Maria†Holic Alive – 05

Now with 5% less plot and 20% more hair

Whoo! Maria Holic Alive 5!! While this week wasn’t as entertaining as last week (and if it’s even possible, I understood even less references than before), episode 5 was pretty good. Again, it was pretty much plotless, but we have a few new characters and some older ones finally get names!

Ahaha… I’m the same way when it comes to studying

Remember how Kanako complete failed all of her tests last episode? Well we start again there with Kanako desperately trying to convince Mariya and Matsurika that she’s not a complete idiot. Suuuuure.  Mariya then points out that even Kanako’s sisters are smarter than her with her younger sister going to some prestigious elementary school and her older one going to university in California because as we all know, a Japanese person who studies in America is automatically extremely smart. Kanako, however, refuses to believe that her sister is smarter than her because she keeps going on about ‘particles’ and other things she doesn’t understand (…. And since when does Kanako have sisters?).

It then cuts to a completely new opening song (don’t worry, it makes about as much sense as the last one did).


Leaving Kanako to study by herself, Mariya heads to the archery field to practice and meets up with Yuzulu (her name will be written like this from now on because the opening spelt it this way) and other archery club members. We’re introduced to a new character named Komachi Yamaki who appears to be somewhat of an airhead and a Mariya fan.

Meanwhile, instead of concentrating on studying, Kanako decides to stalk Mariya instead because she’s mad that he isn’t helping her. She climbs the fence just as the archery members start talking about how they joined the club. Yuzulu begins talking about how her roommate Satsuki found out that she took other types of archery lessons before and ‘forced’ her to join.

Kanako’s nose then begins to bleed from the yuri innuendo and she falls off the fence. The Dorm Mistress then finds her there not studying (and we all know Kanako is officially screwed).

Lucky Japanese and their archery clubs *mumble mumble*

Mariya returns to the dorm after talking about his relationship with his ‘brother’ with Tsumugi (another archery club member), only to find Kanako missing. The Dorm Mistress then appears at the door. She explains calmly that’s she’s taken responsibility of Kanako’s studies and that she’s sent Kanako to a DIFFERENT DIMENSION where time flows differently and that she’ll be studying for a year, but be back in a week. Eventually, Kanako does come back (with much longer hair).


However, in the week she was gone, some changes have happened in Ame no Kisaki. Ryuken suddenly has curly long hair and the student council president has been going around decorating things with rhinestones. Having nothing else to decorate while she was gone for a week, Kanako returns to find that her friends have had her desk decorated instead. THE SPARKLES.

The topic then moves on to Kanako’s hair. Just as Kanako states that she wants to do something with it since it’s gotten longer, Honoka shows up carrying an excess of styling appliances. The two who follow Honoka around also show up then wearing rather (er…) elaborate hair styles and are finally given names (Hitotsubashi Ei and Habutae Mii).

I wonder how long decorating that thing took…

And you thought the characters from Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal were bad.

Honoka then proposes to decorate Kanako’s hair. However, before Honoka can do much, Kanako’s nose proceeds to gush out blood, ruining the atmosphere entirely. Honoka continues on with Kanako’s hair, despite her fainting and Kanako later writes her tests despite her severe blood loss.

After exams, Kanako comes back to the dorm at night to find her dorm mates playing card games based on history again. However, unlike last time in episode 2, this game is based less on memory and more on a game similar to Yu-Gi-Oh involving summoning generals and event cards.

“Peace is Very Interesting”?! That’s one of the most powerful cards in all of “The Dawn of Japan”!

Kanako is uninterested, until the Dorm Mistress informs her that there is tournament tomorrow based on the game. Apparently participation is mandatory and that the person who places last has to watch an entire 145 episode series called “Legend of Japanese Heroes “. It doesn’t seem that bad until she notes that they will be watching all 4370 minutes without blinking (at this point, her eyes began to glow red in a somewhat creepy fashion).

Kanako quickly rushes out to the school store to buy some cards, only to find it closed. The episode ends with her commenting on how she came in last but on the bright side, she learned a little about Japanese history.

…Somehow this hair suits both of them rather well.

I love how the pictures are all Yonakuni themed

…”Legend of Japanese Heroes”? …In space? What?

Another new character??? Matsurika’s brother maybe??? EXCITEMENT!

End thoughts:

Man, Kanako just can’t catch a break. Of course, that means more comedy for us, but I can’t help but feel at least a little bad for her. I mean, having to participate in a card game she knows nothing about right after writing her exams? I did a bit of math and 4370 minutes comes out to about 3.03 days. That’s a lot of anime. (On that note, that’s probably the average amount of time a week people here watch anime. The only difference is they do it WILLINGLY. XD)

DORM MISTRESS-SAMA, WHY ARE YOU ARE SO AWESOME?! First season, I didn’t pay attention to her at all really, but as I mentioned before, this season seems to be focusing on her more (no complaints here). Speaking of side characters just what was Matsurika up to this episode? The screen seemed to be focusing on her a lot when Mariya was talking about  his ‘brother’… Then again, that could just be SHAFT and its odd camera angles.

…is there anyone else who thinks that Kanako’s older sister is probably one of those genius idiots? She had to get her stupidity SOMEWHERE, right?


….You were expecting a preview? Pfft, no. This is SHAFT, remember? Instead we have some brown… thing (a Domo cameo maybe? I really don’t know.) and some bigger brown thing talking about what realists are… yeah. No preview here.


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9 Responses to “Maria†Holic Alive – 05”

  1. aspa says:

    THe omake/preview is a parody of an environmental ad in Japan. There’s this girl with a very annoying voice (in a good way) and she goes around asking ‘what’s global warming?’ or something like that.

  2. amado says:

    I liked this ep since it had more mariya than the last eps.

    as for kanako’s sister, she might be like hinoki’s sis, who is a ditzy and silly kind of girl but she created the IS.

  3. MikADo says:

    another amazing fact revealed XD California Tech kicks butt

    the OP is crazy again, and i like it 😀

  4. Elyon says:

    Omigawa Chiaki, why are you infecting all of my favorite shows with your horrible voice?!?! D:<

    I can't wait to see who that other character is! If Matsurika has a brother, who knows what kind of crazy personality he's going to have (well, okay, he'd have one anyway because this is Maria Holic.)

  5. kirimaru says:

    Firstly, the whole thing with Kanako studying “in a different dimension where time flows differently” is a reference to Dragon Ball (we even get a quick glimpse of Shen Long right after that!). Really loved that part! I don’t know if there’re more references though.

    Secondly, in the new OP, right after Shinouji Rindou there’s Shidou Shizu. Don’t tell me you miss this new character! Now take a look at his character design and last name and try guessing who he is. 😉

    • Karakuri says:

      It is seriously a headache and a half trying to keep up with all these references (thanks!)

      I didn’t miss Shizu! ‘He’ was technically introduced first season so I didn’t bother mentioning ‘him’

  6. Foshizzel says:

    Lololol Dragon ball z ref was awesome xD

    This still continues to be a funny show xD

  7. Moni Chan says:

    i remember reading this in the manga vol.5 or 6 it was awesome. this show seems to never run out of jokes

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