Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko – 05

The fourty year old twin-tail!

Fosh: Time for more fun from Denpa! So far this anime is slowly becoming the cute show of the season. I guess Shaft is getting into the moe type character designs. In other news I have started to learn the basics of Photoshop. Hopefully I can share some new art with everyone, once I master that program a bit more. Now for the episode review, hope you enjoy it!

Ness: Sooooo tired! It’s been a long week and weekend filled with lots of work for both Metanorn and school. Working on Metanorn graphics this past few days was pretty fun but I procrastinate and if I made more time, you would probably see more. But anyway, yay for the 3 Year Anniversary~ XD Now on to Denpa Onna and man this episode wasn’t that bad…

Fosh: Plot this week follows Erio and her adjustments to normal life as she even wishes her mom a happy birthday! Makoto learns soon after that Erio wants to get a job and return to society.

Erio- “Stop copying me mom!”             Meme-“The mattress attacked me, I swear!”

Meme-“It has happened… my brain fell out this morning”

Meme-“Alright, Erio, you can be the second main character”                         Erio-“Do not want.”

So, Meme has turned fourty and felt like wrapping herself in a mattress too; now you know it really runs in the family. Erio wishes her mother a happy birthday and Meme brings up Erio’s birthday too. This makes Makoto want to get something for her. When he returns home, he is jumped by the twin tail duo of Meme and Erio.

Beware of the rabid twin-tails, they love to pounce.

Cutest mom and daughter ever!

Makoto- “Damn double twin-tail girls, which one do I like more?!”

After that amazingly cute scene with Meme, Erio wishes to talk to Makoto alone and decides to tell him she really wants to get back into the world by getting a job. Of course this is no easy task to accomplish since the whole town basically knows her story; thankfully this doesn’t make Erio too sad as she quickly bounces back into her usual cheerful self.

Erio- “Help wanted? They need a girl with a crazy personality, where can we find that?”

Meme- “Ah man, and we were almost in the clear!”          Makoto-“Erio! SAVE ME PLEASE!!”

However, Meme has one last option for Erio, a job at her grandma’s place. Makoto and Erio decide to pay this woman a visit. Only to find out she shares the unusual interest in aliens just like Erio, this makes her feel a bit more comfortable with actually working. The episode wraps up after the old woman mentions cattle mutilations.

Grandma- “Do you want to see my alien collection?”        Erio-“OH BOY! DO I EVER?!”

Extra Aliens

Maybe some of you will like Yandare Meme!

Meme-“You will order one hundred orders of pizzas.”

And now time for a happy shot of Erio!

Grandma- “You think those too are weird? Wait till you meet me!”

End Thoughts:

Fosh: Great episode this week! The first few scenes before the opening with Meme acting like Erio, was quite funny; watching her run around wrapped up in the mattress. For someone that just turned fourty she sure had lots of energy! Then again she is an anime character so age doesn’t matter too much there. Still Meme can be annoying at times but she is starting to grow on me. I guess it’s her odd personality that makes me laugh.

It was also nice to see Erio wanting to get back out in the world. Sadly I knew it wouldn’t be exactly simple for her to get a job. Though, it was good  to see her jump right back into the happy mode! I don’t think we would like to see a depressed Erio. I can’t forget that whole twin tail part as it really killed me! IT was so damn cute and random at the same time; of course, leave it to Meme to plan something as strange as a change in hairstyle.

I wonder what the grandma character will bring to this show? Probably she will make Erio get all excited over aliens again. I just hope she doesn’t fall back into her old ways by hanging around her grandma too much. Still we will get to see Erio working soon, already getting excited to see that happen at least. Also seemed like Ryuuko isn’t too happy that Makoto gets to hang our Erio all the time, can we say jealous much? Anyway this was an entertaining episode, lots of great moments and plenty of laughs.

Ness: Pretty good episode! I so knew that Maekawa’s weird cosplaying was all related to her part time jobs. But then again, she could just really like to do so. But for Makoto to get Erio some dumplings as a birthday present is lame. As well, I find that Ryuuko has lost her cuteness. Ryuuko’s acting on what she has going on after school wasn’t cute at all. As well, we all can see that she’s an easily jealous person. Ah well, she doesn’t matter in this episode hehe…

I am finally seeing some plot and don’t feel like the anime should have ended in the previous episode. So now we have to go through Erio’s re-entering into society and Meme is now 40! But the woman doesn’t even look so and obviously doesn’t act so. Yet, somehow I have come to like Meme’s character now. At first I was annoyed at Meme but now I’ve gotten used to her type of character that it’s even funny at some of the things that she does.

It’s especially funny to now see Erio acting almost like a normal person would. The only downside is that Meme is greatly influencing Erio. As in, Meme is turning Erio into a sort of mini-Meme. Which, I find amusing and especially when Meme and Erio ran into Makoto with twin-tails. Well, I guess besides Erio working now, they will eventually get to Erio maybe going back to school. As well, I guess Makoto’s main role is to help Erio out on the way and will there be a more deepening relationship(s)? Ah well, I really can’t think much at the moment. So until next time~


Ryuuko gets her own episode? Prepare for a few moments of random actions.

Next week looks to be more of a Ryuuko story. Maybe she will finally meet Erio? Then we will get a battle over who can be more random out of the two girls.



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20 Responses to “Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko – 05”

  1. Dan-go says:


  2. MikADo says:

    Dang, Ryuko and Meme is too cute XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Lots of cute girls running around in this! A close tie between Ryuuko, Erio and Meme so far xD

  3. BlackLagoon187 says:

    Lickity lickity, teh heh xD
    This Fuuko-chan is not bad either, first time I watched this I thought Erio’s VA was the same as Fuuko’s but it was actually Meme’s D:

    • Foshizzel says:

      Those parts with Meme were so funny xD

      Ah nice they do have some great voice work going on I laughed when I saw Ryuuko = QB’s actress!

  4. Ness says:

    I forgot to mention, it was awesome that when Meme was watching TV with Makoto, it was Mimi o Sumaseba (Whispers of the Heart) that was playing on TV xD

  5. amado says:

    this show has lots of moe.
    the plot is there. I can see it.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep lots of moe filling this series, agreed the plot is there! Somewhere.

      • amado says:

        the plot is erio getting back to the society. unfortunately, only the “weird” people accept her.

  6. Reaper says:

    So much MOE! Have to say though, if my life was like this, I’d be ROFL all over the place (before finally adopting a slightly skeptical but entertained perspective of everything). Aunt in futon to aunt in school uniform to aunt in Makoto’s pa- er, wait, scratch that ;P
    Still, if Meme-san was Tohsaka, I can imagine her becoming this crazy…ah, so much moe…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Agreed! This is probably the most MOE show of the spring season xD

      Oh god yes aunt in the futon LMAO the best part for me.

  7. Sid_Cypher says:

    while the younger girls are just being their random selves, Meme is actively trolling yet another ep^^ It’s a weirdo generator in a brilliantly MASTERED state!!!) can’t beat experience :3

    • Foshizzel says:

      Meme is easily the most random character in this series so far so good! Meme could be trolling us all and be like huh? I was the only alien! Muhahahaha

      • Sid_Cypher says:

        I’m starting to wonder what Elliot was like, and whether he’ll appear) Sigh, probably not.

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