Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood – 56

Fightathon between Hohenheim/Father and Greed-Lin/Wrath

A flashback of Hohenheim starts the episode, after Xerxes was destroyed. He’s mumbling to himself, listen to me… just listen everyone, you are not alone. He is found by travelling merchants from Xing, who rescue him from the heated desert. Looking at his golden hair, they observe that he must be from the west. Hohenheim tiredly tells them that he doesn’t have a home to go back to. Continuing his mumbling, he was scared so he ran away. He’s very sorry, beyond words. (This sequence pretty much fills the storyline of what happened when Father was born in Xerxes freeing himself from the flask and taking the shape of Hohenheim).

Coming to the present, Hohenheim explains why Father’s hand is throbbing. He counts many Xerxes citizen names: Sargens, Dozul, Kaya, Sally, Tommy, Gidalsh, Ander and Zuul, who are helping him to take over his body. Father can’t fathom that he has talked to every individual soul residing in his Philosopher’s Stone but that is exactly what he has done. He has painstakingly spent his immortal life in singly talking and understanding each and every soul in his body (around 536,319 in total). Something that Father has not done, treating human lives as a mere source of energy.

As if on cue, the souls start reacting in Father’s body continuously piercing it with iron-based spikes. Hohenheim challenges to destroy the container of Father once and for all. However, just when I was whooping with joy at Hohenheim’s plan, a dark matter bubbles out of Father. The human form lies useless like a shed-skin. What comes out is a demon similar to Pride with a black body and numerous eyes. He gloats at Hohenheim and informs that he was not the only one who had evolved with time.

At the Central radio, Bradley’s wife gets the news of his return and cries tears of happiness. She now just wants to know that Selim is alright too (How aloof she is about the two of them!). In the light of new development and to keep the blame away from Mustang, Breda announces that Major General Armstrong was behind the coup d’état and that’s why Briggs soldiers were slaughtering Central army.

Back to Fuhrer, he attacks the main entrance of Central HQ with an ease as if it was a walk in the park for him. His super speed and flying sword destroys each and everything in his way, be it bullets, missiles, tanks or human bodies. I thought Buccaneer would be a competition but the gap is quite evident as Bradley tears down his heavy automail in one go.

Open the door, the master has come home! The gall of him.

Falman is ready to die for Mustang, only to be reprimanded by Buccaneer that he shouldn’t cry like a girl when he’s doing something so manly.

Buccaneer is ready to fight it out till the end even with an eye and arm gone.

Greed announces his presence seeing Bradley bullying their bravery in the face of death.

Bradley shares how his eye helped him to escape the bombarded train. Nobody’s happy to see him alive but before Greed/Lin goes on full combat with him, Lin momentarily surfaces to share a light moment with Falman, thanking him for providing shelter previously. He could be repaying that debt but Greed takes over to announce, he’s doing this for himself.

The fight is super fast, half of the time not visible at all with speedy blows and slashes. Greed continuously moves towards his blind spot, learning this trick from Lin. Seeing this Wrath takes off his eye patch and goes on full throttle. Buccaneer joins the fray when Wrath kills many Briggs soldiers who were trying to help. Wrath has to say sayonara to his sword trapped in the strong abs of Buccaneer. However, he quickly grabs a pair of knives to continue the fight.

More Central troops are mobilized to kill Briggs soldiers and take back the main gates of Central HQ. On the other hand Falman readies the remaining soldiers to deal with this problem and get Buccaneer taken care of. In the middle of firing from both the sides Fu-jisan arrives to give a hand, knocking out many Central soldiers in the process single-handedly.

Greed/Lin are in trouble when Fu-jisan enter the fray

Fu scoffs at Greed in the body of his master Lin, but thanks him anyway because he was able to track them due to his abnormal flow of Chi. He faces Bradley for the first time and readies for vengeance after knowing that he was the homunculus responsible for his grand-daughter’s severed arm.

End Thoughts: I was expecting some more action! D:

I got plenty; though, the first half of episode was better than the latter. Hohenheim totally PWN’d Father but who knew Father had another ace up his sleeve? Man, this dude makes me sick! The Greed/Lin fight with Wrath was short lived; I wanted some more blood and bruises! Don’t think of me too violent but when it comes to the Shounen genre, I’m a sucker for a good fight! *battlecry*

My heart goes out to Buccaneer who stood tall till the end and not to mention Falman, who always cries whenever work is loaded onto him but always delivers in the end. I was expecting Ran Fan to show up but wow, Fu-jisan has his own axe to grind with Wrath.

A great entry by Wrath, being the only homunculus after Pride who gives Team Mustang/Elric a run for their money. Now that Greed has joined hands with the good side, with Fu-jisan would he be able to finish off Bradley or more help is required to do that? I think it’s going to be the latter seeing how Wrath is strong, even at his age. *sigh*

Adults are still battling it out and no sign of the Elric brothers in preview still. I’m kind of worried how would Bones be wrapping things at 64 episodes, when only seven episodes are left? However, the News Update changes things: Got this off MAL: according to Monthly GanGan, the end of FMA manga’s in June. If the manga is ending next month, most probably anime can coincide with the ending if they really work on it. Let’s see what happens!

Update on 10th June: It’s been confirmed by the Tokuma Shoten‘s Animage magazine that FMA: Brotherhood would run for 64 episodes, ending on 4th July, 2010, coinciding with the manga end.

Note to self: This makes me want to restart the series recap again. Will see if I have time for it.

Preview: The fight with Wrath continues and it seems Fu-jisan would have it tough like Buccaneer. Olivier and Izumi are shown momentarily, sharing some intel on Father perhaps?


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  1. Gio says:

    you guys are the best! just been aired in japan and already available here subbed in English! <3 Love you!!!!!

    • Kyokai says:

      Thanks, Gio! :love:

      This is one of those anime that I review without subs because of having read manga and finally can understand enough Japanese to get stuff. <3

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  4. kewldude says:

    Its been officially announced by the anime’s producer that the manga and anime will coincide and end at the same time. ^_^

    • Kyokai says:

      Official Banzai to the mangaka and producers! :cheer:
      I think this would be one of the first times when anime and manga are ending at the same time. Would be a fitting end of such an epic anime! ^^;

  5. nagi says:


    ne ne~ sorry for being off-topic but, what’s the anime in the new banner of metanorn? the one with the girl and boy, the girl has misa-misa’s pigtails and the boy’s got white hair (if i remember it correctly). i don’t know where to post this question because the chatbox here’s down for a long while. thanks~ ^_^

    • Kyokai says:

      Hey no issues, nagi. Anytime! ^^;

      These two are Touko and Tsukumo (Murasame) from Uraboku (Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru).

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