Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin – 11

Maya’s dead? Yeah riiiight!

Well, well, well… we were expecting this, weren’t we? Finally an episode of Occult Academy that I can talk about incessantly! Finally things have picked up with the storyline and nobody’s beating around the bush anymore (was getting tired of all the fillerish episode arcs). Everything is out in the open… sometimes too open for our eyes to take but hey, I’m not going to complain about this episode whatsoever! I should just be happy that I was pretty much right about almost everything up till now except for the magical element. So, let’s see what really went down in this build-up installment.

I’ll not bore you with the clay mask from Joumon period that Maya thought could be a contender for Nostradamus Key rather I would go right to the point of the truth about Mikaze…. Drum rolls please! She’s a WITCH!!! A black magician at that! Figures don’t you think? Everyone and I mean EVERYONE knew there was something fishy about this woman and hence proof. From the way she has been after Fumiaki from the time she has been introduced to knowing the secret curry ingredients exactly that his mother used, you could always whiff something unpleasant around her. She takes a very vulnerable Fumiaki to a magical ritualistic gathering, where he gets hypnotized unwittingly to find the talisman, which protects Maya. According to her, Maya is the center of it all; a witch responsible for attracting all the supernatural creatures and because she’s related to the founder, Waldestein Academy has now become a devil’s den, where gates of hell would open on 21st July, 1999. Simple conclusion: Maya needs to be destroyed to save Matsushiro and the world. Also, there was a lot of gross kissing involved and succubus comes to mind. Yuck! I was just amazed at the time it continued and how Fumiaki totally fell for it (BAKA MEN!).

On their way back from Nagano city, Fumiaki finally breaks in front of the hypnotism which causes him to see Maya morph into Mikaze (ughhh!). He finally confronts her and becomes the mouthpiece for all the fodder that Mikaze had fed him. Of course, Maya has response for everything except for the fact that when she took her pictures, she was not thinking about killing herself; thus, she could still be the Key. We see the tsun tsun side of her again and was I glad to! No wonder she hit with all her might because she was not expecting such nonsensical blather without any proof from him of all people who she trusted with her biggest secret. Who likes puppets anyway? I still had to give it to the guy who held on to the phone to his dear life even after the shit beaten out of him. Tch, he must have felt curious about her being the Key or not! Way to go for delaying another secret, Anime no Chikara. =__=

Finally we get the death scene and for awhile everyone is pretty sad at the sudden death of Maya. I was not one of those though because being the brilliant esper I am, I already knew she was alive; at least in the 2D sense. My one premise could be that Fumiaki had her shows so how did the corpse have another pair on? Nonsense! She literally uniformed herself to the same attire day-in, day-out; of course she could have another pair! This was a conspiracy from the start and Chihiro was the assistant of Jun’ichirō in making all of this possible; props to her for staying in character and working from the shadows.

The joy of Maya’s return is very short-lived…

Because of THIS…..

At least we got the Fairy God Mother to come and wave her wand around

Before Fumiaki could drown in the pool of his own tears of sadness, Maya comes to visit him along with Chihiro and her assistant, who for the first time doesn’t go all lovey-dovey on Abe-sensei. Maya tells him about how her death was faked by magic to bring out the real culprits. However, while proving the fact that she was the real Maya with her father’s diary, Mikaze literally breezes in to steal and burn it to a crisp. She reveals her true-self and it’s not pretty! A witch she definitely is with the right amount of strappy clothes to lift her curves. Before she goes on a rampage, Chihiro dons her white mage attire as well and both of the magi get ready for a big finale’s worth of faceoff.

In the joy of discovering the truth behind Mikaze, I almost forgot the supporting cast. I can bet deceiving friends was not on priority for Maya but like Fumiaki, Ami, Kozue, Smile and JK would find out the truth as well. It was sad to see them down but depend on Smile to bring some life into the group and all of them resolving to do just that. Hopefully they would be more of help in rendering the black witch useless in the next episode.


Freaky? Hell yes!

You are such a kid… =3=

He sure deserved this ass-kicking!

BFFs are the best! ^^

Exhibit B for Maya’s father being still alive

This was definitely DAWWWWWWWWW worthy

Chick fight? Hell YEAH!!! Mikaze, YOU ARE GOING DOWN!

End Thoughts: I was never the one to suggest Maya as the Key. It’s like Harry Potter being the Horcrux, meaning he should be destroyed and I never wanted Maya to be killed. I hate sad ending, you see. Isn’t life too real already for anime/movies to show them too? But, there are still chances of her being the Key would be even fitting because her father always looked for it never knowing that it was his own daughter. If the premise is true, he could have found out after the ’99 incident. This mystery definitely needs solving.

This was a very satisfying episode indeed and finally some answers that we all have been waiting for. As predicted earlier, my time agent theory for Mikaze has still not been nullified completely because we do not know which time she really belongs to. She knows about the date of rift and by destroying Maya’s only source of protection, proves the fact that she’s working for the people who wanted her father dead. Interestingly enough like I said about her father still being alive (we got a clearer picture of him in this episode anyway), it might be that his diary is still safe and the one destroyed was a copy—I can wish can’t I?

Chihiro, I’m glad I never hated you, unlike someone who has been getting on my nerves since she was introduced. I just wanted to punch the lights out of the fake-smile and extra-sweet voice; Mikaze definitely suites her dominatrix attire. Now, it’s to be seen if the VP’s feelings for Fumiaki were real or for show alone to keep a tab on him; the way she apologized seems for the latter. She has been a good guardian in the absence of Maya’s father and I hope she would kick Mikaze’s butt in the next episode. Of course, she won’t go down that easily and would put up a fight with her collected minions. Are the twin oba-sans her accomplices? Also, she also has a lot of minions in the hooded figures; I can guess that they are the ones who have been eating from Mikaze’s restaurant and her food stalls in Waldestein Academy. Now, it all makes sense, she has been mixing something in their food to make them easily controllable.

Also, Fumiaki dear, when would you learn? You were so near progression and here you go enter a magical circle and become gung-ho under the sultry moves of a witch. Ok, so life was hard after ’99 and you’re basically a virgin but that doesn’t mean you go let just any woman slip her tongue inside your mouth because she cooks you meals like your mother, you silly boy! Fine, it was a spell and you were totally um… under her but this was a big low for your character, man! I can only hope that in the last two episodes, you redeem yourself with some feat or else you’d be written down as one of those heroes who burden the opposite lead and supporting characters. *shakes head*

Preview: The battle between the witches would continue to the next episode and hopefully JK, Smile, Ami and Kozue would join the fray as well. However sad Fumiaki is, he better man up and take Mikaze’s picture to find out she’s the Key or not. We still have to see if that Watashi, means Maya found out she was the Key or something else but now more than ever signs point at her being it…. D:

This was not a cliffhanger episode like the last one but there are still many mysteries to solve and puzzle pieces to connect with each other. Let’s wait and see what happens next week. Till then, Ja ne~

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10 Responses to “Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin – 11”

  1. TJ says:

    Finally, the episode where something important actually happens. Given that it’s episode 11 out of an one season show, something had better happen. Let see if the series will actually put up a decent ending after wandering around for a while.

    • Kyokai says:

      I agree on the wandering around, after few awesome initial episodes, the show kinda fizzled out towards one-shot episodes and I remember being frustrated with what was taking the studio so long. Anyhow, things are sure looking up and I hope we’ll get a great finale like the first episode: totally out of the blue Awesome BAM! ^^

  2. Joojoobees says:

    I’m glad Mikaze has dropped her mask. Now someone needs to put an end to her nonsense. Hopefully Chihiro will get to do that next episode.

    “I was just amazed at the time it continued and how Fumiaki totally fell for it (BAKA MEN!).”
    No way I’m taking the rap for that. Fumiaki can answer for his own behavior. Honestly, the dude should’ve caught on that Mikaze was playing him long ago.

    • Kyokai says:

      I’m SO glad to see her real face, which actually suits her rather than the sugary sweet visage. That was just ick! I will cheer on Chihiro to kick her butt good! Fight ON! :cheer:

      And, sorry if that sounded biased, I do get on a certain tangent sometimes and Fumiaki’s blindness has been pissing me off for some time. Though I know, not all fingers are equal and same goes for both genders. :3

  3. Anonymous says:

    The saliva scene was sexy <- coming from a guy

  4. Captain says:

    Die, Mikaze, die >:U
    She’s 🙁

  5. Vivi says:

    LOL when Maya’s head kept being replaced Mikaze’s, I thought, “I wonder if Kyo’s going to make a gif of this.” YOU ARE SO AWESOME 😀

    Anyway, awesome Harry Potter analogy XD If Mikaze mixed something into the food, #6 would be all over Mikaze even moreso since he ate her curry almost everyday, right? Unless his willpower is strong! *O*

    • Kyokai says:

      Hahahaa! I guess we think in the same way~! <333

      As you already know, I thoroughly enjoyed Harry Potter and I couldn't stop myself after seeing the magical element. :3

      I came up with the food connection because she deliberately increased her business inside the Waldestein Academy and that still smells fish, though it could simply be another way to interact with Fumiaki. His willpower is like a little ball of marshmallow that melts with the sight of Mikaze... -__-

      Let's see how things turn up with everything in the open. He still has time to redeem himself. ^^

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