Seikon no Qwaser (Uncensored) – 01

Breastmilk anime of the season… Seen in full glory.

OP: “Errand” by Faylan


The OP is so much win. Well, it’s Faylan, whom I only got to know after the awesome CANAAN OP. There are great visuals as well, it’s very action packed. This show wins at their OP and ED songs.

I waited for the Director’s Cut a.k.a uncensored version to come out first before I can start blogging this show hehe. Apparently, this was only a web streaming, so it’s on a smaller resolution and worse quality. The AT-X broadcast of the show still airs on the 26th and I thought I’ll be really left out if I waited for that so I guess I’ll settle blogging the webcasts first, and just watch the ones with quality when I’ll go do some re-watchings instead.

Moving on with the show in general, this is definitely some so-called “dark” plot added with tons of gratuitous fanservice. So maybe those who find this not their cup of tea, then it’s better to stay away from it.

On the characters, what I immediately have to say is that Aki Toyosaki’s character Tomo sucks. I’m generally not a huge fan of hers, and I think playing ditzy girls had been her niche. Though this time, it’s a different body shape. On the other hand, Yoko Hikasa’s role (another K-ON! girl, Mio) caught my attention the most because I already love Hana’s character. The lead female, Mafuyu, seems a little bit more interesting than her sister, Tomo though. Going with the male lead, Sasha, he’s kinda cool but I hope he won’t turn out to be too emo or else that would really get annoying. I also like the nun voiced by Minorin. Hawt nuns ftw.

ED: “Passionate squall” by Ayumi Fujimura, Aki Toyosaki, Minori Chihara, Aya Hirano and Yoko Hikasa


The ED theme is just AWESOME basing from the song. Now that’s a song I’m dying to have my hands on the single. Aki Toyosaki, Minori Chihara, Aya Hirano, and Yoko Hikasa together singing a song is just giving me an awesome vision of K-ON! meets ENOZ. I also like the visuals even though it’s pure fan-service, but it’s still a great ender.

Obviously the difference on this Director’s cut from the regular is that there are less censors and we have chunks of boobs, boobs, boobs, nudity, and more panty flashes. We also fully see the “highlight” of the entire episode, or should I call the boob-sucking scene lol. I wouldn’t link to pics here anymore and I’ll just let you see the screenshots page for yourself instead.

I must say that with all the additions this Director’s Cut had, it was definitely an improvement. This is like a wish granted for those who got annoyed with lots of censors on its regular broadcast. Watching the uncensored version is definitely better for this show in my opinion.

>> SCREENSHOTS (Warning for nudity below this cut)

>> Download Uncensored Webcast w/ subs (by chibi & Doki) .mkv


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17 Responses to “Seikon no Qwaser (Uncensored) – 01”

  1. Eden says:

    I like Sasha and the ED theme is the best. The line has been pushed so far in the ecchi genre, I’m not sure whether I’ll continue to watch the uncensored blush-inducing version or stay away from it. Oh well, I’ll have to give up on this series sooner or later, even though I like some parts of it.

  2. Thanks for the upload,I was about to comment on Durarara’s 2nd eps but Kanzie’s post of fangirling is too though to handle, lol, (I like the “NHK female narrator style”, IIRC think that’s the first time I saw in anime)

    Now time to witness the true power of this series XD

  3. meteorhouse62 says:

    This has now become one of my favorite shows this season (after watching the uncensored, of course) I think things are less confusing and annoying here than the regular broadcast (damn those censors!)

    The ED theme is awesome, too!

  4. Spryifer says:

    Oh God… I never expected this one to be really extreme. Though I must say watching this uncensored felt a hundred times more right.

  5. zhokolatte says:

    Thanks a lot for this. I didn’t know there was an uncensored version. I thought there really was something wrong with the episode I watched last week. Thanks a loooooot!

  6. zetsubou says:

    i was totally annoyed by the weird zoom in to faces and landscapes to censor this show. now uncensored’s out! i’m very happy now!

  7. kewldude says:

    The uncensored version actually helps answer a lot of things that wouldve been left unanswered with the censored one. I am watching this for the story, not for the fanservice, and I think its a great show, the fanservice just fits in overall pretty awesome show, great characters, except the annoying Tomo and cool OP and ED ^_^

  8. CyberPixie says:

    that’s sick… *runs to the bathroom*

  9. Timcanpy says:

    the uncensored art skipped a lot of 1st chap of the manga. watching the ep.1 was like they just cover half of the volume 1…almost the whole first volume for episode 1….

    i recommend to read the manga first before watching this…to understad the plot further,,,

  10. naTsuki_miNe says:

    tHe ED theme was good. ♥

  11. FaS says:

    BOKU HA RABU ITTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (I love it) in katakana.

    Anyways, I love this show and will continue to cover it lol.

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  13. tolerantfire says:

    It’s nice that main character’s surnaim is hell or smth like this. In japanese pronunciation it will sound like [her], [her] means ‘dick’ in russian -_-‘

  14. Yuuki says:

    Well to tell u the truth i really like this anime altought i didn’t whatched only till episode 4…but i did read the manga and it’s way better… and i wonder when will chapter 19 be realesed…?!oh and i also heard that the aanime will have only 13 episodes :sad2 what a shame… well i recomande it altought it’s uncensored… :shakesfist

  15. Jishin says:

    Yes! I fell in love with Hana’s character straight away too, and she and Katja are the only reasons I’m carrying on with this show.

    That and the kickass music. ♥

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