

  5. Oracion says:

    I am really liking Sacred Seven. Me likes the art. The character development with Ruri and her family was nice to know. Totally love the maids and also the butler was so cool. The only thing for me was that…there was so much buildup with the cloud, the copter, with Ruri’s jumping out after Alma falls, and then…he kills the Darkstone with one shot? I guess I kinda expected more, like his beatdown of the Medusa last time in his berserk mode. I’m sorry, Sailor Moon is the only one for me who can pull off one hit KO’s. All in all, still epic, but I want some beatings, and dangerous knockdowns. I want to know what that stone those a**holes took from Alma and threw away though. Can’t wait till next episode.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Totally the artwork is very nice! Yeah Ruri does have a important connection to her family well a crystallized sister might help that point lol.

      Yeah I didn’t really like that either that whole 1 shot save the day thing works for some shows, I think I would prefer a Star driver fight where it makes Alma actually work for his win. Ah well I don’t really mind to much after all it’s the 2nd episode hopefully the next one proves to be more fun for fights.

      • Oracion says:

        Hmmm…I never really watched Star Driver…should I? I saw the posts but I kinda ignored em…

        • Foshizzel says:

          Star Driver isn’t soooo bad really addictive characters! You get drawn in wanting to know more about them, story was very slow with the first five or so episodes.

          But really fun it was very popular last season.

    • Ness says:

      Agreed!!! ONLY SAILOR MOON can do oneshot KO’s xD hi5~

  6. Reaper says:

    Sebastian Michaelis is always in my head whenever I see Makoto, faithfully serving his ojou-sama; guess he’s a hell of a butler too 🙂
    I like Sacred Seven but it still feels just a tad rushed, though not enough to feel like a cut and paste job, maybe because it glossed over a few things, like Alma and Wakana’s friendship and why Alma really is fighting; if they did show that, it never stuck in my head (I mean, a girl trapped in a diamond is a good motivator but…Ruri did say she didn’t want him feeling sorry for her in order to help her…)
    Other than that, it’s coming along nicely, and they don’t waste time with the battle next week; fufufu, I wonder who’s inside the suit of black armour…
    As for that RPG pun, it did feel like the 3rd Birthday, if anyway played that with the dragon bit…;P

    • Foshizzel says:

      Damn that butler! He tried to kill everyone with his parachutes! Well he is always calm and cool isn’t he? Guess he will slowly become a fan favorite.

      Yeah a few parts of Sacred Seven so far seem pushed onto us, like Ruri and Alma’s back story? Yeah seems to easy but heyyyy that’s fine I feel they shouldn’t have to drag it out forever. Imagine if this was 26 episode series, and they told you this like halfway though might be annoying or SURPRISE! Ahahaha.

      YES! Next week should step back from one shot victory for Alma can’t wait to see that other guy kick Alma around.

      I would just aim for the dragons head clearly ;D

  7. Yi says:

    Not following the series, but yes, agreed that the darkstone dragon designs are very cool. The segmented look is quite nice.

  8. amado says:

    my feelings are a bit mixed on this…
    on one hand, it does get some impressive and good scenes/parts like onigawa being a bit creative and more useful like signaling where he was. on the other hand, some parts feel a bit rushed and it seems too easy for the characters to take action like how much ruri easily trusts him enough to jump(yeah he saved her in the past but still…) and how alma quickly agrees to help.

    but mostly just some of my nitpick, not serious yet to be a big problem.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Right I do feel some of the scenes are a bit forced such as Ruri and Alma’s past together, that part felt a bit strange to me.

      Then again I was happy they have some sort of connection between them, yes cheesy as hell! But ah well I can only guess they want us to assume Ruri “likes” Alma more than just a friend.

      And her jumping out of the plane and Alma catching her was random but again they want us to think they are a couple, I figured he would eventually help just because Alma seems so damn easy to push around.

      Hellbrick is awesome! Seems to be more useful than just a random gag character like I originally thought.

      And no worries this show is not anywhere near perfect and is bound to have problems anyway.

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