Amagami SS – 10

After watching this, I think everyone will need a large shot of testosterone. Even you ladies.

As this week went by, I was really looking forward to watching episode. As we all know, Sae was established as the new love interest, and I verbally expressed my thoughts to you all. With hilarity added. Amazingly (and I really do mean amazingly) Junichi doesn’t kiss any part of Sae body. Whoah! Shock horror! Not her knee? Not her stomach? Not her, um, uh armpit? Anyway, the fact is, this episode wasn’t too awkward. Which is a plus. Right?

Sae’s condition was steadily getting worse.

So Sae is training for her waitress job. She needs to harden the eff up so she will actually stand a chance in the interview. She spends her days practicing her conversations with a nearby vending machine and slowly but surely makes progress. So much progress, that Junichi decides to take it a step further, by amping her up to talk with a cafeteria lady. She pretends they are all vending machines once again, and she passes her first conversation.

For all you guys who think this situation would be awesome, it’s not. It’s just awkward. Trust me on that one.

Sadly, Junichi is the devil and all he wants is more. He calls Sae back in for speed changed practice, explaining that id she takes her clothes off really fast in front of him, she’ll get better at changing. Junichi, your logic is amazing. She rips her clothes of, changing into both her PE gear and swimsuit, before falling (of course) onto Junichi, allowing him to grope her accidently (of course) before Miya walks in (of course) scratching him to death (of course).

Is the art really getting worse? Sae lookd more herp derp than last week. Derp.

For their next round of training, Junichi takes them all to a hot spring with a special sort of pool. It’s a pool filled with tiny little fish that come and try and eat your feet. Sae is pretty particular about this pool, and she seems pretty darn erotic thanks to those little fishes. While giving her a fake interview, Junichi is overcome by passion, watching Sae twist and turn and moan, he hallucinates, then passes out because all the blood rushed to his… uh…. you get it. He wakes to Sae’s pretty face and decide to continue training back at Junichi’s house.

Pajamas are awesome. Everyone should acknowledge that.

And by training he means play board games for hours. They play what I assume is pretty much”The Game of Life” (or at least the japanese equivalent) until Miya offers for Sae to sleep over (ohmigoshilovesleepovers). Sae and Miya bathe together,  giving us some delicious fan-service once again then Sae and Junichi have another moment together, where the episode awkwardly ends with Sae saying she doesn’t want to be Junichi’s sister.

I don’t even need to put a caption here. You can all work it out for yourselves.

End Thoughts

I never thought I’d see a girl look like she was flirting with a vending machine.

Sae really shouldn’t look so happy. Junichi is straight up dodgy.

Egggggggggs! (Not for the faint hearted, but enjoy some lovely Maori past-time activities. You’ve been warned.)

Junichi simply gazes into their eyes and he makes the panties drop.

The horror! The horro-

Hello! He honestly did squeeze her a lot. And this is why I prefer flat-chests, folks. Harder the grope. Not that I try. Ahem.

I’m really hoping Ai’s arc is next. She seems so pure and innocent. No doubt Junichi will ruin that.

Junichi practices a move he learned from Splinter Cell. This picture was taken seconds before Miya was wiped from the face of the earth.

Oh yeah, you guys have been waiting. And I will deliver.

Thankfully, I thought this episode was much better than the first of this arc. Even the the pacing still felt off, and my little pet-peeve with Junichi, it was still an improvement. I’m also glad that there wasn’t an awkward kissing scene once again, but I guess the stuff with the fish and Sae’s swimsuit still counts, right? If it does, then it was a much better way to show that level of awkwardness. If that makes sense >///<

The problem I have with Junichi is, well, he just doesn’t feel like a character anymore. He just seems like an badly placed plot device. Maybe that’s what these kind of shows try to do? The lure you in somehow (probably because you’re a handsome manly man like me) then the main character is cast aside and now you’re only watching it for the girls? I guess that’s what I’m doing right now? And for watching it with that in mind, I feel kind of dirty. Kind of used. Oh man, anime is USING me. That’s deep.

Despite all that, I thought Junichi’s hallucination scene was hilarious. The noise he makes when he sees those eyes caught me off guard and I had to pause because I was laughing so much. Though, on that note, Junichi is a bit of a wuss. He passed out. PASSED OUT. Just because he saw Sae being all, erm, you know, like that. That’s pretty unmanly right there. Maybe that whole giant eel coming out of the cave was a sexual innuendo for somethin- OH.

We don’t get much from the preview, but I think I can just leave this picture here to give you the main idea. Yeah, that’s right. Sae in a maid outfit. I might just die happy.


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