Sora no Woto – 01

lol trumpet

OP & ED: Show ▼

OH HAI, INSERT OBLIGATORY K-ON! RESEMBLANCE PARAGRAPH IN HERE >>> . Well if you have character designs like that (just look at those eyes), and a clumsy little girl trying her hardest to learn an instrument (and oh, it’s a trumpet this time), it’s far impossible not to think about K-ON! while watching this no matter how hard you try to deny it.

Though I must say that Sora no Woto, besides from the obvious substance it packs, has a much more natural moe feel with it. It doesn’t seem really forced out and shoved into the viewers. I like it. I hope it stays that way, ugh please.

The background art is stunning. Definitely sets the bar for the Winter season rtm. The town is very Spanish (Cuenca?), and I love how the place has its own customs and traditions. This is definitely one of the most intriguing elements of the show.

Another thing to mention about this is the music. I freaking love the French insert song! The bgms are also nice. Love the overall feel of this show already when it comes to production.

Thank you for splattering dirt shit liquid to my face, too!

This part reminded me of the Elfen Lied OP art style ^.^ loveet~

lulz. I see what you’re doing there.

Needs gif of laughing Mio Rio and twintailed Eri Kitamura character.


I didn’t love it, didn’t hate it as well. I guess it’s just the first episode and I just can’t pick proper words to describe it overall. I don’t know... maybe I expected guns or something. I want someone to share a fanart or a shoop with Yui holding a gun instead of a guitar nao! xD

Anyway, it’s just like the first episode and I’m definitely giving the next one a try. It looks promising, I just hope it delves more into the plot than ridiculous moe girls practicing how to play a trumpet and waste time on hot spring episodes. I hope it’s the former and this show would go somewhere. Overall, this gets 65/100 relevance points for first impression~ (lulz, new scoring system)

P.S. – I’m back <3

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27 Responses to “Sora no Woto – 01”

  1. Kiseki says:

    There’s guns in the next episodes. :3

    • Kiseki says:

      There ARE guns, to be exact, rifles. (Or shotguns idk anymore.)

      They have 30 second previews on the official HP and the TV Tokyo site.

      • kanzeon says:

        oh, I was talking about having guns on the premiere ^^. but yay @ guns on the next episodes :omg:

        • Kiseki says:

          I wasn’t expecting a haunted house/ghost episode so quickly though (or more like I didn’t know what to expect, but whatever). :’D

          Still absolutely lazy to type up a post about it, but random note: Kanata’s instrument is a type of bugle (I assume used in the military) called 信号ラッパ, which I can find nothing on in English (easily, anyway). I best translated that as a “Signal Horn” and I heard ラッパ (rappa) being said throughout the show. I assume that RAPPA is a Chinese word, because howeveryouspellthatinpinyin means a musical…horn. Of course in English, it’s best translated to “trumpeting.”
          So yeah, just wanted to get some useless information out that Kanata’s instrument is not a trumpet. o3o

        • kanzeon says:

          oh, okay :3

          lol, I really thought it was a trumpet because I lack musical knowledge and just went for the common term xD

  2. meteorhouse62 says:

    Clumsy moeblob female lead = check
    Music instrument = check
    Mio = check; Mio’s boobs = check check
    Tsumugi MILF a couple of years after = check

    I think this is the K-ON! 2 they’re talking about. :XD:

  3. Rayt says:

    Rio is one letter away from becoming Mio.

  4. wth says:

    K-ON characters holding guns instead of music instruments. LOL. XD

  5. zetsubou says:

    haha. “yui husky trumpet version” at the end~

  6. fenixdown110 says:

    For some reason, I’m drawn to this. 🙂

  7. Xiao says:

    Yay for moe being more natural. That’s why I didn’t mind watching it twice (for subs). |D

    Hmm, I have to agree. The scenery part I liked best was the sunrise when Mio was playing her own trumpet for Kanata. That was just cool.


    And apparently, from what I’ve read somewhere, their music is supposed to reach out to fish or something (I dunno) but so far, it’s decent. Hope next episode is good.

    P.S. Welcome back~ <3

  8. blacklagoon187 says:

    lolz it’s k-on meets haruhi
    ritsu gets replaced by nagato XD
    I swear they could pass this off as a prequel to k-on

    • fenixdown110 says:

      LOL I was thinking the same thing!

      The character designs are I swear from the same artist, but Sora no Woto and K-On have different artists listed for each. :ehh:

  9. Spryifer says:

    I agree, the moe is natural in this show and it has more substance. I hope it won’t be very moe-heavy and just focus more on the plot because it shows promise.

  10. CyberPixie says:

    i hope for guns and action scenes

  11. kaji san says:

    Mio-Rio reference was lmfao. I think im starting to like the tsundere mio rio.

    mugi seemed the same as the captain or whatever (same seiyuu question mark)

    white hair tank girl seemed like Azusa and Yuki (TMHS) combined.

    the haruhi girl was totally unappealing and unoriginal, but I agree with the expectations of at least maybe a poorly drawn m16 rifle?

  12. NobleX says:

    i was expecting a war or something.

    *thoughts while watching*: “Okay, so there’s Mugi… there’s Mio… what is Nagato Yuki doing here?”

  13. mikaino says:

    Lolololol Sora No Woto, you are a bit(?) similar to K-ON, aside from your art.

    But honestly, I’m liking this a lot more than K-ON. Breathtaking scenery, a lot more mature-looking characters, naturalized moe (yay)and guns. Definitely guns.

  14. LiShaolan says:

    Thé artwork during the “legend” story, as was Elfen Lied’s OP & ED, is freely inspires by austrian artist Gustav Klimt, though in this épisode I could only see the “Beethoven’s Frieze” as a basis, very well used just like thé french insert song (meh I’m french and lyrics are real and somehow mystic)

  15. lazysamurai says:

    This new series has a good feel to it. The awesome artwork gives it a great atmosphere ( and it’s an ‘italian’ town, not spanish, look at the bell tower, thats a typical italian thing 😉 ). The characters are pretty moe ( yes, K-ON 2 ) and in soldier uniforms to boot! kind of my fetish some guns. >:)

    Finally there are some older characters in a show! I’m tired of always watching shows with little teenagers ( which are cute, though ) but seem to lack a certain matureness i really like to see. ( since im a bit older myself ) More older girls are pro! Not all people who love anime are lolicons, grin.

    It does not have any real story for now, but i don’t really mind if it’s a slice of life kinda thing, without a real plot. It’s a joy just to watch the great animation and the lazy/slow feel it has. It does not have to be action packed or anything, but i would like to see a scene with guns blazing, especially Sigh, we need more military-based shows..Moe/Real, i don’t care!

    BTW, the OP and ED are indeed great! The songs are quite nice too, mysterious and sacred, but strangly enough i got kinda hooked to the upbeat song by Girls be ambitious. What also amazed me was the animation and the sync with the music of the ED, which was impeccable. The facial expressions of Yui-Kana are very good, very nicely done indeed. Techniques are really improving! Let’s hope it keeps delivering moe and lazy goodness… 😉

    • Ruemi says:

      ( and it’s an ‘italian’ town, not spanish, look at the bell tower, thats a typical italian thing 😉 )

      Its based on a town from Spain called Cuenca. They collaborated with a spanish company called ‘paradores’ to make those backgrounds ^^ (I went to Cuenca twice, and its exactly the same as it shows in the anime o-O! ) Also my grandma has a bathroom like that in her town house.

      Yep I agree, we need more military-based shows!! <3

      • lazysamurai says:

        Really? Didn’t know that. I need to visit that town then!
        It really looked italian.. oh well, everyone makes mistakes now and then. no harm done and i learned something new 😀

        Seems that they don’t know what the real origins of that tower are, lol. And yes, it completely looks the same, just as the hanging houses. I love that town already.

  16. JMGJS says:

    I watch some episodes about Sora no woto. I like the story and I love the city. This city is in Spain. It is called Cuenca. It is in the centre of the country.

    If you like, I can send you some photos about Cuenca. You can recongnize the settings.

    In each photo which will be send you, I would really like to describe, if you like, some history of the place:street, square, bridge, etc.

    Do not hesitate contanting me in [email protected]

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