Durarara!! – 23

Finally the faceoff we’ve been waiting for between the Trio…

It’s already the second last episode… in which everything comes to a full circle. Those long delays between hints, characters playing their part, complicated twists and OMGs are built to the maximum crescendo with a maestro’s flair. I’m sad about the series end but I can’t wait for the next one to come out! The most important news: Shizuo is a rock and mere bullets can’t harm the fortissimo of Ikebukro! I’ll go over the summary quickly before my brim of impatience overflows.

As we left off with a very bad cliffhanger last week with Shizu-chan being shot by Horoda, we return to the same overcast sky of Ikebukro with torrential rain pattering down every nook and cranny of the city. Saki calls Dennis (Simon’s partner in Russian Sushi) to tell him what he (Izaya/Masaomi?) was thinking.

*insert evil laughter here*

The man in question is gloating over his game pieces that he has placed across Ikebukro. Interestingly, Namie is not paying attention to him but on the phone as well, her conversation muted due to the rain. He gladly accepts that most of the aligned pawns were brought together by his manipulation.

I went YEYEEEEE when I saw Shizuo knocked on Shinra’s door. My fangirl heart fluttered with his Yo~ As Xiao-chan mentioned in the last review “As if bullets will stop the GARtender”! And that is what happened. He simply strolled in while Shinra very moe-ly exclaimed at the extent of muscle and ligament damage.

“How can you move around like this?”, “Because I can!” You gotta love Shizu-chan!

Are you my virgin? (Sorry, this clip of Jeff Dunham is stuck in my head!)

Shizuo’s super strength hinders his memory, which is no good; this is almost thrice that he has come across Anri and said who are you again? Poor her, who has to stop herself from barfing seeing all that blood, while Shinra jubilantly fixes him. His anger always on the precipice, inflamed by being shot so blatantly by some random loser on Kida Masaomi’s orders. Of course, he has to kill whoever they are and NOW!

Shinra sure is a sadist, check out his wide smile! =.=;;

Oh, you better bow down to the fortissimo of Ikebukro!

Masaomi on the other hand is roaming around the city, clearing his thoughts. Horoda calls him to fire him from his position. He has intel that Dollars leader was indeed his friend Mikado and no one is happy that their Shogun didn’t share this knowledge. They will go after Dollars leader and would deal with him too with an execution order out. Such flourish, such knowledge. Imagine who could’ve supplied the Bakka Horoda with this information? Why who else but your prancing neighborhood information broker?

Masaomi calls different people in his gang but no one answers. His brain goes on overdrive with the situation unfolding and his suspicion on both of his friends lessen. Unlike before, he needs to save Mikado or Anri when the Yellow Scarves makes their move. He wonders what really made him hesitate before only to remember Izaya’s scathing words. His feet move on their own accord, and he starts to run, not afraid anymore.

Simon stops Masaomi in his tracks, sensing the change in him as if he’s ready for anything, almost as if he was ready to kill someone or be killed in the process. The next conclusion comes to his mind with Izaya starting something again. Masaomi tries to get back to his frivolous mode but fails to do so under the strong gaze of Simon. Even if Ikebukro was not similar to Russia and much homely with friendly people, he has built a reason to defend his loved ones and fight. So, he starts off again apologizing to Simon.

Celty comes knocking at Mikado’s door. He tries to explain his reason of disbanding Dollars: the best way to stop the ensuing rift between gangs. Though Celty has other things on her mind, of the girl he likes and his best friend. She finally tells him their secrets, which he takes quite open-mindedly without any angst whatsoever. She tells him to talk to them as they didn’t reveal their secret due to the same reason he didn’t: to protect them.

Voice of reason: “Solve your own problems rather than of Dollars, Yellow Scarves or Slashers.”

Celty gets a call from a very breathless Shinra that Shizuo got shot and Anri left after he mentioned the kill was ordered by Masaomi. Celty moves out, taking Mikado with her.

Shinra, build some stamina, dude!

Celty visits Simon to find out that Masaomi had gone to the Yellow Scarves den. He mutely adds to “Save him”, making her understand the gravity of the situation.

At the mentioned warehouse, Horoda’s relaxing like a King and grinning like a bafoon intimating ingenious plan for not only taking down Dollars but control of Ikebukro and later on Tokyo to his gang. Why all the baddies want power and domination? Such politics. He announces that Yellow Scarves is not made up of random people but people who can fight in unison. He also whispers to his aide that everyone will obey him as that damn Shizuo’s out of the picture. The only hurdles remaining are Kadota’s gang and Dollars’ leader.

Before he could gloat some more, Masaomi arrives to dampen his jubilation. He finds out from Horoda that all old Yellow Scarves members have been taken care of and that’s why unreachable. It was stupid of Horoda to talk about Izumi (former leader of Blue Squares) and hinting towards the kidnapping of Saki. That was enough for Masaomi to put two and two together of Horoda taking over his gang and everyone in front of him being ex-Blue Squares.

He bravely makes his move forward, smiling in glee on being fired because that left him as a mere high-schooler who liked to hit on girls. Just another loser who couldn’t save the girl he loved. There was no use of dreaming about a normal life because he needed to fight to catch up to the past that had moved on.

Ouch! That must’ve hurt…

Even after being hit by a crowbar, Masaomi moves forward with the determination of a man ready to kill, even if it meant being killed in the process. Horoda screams for help from his minions, the bunch who try are quickly sent flying asunder with quick mortal blows. Of course, he’s no Shizuo so he gets hit as well and falls bleeding from multiple wounds.

Masaomi should’ve just offed him then and there. Bakka Horoda!

Don’t touch my boy-toy, dumbass!

Before Horoda could shoot him, a Saika-child interferes and soon Anri too joins the fray. Celty and Mikado are not far behind and the three friends finally come face to face. And that is how it all ends, the second last episode of one of the best anime of the year!

End Thoughts: KITAAAAA~! Almost everything is finally in-line. I’m glad I didn’t spoil myself with the online excerpts available before the end. I tell you, it took a lot of patience! >.> Anyway, I like how things are going; whatever Izaya had planned I don’t think he ever banked upon the power of friendship between the three main protagonists and helping hand provided by people like Celty, Simon, Shizuo and Dotachin gang.

It was nice to see life’s important lesson laid bare for the viewers. Life is definitely short and unpredictable; always launching many tests and turns your way. I’m reminded of last episode’s line: “When you realize something’s important, why is it already gone?” One’s goal should be to not let that happen and reconcile before it’s too late. For Masaomi specifically, it was good to see him take over the past that had been haunting him for such a long time. It’s quite clear that he still loves Saki and how he wants to redeem himself in front of her for not running away anymore. No wonder, he stood tall and faced the ex-Blue Squares without any qualms.

I’m curious to know what Saki told Dennis and how it would play around in the last episode. Was it about Masaomi or Izaya? Same for Namie; who was she calling? Seiji? Shinra? Shingen? She has her own agenda with Celty’s head but I smell something bad from Shingen and if there is a second season and there are some very good chances of that, he can turn out to be the next baddie.

Does Simon know more about Izaya than he lets on? Izaya’s mother was Russian and he can speak the language quite fluently and we know he has not been in Ikebukro from the beginning so does that make the past of these two somehow intertwined and not in a good way? Possibilities! Also, his reminisce about when he used to fight proves the fact that he was not always such a pacifist.

Naiveté of Mikado: Aaah, Mikapuu! Sometimes his childish outlook really frustrated me but what can you do with an innocent character like him? Who never thinks bad of others, is open-minded and always on the lookout to protect his loved-ones. Dollars is formless but that doesn’t mean that he can just make it invisible. The best thing about Dollars is the individualism yet a group effect they have because they not only have the power of numbers but a an unlikely network (think of the power of citizen journalism similar to what happened when general public used Twitter and mobile videos to report the bombings and terrorisms in Israel, Palestine, etc.). I can bet this is not the end of Dollars and preview proves it that they would soon be back in action.

Celty sure proved herself to be the ‘Queen’ as dubbed by Izaya for being the moderator between the confused teen friends. The voice of reason, she has all the potential to ruin the plans of Izaya along with Shizu-chan of course! *looks at Izaya and muhawahahaaaas*

So, what would the trio do? Of course, kiss and make up but not so easily though. Mikado can be open-minded and Anri understanding but Masaomi is more volatile than these two combined. In my books, he should just get over his past and embrace the present with his friends and Saki. Start anew like one of those feel-good anime. xD

Preview: Mikado always looked for an experience that would change his life. He sure found it with his friends. However, would that work for the scheming that Izaya did? Looking at the bag he’s carrying, he might be in the mood of another bonfire of his game pieces. Also, seems like everything is back to normal as these characters go, with school and all. Show ▼

Also, it’s quite clear that Dollars will reunite again. Personally, I want to see Horoda’s ass kicked by Shizu-chan, would make the last episode EPIC!

Countdown: Only one more episode to go… *blank stare*

Note: OK, so I know this came later than expected and I have only one excuse: FIFA! Gomen~ I would be skipping this week’s Maid-sama! post but have caught up with FMA: Brotherhood so that I have to post. Also, ani-stat post has been delayed due to the same reason but I would definitely complete it early coming week. As few of you have asked for it before, I finally have a Twitter so add me for faster updates from Metanorn. Till next time, Ja ne~


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18 Responses to “Durarara!! – 23”

  1. amado says:

    here’s the novel version, not much diff except that masaomi was more brutal(he broke several ribs, made some bleed and nearly hit horada, by an inch, after pretending to faint) :
    and dont worry, it ends at the same cliff hanger from this ep

    I personally think namie was the one who called horada(just a guess) since izaya wants to pit the 3 against each other, he might not want the leader to be out already by his own gang.

    • amado says:

      okay, I checked it again and I was right, namie was the one who called horoda though I dont know if she did it on izaya’s order but im guessing not since he thought she left already…
      maybe she did it for revenge on mikado?

      • Kyokai says:

        I wish that much action by Masaomi was animated! He sure gained a lot of respect from me after all this show.

        If it was Namie who called Horoda then she played right into Izaya’s hand because he was staring at her with such knowing eyes and I was like WHAT?! He might’ve done that to finish the best friend tag team or simply just because of too much information being fed by Izzy. Can be anything… ❓

        *Hands out first post cookie*

  2. Ultimate Tempura from the South says:

    Weird how Celty’s shadow sticks to the door of Mikado’s place.

    • Kyokai says:

      fufuuu~ That was the exact reason I screencapped it! xD

  3. ichigopocky says:

    Wah when the episode finished I just stared at the screen. O.O
    And I can’t even belive one more episode :wah
    but Shizou is alive :runs:
    but i am so ready to squish Izaya’s head
    Ahhhh I don’t think i will be able to wait till next week :sad5
    thanks for the review

  4. szz says:

    this episode was AMAZING. i dont think i’ll be able to last without the next episode! :wah i want to know what happens!

    also, i thought it was hilarious how shinra just left a pair of scissors sticking out of shizuo’s leg. xD

  5. hahaXD says:

    hey, no Kaichou Wa Maid Sama post this week??hahaha ❓

  6. Roger says:

    Holy jesus, Masaomi is bleeding like a mother in that pic of him rising up to strike Horoda. Look at that!

  7. Namika says:

    this is just great!!! :woo this episode is perfect! so much has happened, and yet not so much. simple, but genius! :shakesfist

    I wouldn’t worry about Kida, because he HAS two friends like Anri and Mikado by his side. they maybe less talkative and all, but I’m sure, they’ll beat him to his senses if anything happens. :tea and I still think, that Izaya isn’t all that bad guy, he just set up a situation, and found it fun to see how his ‘characters’ would make their way out of it.on their own. so, I think he’s not all that baddie.(but let’s NOT forget the huge risk he got all those people under(sorry if my spelling’s incorrect ^^” ) I guess, the last episode will show it all I hope :angel1

    oh, I just LOVE the way the creators make out this anime like NOTHING you could expect, but way better! :love: and I’m also pretty sure, that there will be a second season.
    Shizu-chan! yokatta desu!… :runs: I feel almost guilty for doubting Shizu-chan and worrying so much… :dumb after all, he’s the Fortissimo of Ikebukuro! the strongest, the greatest and the most badass of them all!!!! :cute: sasuga, Shizuo-san! yappari kimi wa sugoi desu!

    okay, only 1 episode left… :scared oh, I wonder how they’ll make it!!!!!!! :tantrum

  8. little1 says:

    wah, this show is just awesome! :woo i just hope they make a second series, you’ll see mikado going through quite a change later in the novel, and i really want to see that. :fangirl

    ah, i’ve also noticed that mikado’s helmet has the same cat ears that celty has, though shizuo’s and anri’s doesn’t… i wonder why? ❓

  9. Lacri says:

    I love Durarara!!, but Mikado has not been as awesome in the anime as he is in the novel.

    Seriously, I want THAT Mikado! Not…this one!

  10. Mikuru says:

    yess! :oha: shizu-chan is fine!! :aww:

  11. Joojoobees says:

    Voice of reason: “Solve your own problems rather than of Dollars, Yellow Scarves or Slashers.”

    That was actually pretty cool. Mikado is overwhelmed by all the problems he can’t solve, and Celty breaks it down for him.

  12. Kyokai says:

    Will be getting back with comments soon but till then expect an exclusive episode to be released with the Final DVD volume that will ship from February 23, 2011.

    Source: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2010-06-21/durarara-final-dvd-to-add-dvd-exclusive-episode-25

  13. 匿名の says:

    Izaya isn’t trying to pit the three friends together, I think he might be trying something completely different. To me it seems more likely he’s trying to make them team up and create a new group, a mix of the Yellow Scarves, Dollers, and Saikas. Look at it; he’s pulled th strings so they’ve found out about each other, provided an enemy thats out to get them, and so on. I think that he’s the sort of guy who’ll play them like a game once the new team is formed. Making them fight more and more gangs, creating the ‘Valhalla’ he wishes for.

    Also, DRRR isn’t going to end any time soon. Celty still doesn’t know about her past and where her head is, and we dont know much about the new traffic cops, so even after this arc is over I’m sure there’ll still be much more.

  14. nagi says:

    Oh well, looks like even bullets can’t stop the AWESOMENESS of the one and only Fortissimo of Ikebukuro!!! :haha: Why have I been worried?! :haha:

    Now, it seems like Masaomi-kun is the biggest problem here. Anri-chan and Mikado-kun, save him with the power of love!!! :love: :haha: *cheesy much?

  15. You are a very talented blogger, and I love reading your posts.

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