Durarara!! – 03

Lots of… flying things. (Warning: gif heavy)

Simon is awesome. He seems really nice but at the same time not the type of person you really mess with. But in a regular day he’s really nice and friendly. I lol’d when they started speaking Russian. So cool!!!

Anyway, we go over with how Mikado’s doing in school. Looks like he’s now starting to warm up on someone~ Yeee~ Being class representatives is definitely a start for something ^^.

This teacher is creeping me out. He might be harassing, or planning to harass poor Anri. Grrr!!!

Oh, I thought Mikado and Anri’s classmates are teasing them when I first saw the previous, but it’s only Masaomi xD. Lol, Masaomi is LOVE! He’s so fabulous, and I’m really getting more and more Tamaki vibes from him with his fabulous-ness~ <3

So cute @ Masaomi when he’s trying to flirt with girls xD. Too bad he’s being wayyy too fabulous~ for them. Poor Masaomi T___T

Little glimpse of what’s coming later on with more awesomeness to bring on this show~ Let’s first know his name: Shizuo Heiwajima. Funny thing is that Shizuo means “quiet man” and Heiwajima means “peaceful island” xDDD.

Wait. I don’t get this scene. What? Anri is making me confused. Did she mistook someone who’s she shouldn’t be mistaken of? lol I didn’t made sense xD. Anyway, Anri is still on the look for Mika Harima. Anyway, another question…

So… Do the “cliche’d” bullies on Japan really has to have angel wings, dot eyes and horse faces?

Anyway, here’s Izaya who comes in contact for the very first time in the show with Mikado when he’s plotting to save Anri from the bullies.

Devious grin >8D Hihihi~ Gotta love Izaya’s expressions. Anyway, we get to know he’s 23 years old already. He doesn’t look like 23 TBH!!! >:(( Hmm well, I guess 23 years is still hot~

Mikado’s save Anri 101 plan… in cute puppet style…

…but what came out. Lulz.

Anyway, it’s still awesome Izaya to save the day and pwned the bully girls. Well, he said he isn’t interested on hurting girls so he just stomped on one of the girls’ cellphone xD.


Izaya is crazy-awesome-fantabulously twisted. Match it with Kamiyan’s epic laugh and *dies*

LOLWTF @ EMINEM. What are you doing hur?

Izaya can make Eminem bald in a blink~ AWESOME!!!!!! IZAYAAAA~!!! <33333

*ULTIMATEGASPS* WHUUUT?! Masaomi already knows Izaya?!?! Kyaaaa! *gets his with a bin* Ehem, I mean OMG! How? Anyway, it’s really nice that Izaya isn’t all that bad with kids like Masaomi and Mikado. Moar chatting triple dates scenes with them plox.

It all gets interrupted with a FURAYINGU TORASHU CAN and we all know who causes all the flying objects in this show~…

In a bartender suit, and saying “Izaya-kyun~ ♪♪” here’s…


Scratch Bartender… We have GARtender in here!

YESYESYES!!! LOVE THESE TWO!!! *hyperventilates*. I love how Izaya puts a calls him with a very cute nickname despite being dangerous xD!!! “Shizu-chan/Shizzy-chan (from the subs I got)” FTW <3 These two are so my crack OTP for this season xD.

Izaya is ready to fight with his knife skillz~

Well, too bad some cockblocker ruined the should-have-been epic battle of the season because he suddenly attacked Shizzy-chan on the back of his head. This is what he gets for messing up with him:


Dude should learn that bartender outfit = danger. And when Shizzy punches you, you’ll fly to nakedness.

Flying vending machine again!!! In all fairness with this dude, he has his signature move. Lolz Shizzy-chan is simply crazy-awesome~

Aaaaaahhh!!! Falling big black guy from the sky!!!

It’s Simon to break out the chaos, and that let Izaya get away.

We know Mikado, we’re all WTF-ing too.

LOLZ. Poor Masaomi got left away by his friend Mikado. I just lol’d in this because they Mikado didn’t even think of Masaomi and just ran away with Anri xDDD

Omg Mikado. So uke-uke xP, even the girl beats you at running.

But yeah~ all I can say about Mikado and Anri is that, I APPROVE OF THESE TWO! <3 They are just oh-so-cute together and their awkwardness blends to well it’s very fun to watch ^^. Poor Masaomi being alone though 😛 *shot*

Blah. Can’t really focus much on these two because I’m busy in awe with the rest of this episode 😛 Though I’m still curious on how these two plays out. Next~!

So Shizzy knows Celty as well! Hmmm!!! Anyway, Shizuo makes smoking sexy~ (too bad it isn’t in real life, so don’t do so! *friendly reminder ^^*)

Izaya skipping happily is soooo cute >.<!!! And those who are wondering where he’s going at the end of the day, he goes straight to my house. BWAHAHAhahahahaha!!! He’s mine! My husbando of the month!!! *gets rumbled by hundreds of Izaya fangirls* xD Kidding~ ;P


Overall, it was yet another awesome episode again. Lol, this show really has no plans on stopping its awesomeness and I love it ^^. There are also references I enjoyed in this episode, like Shana, Quartet and Dokuro-chan. And them saying the Yuuichi Nakamura-voiced guy (oh, Kyohei is his name) is a big-brother type and a tsundere xD. Lol. And definitely the star of the episode goes to Shizu-chan. He’s simply awesomesauce, and double the awesomeness with him and Izaya. Gosh~

So yup, this show is still continuing with how awesome it is. Definitely a stand-out, with its focus on characters, atmosphere, smexy music, etc etc. The narration this time is different, and probably will be for every episode. So yup, LOVE everything to bits.

Definitely can’t wait for the next episode!!! We’re having FukuJun doctor Shinra, and possibly more of Celty as well ^___^. And oh, Rio seems to be back again…… a n y w a y, I’m most looking forward to hear Jun Fukuyama sfm <3 Shinra looks so adorable~ Megane guys are love ^^.

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24 Responses to “Durarara!! – 03”

  1. filmjack says:

    This is the best show of the season.
    Izaya and Shizuo rocks. Gotta love how Shizuo sends things flying.

  2. Ced says:

    I gotta love the gifs.

    Shizuo Heiwajima’s name translation made me laugh so hard. Lolz, he’s awesome just like Izaya. This episode was so much fun because of them.

    Very awesome episode!

  3. Ascer says:

    I was kind of baffled knowing Izaya is revealing his age as 23 years old now lmao–One of my friend told me that he was a self-proclaimed 永遠の21æ­³ <3' (She said that even wiki.jp recorded that for lulz but I am not getting anywhere near spoiler territory :p) Somehow I just can see him saying that though haha~

  4. Faer1edust says:

    Izaya is 23?! They’re kidding me. :shock He looks nineteen, or younger! =P Anyway, kyaaaa~ love his maniacal laught while he’s stomping the cellphone. (Kamiyan~<3) And I'm saving all those gifs for sure! :kissu <-lovin' your new emoticons btw <3

    Win so much on Shizuo's name XD. He's FREAKING AWESOME TO BITS!!! :kyaa: He’s a GARtender indeed XD. I agree, he has his signature move, you know who it is when you see some vending machine flying… or a naked guy flying xXD.

    I love Mikado x Anri!!! They’re just so cute indeed.

    Awesome ep all in all as usual :omg:

  5. harr says:

    This episode is full of win!

  6. Daywish says:

    This show is just made of pure awesomeness isn’t it?

  7. kewldude says:

    Yuppers, this is called Awesomeness incorporated!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn it this is a realllly well done show, very well done pacing, art, story especially well written, planned and absolutely fabulous characters! ^_^

    11/10 from me!! xD

  8. Azura says:

    I can watch the flying trash can gif over and over again. This episode is the best so far.

  9. anaaga says:


  10. Lacri says:

    I fully agree~

    Shizuo and Izaya is definitely my crack OTP for the year~ I care naught for any other one!

    Oh, this episode was win. I am so loving Shizzy-chan and Izaya is totally awesome as always.

    Can’t wait to see the next episode and learn what makes Shinra awesome (cause FukuJun always has characters of win)~

  11. Effyness says:

    This episode was oh-so-much win. So much Shizu, and Izaya, and Mikado and Anri and ahhhhhh win. And I am loving the fact that there are so many GIFs. Anything that lets me see the awesome scenes again is fine by me. XD

    Hearing Kamiyan’s laugh after Izaya’s cell-phone stomping just about made my day. Right next to Shizu’s “Iiii-zaaaaa-yaaa-kuuuun~”. Ahahaha~

  12. Blah says:

    This was epic xD Gotta love Shizu-chan’s “Iiizaaayaaa-kuuun~” and the music! If fits so well! Everyone in the anime seems to be made with awesomesauceness. Btw, Do you see Rio in the opening? It looked like her, she walked past Simon

  13. fill says:

    lolololol gotta love ono d voicing shizu chan now xDD
    I~~zayaaaaa kun~~~ yo~~~ lol
    i <3 the both of them xDD want moar of them on the next eps :3
    crack OTP FTW!!! XDD /

  14. hikaru says:

    LOLz They’re definitely my crack OTP pairing this season <3

    Izaya is 23?!! D8 He looks younger…

  15. Shi says:

    Ahhh, awesome gifs~ *rewatches them over and over*
    Shizuo and Izaya pwned this episode!
    I love how they address each other xD Especially Izaya, ’cause if you listen to him saying ‘Shizu-chan..’ out of context, it sounds so wrong, lmao. Oh crack OTP~ <3
    Kida-kun was so cute when flirting with girls and Mikado+Anri running scene was lulz.
    Well, I'm all set to see Shinra and his awesomeness next epi! =v=

  16. Tania says:

    Izaya-kun and Shizu-chan are LOVE! I’m soooo fangirling them! :runs:

  17. LuluChan92 says:

    This episode was FREAKING AWESOMENESS, as the others before me said… LOL for Izaya’s cellphone stomping AND Shizzy-chan’s entrance “IIIIIZAAAYAAAA-KUUUN”!!! These two are just LOVE!!!

  18. zhokolatte says:


  19. du_raaa says:

    SO FUNNY heheheheh your posts are so funny they make me laugh/happy 😀

  20. veeholic says:

    Have you see the wiki page for Durarara?
    Recently, it’s updated with some new facts (and of course, MAJOR SPOILERS!)

    If you want to know, just check it there

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