Togainu no Chi – 02

Keisuke, what are you doing here~?! Seriously!

~Sumimasen for the extremely late Togainu no Chi post! The subs for this took longer than usual! I was pretty mad; I refreshed a site for thirty minutes on Friday, going, “GIVE ME MY BLOOD! ;A;” I hope it doesn’t happen again or I’m going to go ballistic |’D I understand if it’s a day late, but if it’s TWO days late, then I get really anxious. Anyways, the wait is over and I got to see my beloved Togainu no chi!

Episode two of this bloody boy-tastic show begins with Akira getting caught in the rain after witnessing the massacre of a bunch of punks from the previous episode. He takes shelter in an old house, but as he’s about to rest, he hears someone come in.

Akira tackles the person and realizes that it’s…Keisuke!

Keisuke tells him he came to help him in anyway he could, but Akira says that he shouldn’t be here. Yet he ends up staying the night with him.

In the morning however, Akira is ready to set out, telling Keisuke again that he should leave since he has no weapons or anything. He refuses, saying he doesn’t want to wait for him all by himself.

AWWWWW! Gosh damnit Keisuke, stop being such an uke!

Akira finally agrees to let him follow him, but he has to protect his own life, and with that agreement, they head out.

As they’re walking through the broken city streets, they hear a fight going on and witness a blond girl and an older man fighting.

They leave as the supposed girl beats the man down and takes his tags. However, the blond girl catches up to them, telling them that well, she is actually a he, and that they are on his turf. In order to pass through his turf they have to pay an entrance fee, but he lets it slid for the two of them. He introduces himself as Rin, asking if they have any questions about the game of Igra. When he finds out that Keisuke isn’t going to participate, he tells him that he’ll take him to someone who can explain it.

Rin takes them to the Castle, the headquaters of the drug organization Vischio (ring any bells?). He is able to take them inside, and a man in a white mask asks Keisuke to come with him.

Outside Akira and Rin wait, but it seems Keisuke quickly comes out with no tags around his neck.

The two end up following Rin after he asks them if they want to come and meet a friend of his and they agree silently. On their way, they witness a man in a red coat with Wolverine-like spikes on his hands attacking another guy. Rin says they’re executioners as they watch the blong guy, Gunji, kill the guy he was attacking, and a black haired man, Kiriwar, finish killing another guy.

A dog (or a person on all fours) starts sniffing the dead men, and then suddenly starts sniffing towards Akira.

Rin manages to play if off by acting as Akira’s lover to make the executioners leave them alone.


They finally reach the destination of Rin’s friend, an older man named Motomi, who works at an Information shop. After an awkward picture taken by Rin, Akira notices a man in a suit give another man a glass tube filled with a green liquid. Motomi tells Akira that it’s a drug called Rain which is supposed to amplify your physical and mental abilities.

When Motomi mentions that Keisuke isn’t participating in Igra, Akira mentions that they should go. As they walk out of the place, Keisuke finally steps up and says he’ll participate in Igra so that Akira won’t be by himself. Akira, once again, replies with an emotionless tone in his voice, “Do whatever you want”. Keisuke nods, saying they both need to win this and go home together~.

I’m not gonna lie; the sunset is a bit cheesy x’D

End thoughts: Move over Akira, and that bad-ass guy in black; I like Rin now! 8D He’s…I want to say cute, but I don’t like the way his face looks (damn animation). I’m just a sucker for skinny characters like him. I actually thought he was a girl too when I first saw an anime promo picture for Togainu no Chi in a magazine, but when I saw the opening I realized that oh, he is a boy. I was pretty glad because at the time I thought he was a girl, I was like, “Ughhh, a girl? In a Shounen-ai? Boring!” If this show had at least one female main character, I’d really detest her, no matter how bad-ass she might turn out to be. I like my all-male cast, thank you very much (and not just because of the shounen-ai possibilities, okay! As if you’re going to believe me, heh).

I like the other two new characters as well, the executioner guys. If they, or any new character, is going to bring the blood, then I’m going to like them xD Gunji’s weapon makes me laugh; I was watching it and thinking, “Oh snap, Gunji is going to go Wolverine on us!”, hahaha. And Kiriwar…seriously, what kind of name is that? Anyways, I didn’t like him too much. Maybe later on I might, depends on the amount of violence he brings, but from this first impression he wasn’t too interesting. Oh! And that dog…person really, REALLY creeps me out o_____o I seriously had chills when he came out (I just got chills right now actually).

And then there’s Keisuke. Oh, Keisuke, Keisuke…trying to be valiant are we? Chasing after your lover, heheheheh. It actually annoyed me that he went all the way to Toshima to find Akira. I may be a girl, I may like girly things, I may even like a bit of shoujo, but I do not like that cheesy ‘I want to stay by your side every where you go!’ kind of  romance 😛 I was acting like Akira, telling my computer screen, “You don’t belong here! ;A; You’re gonna be killed, man!” Keisuke, I’m sorry, you’re too nice…no, too UKE to be playing Igra! I hope he’s able to make it with Akira though, and doesn’t get killed (Though that would make a nice twist *3* I’m so evil…).

Overall, it was an interesting episode; a bit slow, but we got some new characters, tons of giggly fangirl moments, and some BLOOD! I’m really excited to get to the nitty-girtty of this show and see just how dark this might get. Sadly, I must be patient though since it is only the second episode. -sigh- I can’t wait till next week, and hopefully I’ll get the subs quicker this time *3*

Akira:“How did you get here to Toshima?”
Keisuke: “I got lost in my thoughts and started chasing after you.”

Another new character with an eye-patch will be making an appearance, and it looks like, oh my, Keisuke might get beaten down a bit? Until next week then~


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14 Responses to “Togainu no Chi – 02”

  1. Kyokai says:

    I have one question for you. Where’s maah Shiki? =D

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Hahahaha XD Ah, he wasn’t in this episode this week unfortunatly. And it seem like not for a while too :X

      • Kyokai says:

        Aaah noooo. I want to see more of him! =3=

        Btw, Keisuke’s so clingy, if he continues to be such a fanboy, my respect points for him would decrease. 0_0

        • Hoshi says:

          ~Yeah me too! He was so awesome *3*

          He is, and it bothers me sooooo much =A=; My respect points are already low for him…

  2. Leah-san says:

    Ya know, Keisuke is the seme ^-^ In the game.

  3. anaaga says:

    revelation here: in ANY PATH you choose, akira will ALWAYS and ALWAYS be the uke. even with rin’s path xD in yaoi/shounen-ai once a uke, will always be an uke xD. but of course, they won’t show it in the anime
    damn i haven’t watched this ep yet but don’t think i will since keisuke’s attitude pisses me off -.- keisuke looks more like a stalker now. obsessed, much?

    • Hoshi says:

      ~Are you serious? x’D Wow, I see him as a seme type (except when paired with Shiki because OF COURSE Akira is gonna be the uke). That’s really interesting…I couldn’t believe it even when my cousin told me that a lot of the doujin out there haveAkira as the uke |’D Now I know, hahahaha.

      Yeah Keisuke is kinda annoying me too :/ Just let Akira go dude!

  4. Overcooled says:

    Rin and I need to share clothes, like, NOW. Damn boy, you look good. I like how after seeing him mutilate someone they weren’t wary of him AT ALL when he approached them. <___< LOL geez, what happened to not going to weird places with strangers, huh? Ah well, it worked out in the end. XD

    • Hoshi says:

      ~I KNOW RIGHT? XD I actually thought it was a skirt but upon closer animation I was like, “Oh…nevermind”.

      Yes, in the Togainu no Chi world, NO, in the ANIME world, being approached by strangers who just killed someone like three minutes ago is nothing to be scared of at all, L0L x’DDD

  5. bakuhasu says:

    Is any guy besides me that is watching this 2nd episode!?


    • Hoshi says:

      ~I think the fact that Rin is not a girl after all shooed away some of the guy viewers, hahahaha XD You boys (if there are any other than you, hopefully there will be though) are stuck with an all male cast, MWUAHAHAHA. A-1 loves their fangirls too much to put a girl in there; they know we’re the ones that spend crap loads of money for their stuff |’D

  6. Dan-go says:

    This is the only anime i can actually watch this season that doesnt make me feel homosexual/metrosexual/some variant of the above (altho metro is cool, and stick it to the man and all of that) it’s like RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH testosterone, as opposed to tamayura which is like fuwafuwafuwafuwa-FUUUUUU THINK MANLY THOUGHTS, THINK MANLY THOUGHTS :rage:

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